Alpha Kappa Alpha and Alpha Phi Alpha Engagement Session in Kentucky: Courtlynn + William

"It was a cool, October day on the campus of the University of Kentucky. I was wearing my military uniform which was customary for Wednesdays. I highlight this as it will become important as the story progresses," William shares. He was waiting for the bus that would take him to Commonwealth Stadium where his car was parked. As he was waiting he saw a familiar face, it was Courtlynn, the girl he worked with at the time and secretly had a crush on. "We began to talk and catch up with each other about work and classes. My bus had arrived, so I offered to give her a ride back home. She accepted and we would continue to talk" William says. Prompted by William's military uniform, Courtlynn shared that she had dated someone in the military before and would never go down that path again (never say never right?). "While she was talking, all I could think about was proving her wrong. I knew that if I was ever afforded the opportunity, I would make her change mind. I knew it wasn't the uniform, but rather the fact that she had yet to find the right man. In my heart, I knew I was the right man," William declares. "Long story short, I was afforded that opportunity, and 3 years later we are happy and set to be wed. I suppose I was the right man, who just happened to wear a uniform," he says.

The couple's engagement session showed off both their AKA and Alpha affiliations as well as William's military pride. A mix of formal and casual flair, the e-session was representative of their triumphant love. Take a look at Courtlynn and William's Alpha Kappa Alpha and Alpha Phi Alpha engagement session and read the rest of their love story below.

Bride-to-be: Courtlynn Janan Lindsay
Groom-to-be: William Alexander Love
Engagement Session Location: The Foundry at Glassworks in Louisville, KY

Tell us all about the proposal!
William proposed to me on December 18, 2016 at my University Of Kentucky graduation. I had just finished singing the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority hymn with my sisters for the last time and was already in a heap of tears. My sisters and I all hugged and as I turned around to meet my family I see everyone standing around with their phones out. With an extremely confused look on my face I feel someone grab my hand and turn me around. It was William. He stood there so handsome in his uniform and began talking about our experiences and the love we share. If I wasn’t crying hard already…the tears really started pouring down then. Then with hundreds of our friends, family, and University of Kentucky peers standing around us, he got down on one knee and said the most magical words I have ever heard. “Courtlynn Janan Lindsay… Will you marry me?” I screamed yes in excitement and gave him the biggest hug and kiss. It was the most amazing proposal ever and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with my love William.

What was the concept behind your engagement session?
Our engagement session with Kory was AMAZING! The theme for our wedding is the Great Gatsby. We wanted to have three different outfit choices. Our first outfit was classic black tie attire. This is the one we wanted to utilize for our save the dates so that it fit in with the great Gatsby theme. The second was William in his Military Uniform. We wanted to incorporate the military in our shoot since it is such a huge part of our lives and our future. Lastly we wore our Fraternity and Sorority sweaters. We wanted to have a shoot in our Letters because our Greek Organizations are such an important aspect of our lives.

What did you do on your first date?
For our first date, Alex bought us tickets to the University of Kentucky vs. University of Tennessee basketball game. This would only be the second UK basketball game I had attended in my time at UK, so I was excited to get to see the Wildcats play as well as get to know Alex a little better. Late as usual, I grabbed all of my things and hurried out the door to meet Alex. After 30 min of sitting in traffic to get to Rupp Arena, we had finally made it to a parking garage. We got out of the car and began to grab our things when I quickly realized I had left my student I.D. at home. I was MORTIFIED. I nervously told Alex hoping he wouldn't be too mad. He simply smiled at me and laughed, then said its was no problem and we can go back and get it. He was not mad or frustrated with me which really meant a lot. Luckily my roommate at the time, Jourdan Lewis came to the rescue and drove to give me hers. We finally made it in the stadium and he bought me my favorite snack (Jumbo Pretzel and Cherry Slushy). When we got home that night he walked me to my door gave me a kiss and said he couldn't wait for the next date. That was the night that started it all.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Our favorite thing to do as a couple is to go to the movies. Courtlynn and I are huge movie people and we love going out and eating movie theater popcorn while enjoying each other’s company over a great film.

How has wedding planning been so far?
The wedding planning has definitely been stressful. We are having a large wedding with well over 250 guests. We definitely have a vision of how we want our wedding to go and it is sometimes a struggle to meet our expectations while staying in budget and having so many family and friend influences. But we pray often and God always seems to find a way to make it happen so we are truly blessed.

What are you looking forward to most on your wedding day?
Alex and I are very far away from home and we don’t get to see our family and friends as much as we would like so we are most excited to be surrounded with our family and friends again. The love and support they have brought to us in our relationship is phenomenal and I can’t wait to be surrounded by all that love as we enter in to the next phase of our lives.

Photography - Addison J. Weddings Photography & Videography

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