10 Bridal Shower Sips & Bites to Add to Your Menu

If you're in charge of the bridal shower menu, you are going to love this feature! We scoured the web for the best of the best menu recommendations for brunch, luncheon, and dessert treats that would be perfect for a bridal shower. Here are the ten most delicious treats that we know will be hits!

1. Heart Shaped Sandwiches

Photo Credit: We Still Write in Cursive 

Best friends, Tana, a lifestyle photographer and Tahereh Mafi, a NYT Bestselling Author, created a blog, We Still Write in Cursive for the ultimate inspiration no matter what you are looking for. Recently, they made these adorable nutella sandwiches which we think would make the perfect treats for your bridal shower. No matter what you fill in the middle, these heart shaped bites will be gone right after guests take their obligatory instagram shots!

2. Out of the Box Cookies

Photo Credit: Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio 

We've all had amazing cookies of the classic variety but set your upcoming bridal shower apart with a whole new batch of flavors! Blue berry white chocolate cinnamon. Peach cobbler. Cherry coke. Raspberry champagne. These are just a handful of the kinds of cookies you can order from coterie member, Pastry Chef David Benton, who is self taught and has served a great number of celebrities since the launch of Sugarsweet Cookie + Cake Studio. For the most delicious sugar rushes, you know where to look!

3. Crepes

Photo Credit: The Girl Inspired 

If that destination wedding to France isn’t in the cards, you can always bring the French culture to your backyard by adding crepes to the menu. Whether filling with fruit, chocolate, nutella, etc… there’s a host of ingredients to present to guests, making this the perfect treat for your bridal shower brunch, luncheon, or dessert party.

4. Bruschetta Bar

Photo Credit: One Charming Party 

If you want an Italian influence at your bridal shower but don’t want to serve anything too heavy, stick with the perfect appetizer as your go to bridal shower bite to eat. It’s a great vegetarian dish to serve and for an even greater variety to serve to all guests, you can even include a gluten free bread option. Everybody loves bread, so this is sure to be a winner.

5. Artisan Pizza

Photo Credit: Intimate Weddings

Pizza may not be the first option that pops into your mind when talking about a formal affair. However, there is a way to elegantly serve the best go to dish ever. Artisan pizza, served as if you’re at a restaurant only you’re right at home! Presentation is key here. So have fun finding a way to blend the artisan feel with the bride’s personal tastes.

6. Hot Chocolate Bar

Photo Credit: Celebrating Everyday Life

Is your bridal shower in the winter? We haven’t forgotten about you! If you think there’s only one way to make hot chocolate, have we got a treat for you! Want more mocha in your mug? A dose of mint? More marshmallows than cocoa? The hot chocolate bar can be made just for you and all of the bridal shower guests who will be cozying up with their sweaters and throw over blankets all afternoon.

7. Bubble Tea

Photo Credit: Liz Banfield via Style Me Pretty 

If the bride-to-be is a big fan of bubble tea, her eyes will light up at the sight of the bubble tea presented to her at her shower. Customize the flavor of the tea, the color of the bubbles, and you’ve got yourself a highlight that the bride-to-be won’t stop talking about, long past the wedding date.

8. Wine Bar

Photo Credit: Cookie Monster Cooking

Whether mimosa, sangria, etc… pick your alcoholic drink of choice and dress up that wine station like there’s no tomorrow. Be bold, be colorful, have fun! Most important, be responsible!

9. Cake Pops

Photo Credit: Queen's Sweets

For a sugar rush that will hit you immediately, before the first full bite is even complete, cake pops are the way to go. Keep these away from the kids if any are coming to the party. Cake pops are absolutely delicious though be warned, the sugar rush is no joke. Coterie member, Queen's Sweets provides some of the most scrumptious cake pops in North Carolina, so be sure to call ahead and get your order in today!

10. Recipe Box Pick

Photo Credit: Strawberry Milk Events

If you’re really up for a challenge, you can ask your guests in the bridal shower invitation to bring a recipe card with their favorite recipe handwritten. At the beginning of the shower, put all of the recipes in a box, pick one at random, and have a bridesmaid or someone assigned to head to the store to pick up the ingredients for everyone to make during the shower.

What are your bridal shower menu recommendations?

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