Ola In NOLA: IJORERE Inc. Shares Her Fab 40 Leap Year Celebration & Wedding Tips

With the 2016 MunaLuchi Coterie Retreat slowly approaching the horizon, we've decided to let you in on some insider details about our event that will be taking place this year in the one and only New Orleans!

Our fabulous coterie member and stationery sponsor for this year's coterie retreat Ola Morin-Muhammed of IJORERE The Invitation, Inc., also spent her #Fab40 in the NOLA! Today, she will be guest blogging to share more about her luxe leap year celebration (because you only turn 40 once and since her actual birthday only comes once every four years - she had to do it BIG!) while also dishing out a few wedding tips and details on her creative vision for our coterie retreat!

I’m so proud to announce IJORERE Inc. as the 2016 luxury stationery sponsor for the MunaLuchi Coterie Retreat, taking place in New Orleans in December!

And it so happened that I celebrated my 40th leap year birthday at NOLA, so I will be incorporating a lot of inspiration and elements discovered, while in NOLA into this year's coterie retreat stationery designs.

To describe NOLA; architecture, texture, flavor, nightlife, jazzy, warmth, and enchanting come to mind. I will be incorporating all of these elements into the stationery design for MunaLuchi.

Check out the textures & patterns from my birthday creations below:

My girl squad came from as far as England, Seattle, New York, Michigan, and more. They knew whatever Ola sets her heart on doing would be splendid! I threw a 5 day lavish girlfriend’s getaway experience.

Feast your eyes on the highlights of my once in every 4 years birthday celebration, which took place on Monday, February 29th 2016.  Enjoy!

My architectural & American-Nigerian background influences a lot of my design sensibility. I not only design & create custom stationery but also style weddings & events.

My eclectic style meshed well with the rich texture of NOLA. Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix & match materials for your GRAND day. Why look like everyone else’s wedding?

I asked the venue’s bartender to create a signature drink in the same color as my details card and also requested for a custom copper free-form metallic cake to match the copper foil of my birthday invitations, see what I did there? Love is in the Details. Tip: Consistently carry your wedding colors though all the smallest details in clever ways.

During the day, I planned an architectural walking tour to visit the infamous cemeteries and view the historic styles of residences in NOLA. Later on that night, I hired a private party bus for my friends & I and we headed to Frenchmen street. Who knew that NOLA would be so turned up on a Monday evening! We danced the streets with perfect strangers then hit one of the Jazz clubs, called Snug Harbor to end my GRAND birthday soiree.  Tip: Wedding day can be a whirlwind experience; everything happens so fast! Arrange a fun activity before or after your wedding day with a selected few of your loved ones and earn a few moments to really engage with your closest people.

These personalized laser cut place name tags really made my friends understand how much I valued their attendance and friendship. Tip: Replace the cliché place cards with this great keepsakes idea for weddings and any special occasion. It is one of the hottest trends now and you will see this fabulous concept on repeat at this year’s Coterie Retreat.

The steel mirrored tables I chose for my birthday-exuded luxury, my guests were wowed! Tip: Add a little WOW factor in your wedding so guests rave about your GRAND day for years to come.

New Orleans is famous for its swamp life. I decided to be adventurous and planned a first time ever kayaking swamp tour experience with my girlfriends! Talk about an Eve’s bayou moment! If anyone ever mentions swamp, gators, & snakes, I know my girlfriends will tell that story of when Ola brought them to NOLA! Tip: Live life to the fullest, before AND after your happily ever after.

I hope you enjoy the visuals and tips from my GRAND day in New Orleans.
New Orleans was an exceptional experience and I simply cannot wait to reveal how fancy my creations for MunaLuchi will be in December!

IJORERE {e-jaw-ray-ray}. IJORERE Inc, is a creative luxury brand for custom stationery and design aesthetics. Based in Chicago. Services provided in the U.S and internationally. For more from IJORERE, visit her website and check her out on these social media platforms!  Instagram: @ijorere Twitter: @ijorereinvites | Facebook: Ola la IJORERE & IJORERE The Invitation Inc

Photo Credit: Tarji Michelle Photography 

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