Atlanta Couple brings Old Hollywood Elegance to E-Session

Love at first sight isn't just a myth, sometimes all it takes is a a glance to see your future flash before your eyes.  For Atlanta bride, Mecca Moore, the first glimpse of her fiancé came when he appeared on her television screen. Dr. Alduan Tartt, a writer and relationship psychologist, was featured on MTV Made in 2009, and with a taste of his professionalism and charm, Mecca's interest was peeked. After finding out they live in the same city, she reached out and asked him to speak at women's event she was hosting. He agreed and when he walked in the door the day of the event, Mecca felt a charge that let her know Aldaun could be the one. When he flashed his amazing smile, time stopped for a moment and Mecca had to look away to get her composure. She knew there was a special connection there after they spent the night laughing and sharing personal stories.

Mecca's intuition proved right, and after a few years of dating Alduan planned a special proposal last December. The two shared dinner at one of Mecca's favorite restaurants and then ventured off to to a holiday gala where Aldaun's name was playfully pulled from a business card raffle. Once he was called to the stage, he asked to Mecca to be his wife. "I remember [the host] asking if there was anything that he wanted to share," said Mecca. "At that moment I realized that he was going to propose and I can honestly say my mind went to another place ... a place of euphoria."

This classy couple is working with Elle Event Service to bring their Old Hollywood inspired wedding to life. They're giving us a taste of  the vintage elegance they have in store with this vintage glam e-session shot by Taun Henderson Photography.

  • Wedding Date: 10/04/2014
  • Wedding Location: The Peachtree Club Atlanta, GA

Their First Date was Like

Our first official date was at Grape for a wine tasting. He knew from our phone conversations that I enjoyed wine and I believed in men courting a woman. He also knew that I liked to be asked out on a date a week beforehand. He called me the Sunday before the beginning of the week and asked if he could take me out. It was a rainy night and I remember the anticipation of seeing him again as I walked through Atlantic Station to meet him.  I enjoyed him picking out different wines for me to try, his assertiveness and confidence. His conversation intrigued me and for the first time in many years a man gave me butterflies. What I remember most about my first date with him was the moment of feeling like a school girl again.

Favorite Things to do as a Couple

We enjoy traveling together, listening to live music, attending plays/movies, and wine tastings.

The Engagement Session

Our engagement session was truly a magical moment. We knew that we wanted the engagement shoot to continue with the theme of our wedding "Old Hollywood and Classic Elegance". Our photographer made us both feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Going in I don't think either of us thought that the session would actually bring us so much closer together as a couple. When I walked up to him in the red gown that was designed by Maria Harper I could tell that he approved. Our engagement shoot was very intimate. We enjoyed being in the moment with each other. The Swan House and Mandarain Oriental are both such romantic places which created that ambiance for us while shooting our engagement photos.

Wedding Planning

The wedding planning process has actually been very relaxing to date. I hired Elle Event Service as my wedding planning company being that Alduan and I have such busy schedules. A friend told me back in February of this year "Mecca whatever you do embrace every moment of your wedding planning process because you will never get that moment back." For me that has been the best advice, so I have learned to slow down turn off my phone and live in each moment.

What the Bride Looks Forward to Most

Marrying the man that God has blessed me with.


  1. PhotoLover

    Ehhhh, really it’s just a really attractive couple. The photographer’s lighting is uninspiring which really doesn’t utilize the location and the couple very well. 3/5 stars.

  2. Ms. M

    Cute couple but this idea is kinda corny :(

  3. Your English Teacher

    Good story. However, interests get piqued not peeked.

  4. Hannah Mitchell

    I like them!


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