Coterie Spotlight: Get to Know Basic Invite Stationery

Photography via Basic Invite

Save the dates and wedding invitations set the tone for what your wedding guests can expect on your big day. Often times, this stationery is the first element to your wedding that your loved ones will see so it's very important to kick off your wedding with the perfect sneak peek! Basic Invite has been providing customized stationery for a variety of occasions for almost ten years. With limitless combinations, instant previews, and a price range that won't break the bank, Basic Invite may be just what you've been looking for. Get to know Basic Invite below!

1) Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the wedding and events industry?

Basic Invite began in the basement of our founder, Brock Bacik’s home in 2006. Grown out of frustration from the current state of options available for those getting married, Brock sensed a need for something more personal in the industry of wedding invitations. With a background primarily in web design and marketing, he went straight to work on creating the website. His first website was launched in April of 2006. So with a half-baked website, a few home-printed cards, and the naïveté youth, he and his supportive wife headed up to their first wedding show at Union Station in Salt Lake City. The list of active customers scrawled across the chalkboard in his office started to grow...and Basic Invite was born.

2) What do you love most about your job?

The best part of my job is getting to be such an important part of a wedding as you are the first thing most people see in regards to the wedding. I love being able to create an invitation design that fits and shows off a couple’s personality perfectly.

3) What would you say are some underrated or overused colors, designs, etc… and what would you encourage for the risk takers out there?

Colors can be a great way to make things really pop but often times we will see the colors distract from the important details of the wedding invitation.  So if you are not sure what colors go together, then it is better to stick to a monochromatic color scheme as it will almost always give you a classic look. For example, if you are using a dark purple to accent the names on an invitation, using a lighter purple on some of the design elements of the invite will help the colors blend very nicely. For those looking to create a statement, using accessories such as a bright colored belly band or a metallic envelope will make your invitation suite stand out from the rest.

4) What’s something that recently left you inspired?

When you get married, you think about how much you love that person and how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with them. We found this video and posted it to our facebook page as this couple was able to grow old together in just one day. It is fun to see just how much this couple loves one another and how truly emotional they get.

Happy Wedding Planning!

To learn more about Basic Invite, visit their official website. Also be sure to check out Basic Invite on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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