BreAnna and Jeffery’s Gorgeous Tropical Engagement Session in Tulum, Mexico

This gorgeous tropical engagement session takes place in lovely Tulum, Mexico. The historical ruins, beautiful beaches, and lush tropical greenery makes a perfect backdrop for these two travel lovers.

Read all about BreAnna and Jeffery's love story and surprise Spain proposal!

Bride & Groom: BreAnna & Jeffery
Occupations: Senior Evaluation Associate & Nonprofit Executive Director
Wedding date: 11/4/2017
Wedding location: Royalton Riviera Cancun
Location of Engagement shoot: Tulum, Mexico

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: We met in Washington DC in Dec 2014 at a kickback at a mutual friend's home. We were cordial but did not become acquainted until a month later, with the help of Instagram/Facebook interactions. We dated for 8 months before making it "official". Two years later, I (BreAnna) left for Spain to celebrate a friends 30th birthday. Unbeknownst to me, Jeff had bought a plane ticket, hired a photographer in Barcelona, bought me a dress to wear (with the help of an inside mole, who coordinated getting her to wear it to a “nice dinner”), and solidified the location of the proposal. My friends and I arrived at the Parc la Ciutadella where we had our photo taken by a random “tourist” (turns out he was the photographer Jeff had hired!). He strolled up during the picture and surprised me with a question on his heart, ring in hand.

Describe your engagement session. Our engagement session was in Tulum Mexico, about 45 minutes from where we will have the wedding. It had been recommended to me by a friend who is from Mexico for the wedding, so it was amazing to have our photographer suggest it for our engagement shoot. We didn't have a theme per se- but it was nice to be amongst the natural elements (water, trees, sand, sky). We have a great appreciation for nature so it's nice to have that be included in our engagement memories.

What did you do on your first date? On our first date, we went to a local ice skating rink. I thought it was a great idea for a first date because it does ensure that you interact with each other. I still remember feeling a lil shy when Jeff reached out his hands to show me how to skate backwards. He proved to be a dependable/supportive guy all that hour. Truly a snapshot of the kind of person I would come to love.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love cooking together, and going to the movies together. But our favorite thing to do as a couple is travel! By the time we are married, we will have been to 7 countries together.

How has wedding planning been so far? Wedding planning has kind of been a breeze! In total, we will have had 14 months to prepare for the big day. Not too long after we got engaged, we secured our wedding venue. We are now in the process of locking down our photographer/videographer team. Beyond those biggies, everything else feels less stressful and quite fun to think about. It's been great to have a hubby-to-be that is engaged in the process. And I have a super amazing MOH squad that have helped me deal with some of the many details.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day. Doing a destination wedding was a hard choice for us, because we feel connected to so many people across various circles. We settled on this because we love to travel and it would ensure the closest of the close to us would be there to celebrate our coming together. We are looking forward to having them there with us on that day. It's also pretty cool to think about this massive family/friend vacation at an all-inclusive! I know we are going to have some amazing memories that week.

Photographer - Maricarmen Arcos


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