City and Country Meet in Fun Florida E-Session: NaShara + Milton

Love came easy for NaShara and Milton. The couple met through Milton’s brother, whom NaShara went to college with, and as soon as they went on the first date, things simply clicked and felt so natural. After that night they talked every day and a few months later Milton wanted to make it official. Their friendship grew into love and now over two years later, they’re excited to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife.

Milton’s proposal caught NaShara completely off guard. Milton had secretly planned the surprise with her mother, sister and some of his close family members. It was a typical day on August 16th, 2014 as they went on a movie and lunch date, and had a party that night at NaShara’s home for her aunt’s birthday celebration. While at lunch, Milton told her he had surprises planned for that day. The first surprise was a hotel he booked for some quality time together. After lunch, they checked in to hang out before the party.

As they made their way back to NaShara’s house for her aunt’s party, as planned, Milton made sure they were running late. As soon as they pulled up, NaShara’s mother greeted them and walked them in the house. As Milton then brought Nashara to the middle of the room,  music and a slideshow of their relationship started to play. After what seemed like the longest 10 minutes ever, Milton got down on one knee in front of their family and friends and popped the question. In NaShara's words, it was the “best night ever!”

Wedding Date: 05/16/2015
Wedding Location: Naples, FL
E-Session Location: Delnor Wiggins State Park and Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL

The First Date
Our first date was at Mercato’s Silverspot for a movie which was followed dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory. We had talked about everything under the sun for hours on end and had such a fun night together. Two years later, Milton planned to have the same set up the day he proposed.

The Engagement Session
Our engagement session was all about combining two worlds into one. I’m a city girl who lives near the beach and he is a country boy who lives in a small town. We had an absolute blast at the shoot and our photographer, Catherine Coons of Catherine Coons Photography, did such a wonderful job at making us feel confident that the pictures would come out looking great. With the help of our photographer, we came up with two locations, Delnor Wiggins State Park for the casual look and the Koreshan State Park to get dressed up. Since the theme of the wedding classic black and white, Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL was used as the backdrop in our coordinating black and white outfits. We wanted to be in each other’s elements as the city girl meets the country boy and the result of that was very magical.

Favorite Thing to Do as a Couple
We love going to the movies, finding new places to explore and traveling. The next location up on our list is honeymooning in Greece!

How Wedding Planning Has Been
My mother and I are doing the wedding planning and it hasn't been as bad as I thought. My key things are organization, planning ahead and staying within budget which has worked very well so far. Milton has also been very pro-active in the process which has been super helpful.

Looking Forward to Most on the Wedding Day
Officially becoming Husband and Wife in front of all of our family and friends.


Catherine Coons Photography

  1. Ketia Dvais

    Beautiful pictures, good luck and blessings to you both!!

  2. UUKnot

    Amazing pictures. The couple is sweet!

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