Coterie Spotlight Interview with Lingerie Fashion Designer Suzy Black

Today the Coterie shines its Spotlight on lingerie fashion designer and company CEO, Diondra M. Julian of Suzy Black. With over fifteen years experience as a designer for the ready-to-wear fashion industry, Diondra established Suzy Black in 2013 for the purpose of helping women discover the power of their femininity through beautifully crafted lingerie. Made from the finest materials, Suzy Black offers a range of intimate apparel including bridal, bralette, camis, robes, sexy lounge wear, shorties, and slips.

Get to know Diondra and Suzy Black in this fascinating Coterie Spotlight.

What did you do before starting in the Bridal Fashion industry? Before starting my company, I spent more than 15 years working as a designer & technical designer in the RTW fashion industry for companies like DVF, DKNY Jeans, Sean John, Elizabeth & James, and Public School NYC. I’m one of those people who has known what I wanted to do in life since I was a little kid. I’ve always found a way to learn about it, do it or something close to it.

How long have you been in the Bridal Fashion business? Honestly, I think the moment I started my lingerie business (2013) I entered the bridal business. The honeymoon is the most natural place for women to imagine Suzy Black pieces…but Suzy Black really should be an everyday personal indulgence.

What motivates you? I love the process of bringing beautiful things to life. I also love what that process yields—transforming women into their most elevated selves. I get to be a part of their “moment”.

How would you describe your style? The Suzy Black style is effortless. We make pieces that don’t require a lot of fuss, they easily transition from day to night or exist as a little secret beneath your everyday “slay”. As a designer and new mom, I think a lot of the Suzy Black ethic has to do with how I imagine lingerie working into my own hectic daily life. It has to just flow with no fuss.

What's the one lingerie attire every women should have in their drawer? Every girl should own a beautiful ornate robe. It’s an easy piece of drama that can elevate even the simplest of panty sets or negligee.

What would you say is the biggest bridal fashion mistake women make? I see the same mistake repeated time & again—the wrong size, cut or type of foundations, especially bras! These can really make or break a look! For an elevated finished look, you have to start with the correct foundations. Really, what’s the point in putting a on a five thousand dollar gown but skimping on your panties?

What advice would you give brides when it comes to picking lingerie? Forget whatever standards you’ve been force fed about being sexy, every woman is naturally sexy, especially when she’s happy. Instead pick the pieces that make you feel pretty…& powerful! After all, to “make love” is an act of power.

Why should brides choose you? During my time in the fashion industry I became an expert in “fit”, fit matters to me, I believe it's the difference between "liking" & "loving" a piece. It's what makes that piece a "staple". Fit will make the consumer not only feel like a million bucks but fall madly in love with your brand. This is my superpower.

Is there anything else you'd like our readers to know? Lingerie should always be fun!

Now let's have some fun!

iPhone/android/or blackberry?
iPhone of course!
Favorite song?
This changes daily, but today it’s The Tonight Show version of the Sesame Street theme song, done by Jimmy Fallon & the Roots.
Favorite movie?
Rocky I, II, III—hands down! It has everything!
Guilty pleasure?
Reality TV, particularly Love & Hip Hop
Dream vacation?
The Grotta Palazzese in Puglia Italy

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