Caressa + Nathaniel: {Engaged} + Raising Awareness for HIV/AIDS

When you're a former Miss Virginia and the Miss America 2010 winner, you become associated with beauty, grace and excellence. Everyone expects that you select only the best. Caressa knows that Nathaniel is the very best choice for her and they'll be crowning each other with love and support for the rest of their lives. We're very honored to share this beautiful engagement session with you!

The beautiful couple selected Okodio as their official photographer. They couldn't have made a better choice!

The Bride: Caressa Cameron
The Groom: Nathaniel Jackson Jr.
Occupations: Bride - Miss America 2010, motivational speaker, philanthropist; Groom - Owner/CEO of Action Enterprises LLC, Student Athlete Development
Date of the Engagement Session: 05.16.2012
The Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

The Meeting .... "Nathaniel and I met in high school. We dated briefly during that time, but later decided it would be best that we remained friends. Throughout high school and college, we remained the best of friends. Our romance rekindled when he asked me to his ring figure ceremony during his second year at Virginia Military Institute; and as they say the rest is history."

The Proposal .... "In the early morning hours of the eve of our anniversary, Nat told me to get dressed up because he was taking me on a trip for the day & we needed to go to the train station. I am NOT a morning person, so the pressure for that morning to go well was on! Upon arriving at the train station with me asking 1,000 questions on the way there, Nat seemed to be in no hurry to catch the train. In fact, one train came & went when we were still in the car. Being the person that I am, I tried to pry and finally asked, "Well, can you tell me this: is it at least an eye lashes occasion? Because I haven't put mine on yet" (once a beauty queen, always one right?). Nat kindly answer, "You look fine. Let's get out of the car."

Once out of the car, I noticed a familiar face of a photographer that I knew. I was so excited because I had been asking Nat for a long time to take professional photos but he is a bit camera shy. At this point I thought that the photo shoot was the surprise anniversary gift & was very happy. During the morning, we took lots of photos & had a great time. At the very last frame, the photographer suggested that we take the photo seated. As I took my seat, the photographer distracted me by positioning me & a prop. As soon as the photographer moved, Nat was there on one knee."

The Theme ..... "The theme of the engagement photo was country rustic chic. We grew up loving the rural south and all that the plains, rolling hills, and country air has to offer. We wanted to capture the organic beauty of both our love and home."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "The one thing Nat loves most about me is that I put the needs and happiness of others above my own."

She loves ..... "The thing that I love most about Nat is that he is action driven. He strives to lead by example, finish what he starts, and display his character. I never have to worry about my position with him because his action's speak louder than words."

Caressa and Nathaniel will be getting married in Historic Old Town Fredericksburg Virginia in December and are using their wedding as an opportunity to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the African-American community.  Both Caressa and Nathaniel have lost significant loved ones to this epidemic.  In leiu of gift wedding gifts, they are asking their guests to make donations to  AIDS United.

Caressa and Nathaniel, thanks for sharing your love story with us.  Your dedication to raising awareness to HIV/AIDS in the African-American community is commendable.

To make donations to AIDS United, visit  click "Honorary Gift" and write Cameron/Jackson Wedding.  Click here to view more images from their e-session

  1. Nathaniel at Okodio

    Oh how exciting to see you both on here! Can’t wait to photograph your wedding day and see you both again!

    • jude

      Love the connection between you to

  2. Shelly

    Great to see the engagement shots. Photos from the actual wedding, taken by Caressa and Nat’s guests, will be streamed live online on Sun Dec 2, 2012 at The event also doubles as a fundraiser for AIDS United.

  3. @PhotoOppBride

    See how it all started between Caressa and Nat and hear some of their love story….

  4. Christine Cerro

    Congratulations on your big wedding day. We never met but I have been following you since the first time you crowned your first Miss America local crown all the way to the Miss America (not in person but on TV). Your generous in honor of those people with AIDS who died are amazing. You and Nate are beautiful inside out…

    Congratulations once again to a new Mr. and Mrs. Jackson!

    Your Miss America fan!

    Christine Cerro

  5. @munaluchiBride

    RT @PhotoOppBride: See Caressa + Nathaniel’s engagement photos before the wedding tonight via @munaluchibride

  6. Trinity

    Carissa Cameron is my cousin


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