5 Things To Do in the Atlanta Area On Your Honeymoon

Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas have so much to offer tourists, no matter what time of the year. If you're looking for a great variety of activity on your itinerary, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up a handful of must see attractions that will fill your stay from the moment you step into the city to the moment you drive away. From sharing a kiss under the stars on the ferris wheel to finding yourself on a romantic trail leading to a waterfall, Atlanta is sure to bring you thrilling memories you'll long to reminisce on every chance you get.

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1. Indulge

Whether or not you drink soda, the World of Coca-Cola is quite a sight to see. This Atlanta staple is worth visiting without a doubt and is a much smoother tourist attraction than you’d think. So don’t miss out on this.

Also a must? Jeni’s Ice Cream which Atlanta locals have known and loved for a very long time and the rest of the nation finally caught onto in recent years.

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival in June is a must if you visit during the summer. There are many festivals in and around Atlanta year-round, so there are plenty of options if you’re planning on walking through heavily populated areas.

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2. Reach the Sky

See the stars while sitting twenty stories high on the romantic Skyview Atlanta Ferris Wheel which is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 11pm, Sunday through Thursdays. For a daytime thrill, consider hopping into a Hot Air Balloon and going for a ride you’ll never forget. Now there's a moment worth capturing for the new family photo album.

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3. Embrace History

While looking for parking, you might pass the CNN building but don’t just pass it. Head inside and take a tour. Or if you’re looking for an experience that will guide your steps to the exact place of a historical leader, head to the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or to the Jimmy Carter Library & Museum. Also worth mentioning? The Fernbank Museum of Natural History will amaze even the non-museum goer, especially before the next Jurassic Park movie hits theaters in 2018.

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4. Be Entertained

There is so much Atlanta has to offer on many fronts, especially when it comes to entertainment. You can take a self guided tour of many of the locations used for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 or The Walking Dead. If your'e a fan of the latter, be sure to visit the Woodbury Shoppe to see classic props from the hit AMC show and buy awesome walker merchandise while you’re at it.

The Stone Mountain Laser Show will leave you stunned and the latest Broadway show on tour at the Fox Theatre will leave you amazed and inspired. As well as a storytelling session at Wren’s Nest for anyone who loves a masterfully told tale. Finally, take in a drive in movie at the Starlight, a popular spot as it airs recent films, so arrive early.

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5. Get Physical

Roller Derby is a hidden gem in Georgia so be sure to check out the Atlanta Roller Girls when you’re in town. Or if you’re in Georgia while it’s taking place, take a special drive to Augusta or Chattanooga to witness super-humans participate in Ironman.

For those looking to get physical, the trails at the Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge and elsewhere are perfect for nature lovers and outdoor fitness enthusiasts. Just be sure to pack more water than you think you need, especially during the summer heat which can be quite brutal in Atlanta. If you really want to work up a sweat, consider running the Peach Tree Road Race 10k with your newlywed and symbolically beginning your marriage on the right leg! For a less physical adventure, take a tour of the Atlanta Beltline to see a more eclectic collection of art and culture while walking, riding a bike, or sitting comfortably on a tour bus.

Whether indulging in a fine meal or floating in the sky, being in Atlanta, Georgia is sure to keep you on cloud nine after your nuptials. No matter what's on your agenda, you are sure to have a splendid time. Enjoy!

What are your favorite things to do in Atlanta, perfect for honeymooners?

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