A Sophisticated Springtime Wedding in Orlando

A workplace romance! That was the beginning for Courtney and Ramesh. He was a supervisor and she, a new trainee. The two of them met briefly while outside on a break. Ramesh flashed a smile and gave a wink and Courtney was immediately intrigued.  After training was done, Courtney was assigned to his team, believing that they were meant to spend more time together. From there, the two of them started to hang out, eventually never leaving each other’s side. Courtney didn’t like the place that they were working, but knew that she was there to meet and fall in love with Ramesh.

Their wedding is sure to inspire with a bright teal, yellow, and gold color scheme that screams spring, and beautiful photography by Photography by Jerry & Denise.  Enjoy!

Quick Facts

  • Wedding Date: 5.24.13
  • Wedding Location: Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL
  • Wedding Flowers: Creamy-white, made up of Vendellas roses and yellow and ivory mini calla lillis.
  • Wedding Colors: Oasis teal, yellow, and gold
  • Wedding Theme:  Sophisticated Spring Time wedding
  • Favorite Accessory: A cuff bracelet Courtney wore that added a little “bling” to her wedding day attire.
  • First Dance Song:  “A Couple of Forevers” by Chrisette Michelle.
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: Two layers of vanilla cake and two layers of marble.
  • Wedding Menu Favorite: Blackened Mahi Mahi with a Caribbean salsa on top.
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: Courtney’s bridesmaids received 3-tier gold necklaces with their initials (C “heart” BM initial) that they wore during the ceremony.  She wanted the girls to have a nice necklace to wear that day as well as have a keepsake from the wedding that shows her love for them.

The Proposal

Courtney says that Ramesh’s proposal was a beautiful one. Although he won’t admit it, she thinks that he got the idea from her grandmother. He hadn’t physically met her parents yet but they had spoken with them over the phone.  He called both of her parents and asked her father for permission. Courtney was then whisked away to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a “vacation”. Since Courtney had only been out of the country once before, she was more than excited. The country was beautiful. The two of them went on a hike in El Yungua Rainforest and as they were playing in the water of the river flowing down from the mountain, skipping rocks and enjoying the beauty around them, Ramesh stopped in an area that was surrounded by small waterfalls and asks her to record him telling a special joke. Clearly confused, Courtney did as she was asked. Ramesh then started talking about how much he loved her. She thought to herself, “this is a strange set-up for a joke”. When he got down on one knee in the river and asked her to be his wife, she was shocked and almost dropped the camera! As other hikers walked by, she screamed to the treetops that they were getting married. Everyone applauded their new step in life and it was absolutely perfect!

Wedding Style

Courtney wore a fit and flare gown that was very simple and elegant.  To incorporate a little “bling” she adorned a cuff bracelet on her wrist. Her bracelet was also her favorite accessory.

Incorporation of Culture

Courtney and Ramesh jumped the broom as a way of honoring those who were not able to be married legally or publicly.

Most Memorable Moment

Courtney’s favorite moment of the day was their grand entrance into the reception to Method Man’s “All I Need” featuring Mary J. Blige. The song represents both of them and they it was a great moment to dance to it with their wedding party surrounding them.

Help A Bride-To-Be Out

Courtney says that it’s a great idea to talk to your family early about the planning. “Many will want to be involved, yet say nothing. Make sure you keep those in mind who may want to be a part of your special day”.

Photographer: Photography by Jerry & Denise


  1. Lynn

    But Puerto Rico isn’t another country…

    • sunshine

      Just smile and nod and enjoy the point of the post, which was to highlight a beautiful couple and their story. So what if Puerto Rico, technically isn’t another country. You gotta get on a plane and its not contiguous with the United States. It counted as a country to her.

  2. Occasions In Print

    Beautiful wedding! Her dress and the colors were great!


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