A Beautifully Simple Wedding in Arlington, Massachusetts

Nicole and her husband, Alex, wanted a special wedding, but without the headache of an over-the-top affair. They decided on a minimalist ceremony where they could have fun with their family and friends. She didn't have to spend months trying on dresses, once she saw the design she liked she searched for a designer on Etsy and had her create a stunning look that was perfect for her.  Except the gorgeous handmade gown, everything from the outdoor venue to the bridesmaids dresses were very simple. Pictures of the couple from childhood were placed on clothing lines, the guests dined on southern fare, and danced the night away. Their photographer, Nicole Bass, did an amazing job capturing the beautifully simple wedding, the love of the couple and their guests radiates from the photos.

Quick Facts 

  • Wedding Date: 08/10/2013 
  •  Wedding Location: Arlington Town Hall, Arlington, MA
  • Wedding Theme: Simple
  • Wedding Flowers: White and green hydrangeas, peach roses, pink and coral dahlias.
  • First Dance Song: "Spend My Life With You" by Eric Benet and Tamia
  • Wedding Cake Flavors: We actually served frozen custard cake. The two tiered cake we cut was mint Oreo and vanilla. The other cakes that guests had were peach and cake batter or cookies n cream.
  • Wedding Menu Favorite:  Everything was delicious! You can't go wrong with a BBQ and Southern food menu.
  • Bridesmaids Gifts: The bridesmaids received jade bracelets from The Svelte Group that provides seed money for family farming in Ethiopia. 
  • Groomsmen Gifts: The groomsmen received personal gifts from our honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Wedding Style

Like so many brides, I used Pinterest as a springboard for dress ideas. I immediately fell in love with many of the open back dresses with lace overlay. The 'scarlet' dress by Monique Lhullier was the perfect silhouette. A gut feeling told me to search Etsy for handmade dresses that might look similar. I found a seamstress who creates custom bridal gowns; my dress was made from scratch and fitted perfectly for ME,  It was the best moment in the 11 month wedding planning process! The  front of the dress wraps over my shoulders delicately to support the generous keyhole back. The dress looks like a seamless piece of lace that is fitted through the bust and waist. My favorite accessory is the bird cage veil I borrowed from a friend with a bit of feather detail.

Most Memorable Moment 

The first look photos we took before the ceremony. Alex was surprised to see me and our photographer caught that moment on camera.

Wedding Advice

Plan more for your marriage than for the wedding. The wedding may be the best day of your life but your marriage should bring happiness for years to come.


  1. Anja

    There’s a lot of picture perfect weddings on this page. Finally a down to earth, but still perfect wedding. I enjoyed these pictures a lot.

    Also, the advice from this couple is the best I’ve ever read on this page.

    May you be happy forever!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the lovely remarks, Anja! I was worried that my down to earth wedding would be a misfit among the glamour on this site. Glad to see that the simplicity of my wedding was enjoyable to view.

  2. Ticia Whitsett

    Truly appreciated the sweet simplicity of this wedding. Well done. Enjoy your new life as husband and wife!

    • Nicole

      Thanks for the well wishes, Ticia!

      • Monkey

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  3. Ellen White

    Such a charming wedding! Simplistic, understated and BEAUTIFUL! Your love (and that amazing dress!) definitely showed through!

    • Marlee

      #2 usmc recruit training depot. San Diego California. Man those first 3 days were SO much fun. ^_^( at least it looks shocking like that rooem#8230;b&en a long time sicne I was there. and I was only there once then off to do processing.)

  4. MayBaby

    I love this wedding! It was simple and real!

  5. Jayden

    Wow, great knitting job! And I just love your black lace dress (or is it a top?), very rea-mrglto! Your sense of style continues to amaze me.

  6. Ella

    Fiinndg this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

  7. Snowy

    I can’t hear aninhytg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  8. Retta

    That insight solves the prmeobl. Thanks!


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