Changing Your Last Name After Marriage in the U.S.

For those planning on changing their last name as part of their transition into their marriage union, MunaLuchi Bride is happy to help guide you along this step. Actually, it’s more than one step but it’s a surprisingly quick process in general. Let’s walk through it.

What You’ll Need:

Original Certified Marriage License
Birth Certificate or Passport
Current U.S. Driver’s License or State Issued Non-Driver I.D.
New Social Security Card
Book (Optional: For the SSC & DMV waits)

Step One: Get Your Original Certified Marriage License

You’ll need to receive your original certified marriage license with your new last name from the clerk’s office in which you filed for the license before you can make any more steps in changing your name. 

Step Two: Change the Name on Your Social Security Card

Your SSN will be the same, you are only changing your name on the card. You will need your birth certificate OR passport AND current U.S. driver’s license OR state issued non-driver I.D. for verification when filling out the application. The application can be found here Print the application and fill it out before either 1) mailing the application to your local Social Security Administration office or 2) taking it to your local Administration office. You should receive your new social security card within 10 business days and within those 10 days, the IRS will be notified of your name change which is necessary in order for your tax return to be accepted.

Step Three: Change the Name On Your License or State Issued Non-Driver I.D.

The dreaded DMV trip is coming, so grab a book, perhaps one of our Friday Reads recommendations, and get ready for this trip. Depending on your state, you may have to re-apply for your driver’s license which means taking a new photo. While you’re at the DMV, look into changing the name on your title and registration as well.

Step Four: Remember to Change Your Name Elsewhere

Once your name has officially been changed, remember to also change your name on your bank accounts, employer payroll, landlord or mortgage company, insurance accounts, physicians’ offices, university or alumni associations, voter registration, passport, attorney, at the post office, club memberships, subscriptions, etc...

Changing your last name is a fairly easy process. Essentially, all it involves is filling out a few forms and waiting. Within days of receiving your marriage certificate, you will officially be a new Mrs. (or Mr.)!

Best wishes to you and yours on a smooth name change!

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