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Atlanta Wedding With City View by Nadia D. Photography: Alicia and Lance

Alicia and Lance had a whirlwind workplace romance, and within the first six months of dating they knew they had a lasting relationship.  Their autumn wedding was full of modern and contemporary touches, yet it felt timeless and classic. A “cosmopolitan,” “big city feel” was the the inspiration for their wedding design, and the bride’s Lazaro gown gave her the stylish and fashionable “Sex in the City” feel she desired for her big day.  Their glamorous wedding cake was covered in rhinestones and set in the middle of a breathtaking arch of tree branches dripping with crystals and flowers. The juxtaposition of shiny modern rhinestone and crystals details, and earthy autumn elements and colors was visually captivating. Overlooking the Atlanta skyline, guests dined on southern cuisine to honor the bride’s Tennessee roots. And for the grand finale Alicia surprised Lance with the most amazing exit: a helicopter ride off the roof of their venue. All of the big city glamour of the Reece’s wedding was captured by the illustrious Nadia Dziskavets of Nadia D. Photography.

  • Bride: Alicia Reece- Human Resources Manager
  • Groom: Lance Reece- Senior Export Analyst
  • Wedding Date: 10/07/2012
  • Wedding Venue: Ventanas- Atlanta, GA

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Description of Event 

The overall vibe/theme for our wedding was a modern and cosmopolitan “Sex in the City” feel. We had a rooftop venue overlooking the Atlanta skyline. The venue included floor to ceiling windows 360 degrees. The planning process was great for us because we had such awesome vendors and a fabulous Wedding Planner (EllyB Events) and Event Designer (Andy Beach and Company). I call the vendors my wedding dream team. Having the right set of vendors is so important to having a seamless wedding planning process.

Wedding Style 

Our wedding was modern, contemporary with a classic and timeless feel to it. As we were planning our wedding, I wanted to ensure that we had a Big City feel that was stylish, fashionable, and reflected our style as a couple. You could say, the wedding had a “Sex in the City” vibe to it. As such, it was very important for me to have a wedding gown befitting of the wedding day. I ended up getting a Lazaro gown at Bridals by Lori. My belt and veil were by Ravini. I loved that my dress sparkled from head to toe. I was very blessed to select my dress on the very first visit. In fact, it was the first dress I tried on at the bridal salon.

I wold recommend to all brides to go with your first instinct when it comes to selecting your wedding gown. Also, shop early as most high end wedding gowns take 4-6 months to come back

Incorporation of Culture

My husband is from New York and I am from Tennessee. It was very important for us to ensure that elements of our geographical cultures were incorporated in the wedding. For example, instead of having traditional table numbers, we had various boroughs and neighborhoods in New York as our table numbers. To incorporate my Tennessee roots, we had southern cuisine as part of the menu which included BBQ, Mac and Cheese, etc. Also, our reception introduction included a Tennessee and New York music remix.

Most Memorable Moment of the Day 

The most memorable part of the wedding was surprising my husband with our helicopter exit. He was very surprised. We enjoyed the helicopter ride as we felt like we were the King and Queen of Atlanta…How befitting a rooftop wedding and exiting with a helicopter.

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You Make Loving You So Easy

From the Groom…He loves that I am ambitious and strives for excellence in everything that I do.

From the Bride…I love that my husband is very tenacious. He always faces challenges with great strength and resiliency.


  • Leanne

    So glamorous. Every element was quite beautiful