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Sometimes the wingman gets the girl. At least, that’s what happened in the case of newlyweds Candace and Jerry Payne. The two happened to be at the same bar for First Friday in Oakland back in 2012, and after playing the sideline until Candace made it clear she wasn’t interested in his friend, Jerry made his move and the two quickly hit it off. As fate would have it, they danced the night away and have been inseparable ever since.

A year later Jerry proposed to Candace on Christmas day. They went on to celebrate their nuptials amongst close family and friend in an intimate outdoor ceremony last September - ironically on yet another First Friday - filled with joy and vintage charm. Take a look at their special day through the lens of Rosaura Sandoval Photography and learn more about the story behind their wedding.

Bride’s Name: Candace Payne - Social Media Marketing Manager
Groom’s Name: Jerry Payne - Operations Director
Wedding Date: 09/05/2014
Wedding Location: Mira Vista Golf and Country Club in El Cerrito, CA
Quick Facts
Wedding Flowers:
Red and pink roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and deep wine calla lilies
First Dance Song: "Dance With Me" by Intrigue
Favorite Menu Item: Salted caramel rice krispy treats that our dear friend Stephanie made as the wedding favors
Bridesmaids gifts: Customized totes from The Wedding Chicks filled with earrings, robes from Pretty Plum Sugar, Pinch Provisions Minimergency bridesmaid kits and mini bottles of Chandon champagne.
Groomsmen gifts: Bottles of Dom Perignon and cigars
Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding058 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding062 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding028 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding031 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding025 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding026 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding035 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding097 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding087 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding088 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding089 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding090 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding092 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding104 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding081 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding082 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding125 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding117 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding123 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding126 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding011 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding021 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding039 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding038 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding040 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding042 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding043 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding003 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding004 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding006 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding008 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding048 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding049 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding050 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding051 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding053 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding054 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding056 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding060 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding063 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding064 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding065 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding066 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding067 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding068 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding074 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding110 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding130 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding134 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding139 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding141 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding142 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding143 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding115 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding114Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding145 Rosaura_Sandoval_Photography_California_Wedding146

The Proposal:
Jerry proposed almost a year after we met on Christmas Day 2013. I knew it was coming but didn't think it would be Christmas, because even though I thought it was romantic to get engaged on Christmas, he spent the weeks leading up to Christmas convincing me that it wasn't going to happen on that day (it was all a diversion of course, he's a wily one). The ring was the last gift I opened, and I was so oblivious that I didn't realize he was on one knee when he presented it to me until I opened it and saw what was inside. I also didn't realize until later that the darn ring had been wrapped and sitting on the fireplace mantle in the house for a week before Christmas. I had walked past it everyday not concerned with what it was, because he had done such a bang up job of convincing me that there was no way he was going to propose to me on Christmas.

Wedding Style:
I originally wanted a slim fitting sheath or trumpet dress, but when I tried on my first ballgown it was over, I had to have one. I am not the "pretty pretty princess" type, but I figured I was only going to be able to wear a ridiculous, fluffy tulle filled ballgown once in my life, so I went for it. I ended up picking the gorgeous (and comfortable) Maggie Sottero dress Cosette in ivory. It had a corset and was embroidered with delicate lace flowers and sequins all over the bodice and down the skirt so that it shimmered in just the right way, and the train was gorgeous. I felt like a princess!

My favorite two wedding accessories were the "old" double string bracelet of freshwater pearls that my mother bought on a trip to Thailand over 20 years ago and passed on to me on that day, and the "borrowed" ruby and diamond ring my mother-in-law gave me to wear. It had belonged to her mother, who passed away a few months before the wedding, so it was incredibly special to me that she let me wear it. The red Valentinos I wore were pretty sick too, but I changed into my favorite pair of combat boots for reception so that I could dance!

Not culture so much (unless doing The Wobble at the reception counts) but definitely religion. Since we don't have a home church in the Bay Area where we live, we decided to not have the ceremony at a church but we wanted it to reflect our beliefs. So we had a friend who had recently become ordained officiate the ceremony and we took communion to represent our commitment to each other and to God

Candace: The whole day was really the most amazing thing ever, but my favorite memories were the ones with my father. Having him walk me down the aisle and seeing all of our loved ones there and how beautiful everything was with Jerry waiting for me at the end was very overwhelming. Also the father/daughter dance. My father is usually quite reserved and I had no idea he was going to bust out and really dance. He stole the show! It was so much fun.

Jerry: Seeing her in her dress for the first time when we took the first look photos, closely tied with putting the ring on her finger.

Help a Bride-to-be Out:
Figure out up front what is important to each of you. We had a day of (really month of, which I highly recommend) planner but not the full shebang so we planned and designed the whole event ourselves. There were a lot of decisions to make, and I wanted to make sure Jerry had input on the things that really mattered to him. Don't forget to have fun!

Jerry: Be patient with each other. This was the biggest thing we had done together and we learned a lot about each other during the process.



Wedding Dress designer: Maggie Sottero
Wedding Dress Salon: Janene's Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses: David's Bridal
Shoes: Valentino
Ceremony and Reception Location: Mira Vista Golf and Country Club
Photography: Rosaura Sandoval Photography
Videography: Wedding Moments HD
Day of Planner: All Things Simple
Florist: Katharina Stuart
Cake: True Confections Cakes
Stationary - Wedding Paper Divas
DJ - DJ Mike Lewis - Soul Simple Sounds
Rentals: Seko's Events Decor

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City and Country Meet in Fun Florida E-Session: NaShara + Milton Fri, 06 Mar 2015 07:19:01 +0000 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session29 Love came easy for NaShara and Milton. The couple met through Milton’s brother, whom...

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Love came easy for NaShara and Milton. The couple met through Milton’s brother, whom NaShara went to college with, and as soon as they went on the first date, things simply clicked and felt so natural. After that night they talked every day and a few months later Milton wanted to make it official. Their friendship grew into love and now over two years later, they’re excited to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife.

Milton’s proposal caught NaShara completely off guard. Milton had secretly planned the surprise with her mother, sister and some of his close family members. It was a typical day on August 16th, 2014 as they went on a movie and lunch date, and had a party that night at NaShara’s home for her aunt’s birthday celebration. While at lunch, Milton told her he had surprises planned for that day. The first surprise was a hotel he booked for some quality time together. After lunch, they checked in to hang out before the party.

As they made their way back to NaShara’s house for her aunt’s party, as planned, Milton made sure they were running late. As soon as they pulled up, NaShara’s mother greeted them and walked them in the house. As Milton then brought Nashara to the middle of the room,  music and a slideshow of their relationship started to play. After what seemed like the longest 10 minutes ever, Milton got down on one knee in front of their family and friends and popped the question. In NaShara words, it was the “best night ever!”

Wedding Date: 05/16/2015
Wedding Location: Naples, FL
E-Session Location: Delnor Wiggins State Park and Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL

Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session02 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session03 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session04 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session07 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session08 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session09 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session13 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session14 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session15 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session18 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session19 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session20 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session22 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session23 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session24 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session25 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session27 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session28 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session29 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session33 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session34 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session35 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session37 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session39 Catherine_Coons_Photography_engagement_session40

The First Date
Our first date was at Mercato’s Silverspot for a movie which was followed dinner and drinks at the Cheesecake Factory. We had talked about everything under the sun for hours on end and had such a fun night together. Two years later, Milton planned to have the same set up the day he proposed.

The Engagement Session
Our engagement session was all about combining two worlds into one. I’m a city girl who lives near the beach and he is a country boy who lives in a small town. We had an absolute blast at the shoot and our photographer, Catherine Coons of Catherine Coons Photography, did such a wonderful job at making us feel confident that the pictures would come out looking great. With the help of our photographer, we came up with two locations, Delnor Wiggins State Park for the casual look and the Koreshan State Park to get dressed up. Since the theme of the wedding classic black and white, Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL was used as the backdrop in our coordinating black and white outfits. We wanted to be in each other’s elements as the city girl meets the country boy and the result of that was very magical.

Favorite Thing to Do as a Couple
We love going to the movies, finding new places to explore and traveling. The next location up on our list is honeymooning in Greece!

How Wedding Planning Has Been
My mother and I are doing the wedding planning and it hasn't been as bad as I thought. My key things are organization, planning ahead and staying within budget which has worked very well so far. Milton has also been very pro-active in the process which has been super helpful.

Looking Forward to Most on the Wedding Day
Officially becoming Husband and Wife in front of all of our family and friends.



Catherine Coons Photography

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Intimate Vineyard Wedding in NC: Jakoma + Vaughn Thu, 05 Mar 2015 17:22:41 +0000 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer59   Jakoma and Vaughn's wedding was all about romantic-elegance!  They wanted to have an intimate...

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AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer81

Jakoma and Vaughn's wedding was all about romantic-elegance!  They wanted to have an intimate wedding that reflected their personal style and tastes! Deciding on a venue was a no-brainer! Childress Vineyards in Lexington, NC provided the perfect back drop in creating a warm environment with grand elements of charm and romance. They decided on ruby and gold for their wedding colors to add to the feel of romance and elegance. Their venue was filled with flickers of candle light and tons of black magic roses enhancing the already beautiful space.

The evening was warm, romantic and  filled with love. Vaughn's father passed away years ago, but they could not have married without including him. So they decided to honor his father by displaying a photo of him which was illuminated by candlelight with a loving message. The couple describes themselves as both foodies and wine connoisseurs, so choosing what to serve for dinner was very important to them. Their guests dined on a duo of Asian Seared Salmon and Herb Roasted Chicken with a great selection of Red and White wine.  AS22 Photography captured every moment of their intimate vineyard wedding.

Bride: Jakoma Jackson- Director of Special Events & Marketing at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, NC
Groom: Vaughn Martin- Banking Operations Specialist at Credit Suisse in Raleigh, NC
Wedding Date: 12/29/2014
Wedding Location: Childress Vineyards in Lexington, NC
Quick Facts
Wedding Flowers: Black Magic Roses
First Dance Song: "Love & Happiness" by Al Green
Wedding Cake Flavors: Succulent Carrot Cake
Favorite Menu Item: Asian Seared Salmon
Bridesmaids Gifts/Groomsmen Gifts: No bridal party. Favors for Everyone: Stemless Wine Glasses with "Cheers" on the front etched in gold.
  AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer02 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer03 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer04 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer05 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer09 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer11 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer13 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer14 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer16 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer22 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer23 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer35 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer36 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer42 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer46 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer48 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer49 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer51 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer53 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer54 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer55 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer56 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer58 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer59 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer62 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer64 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer65 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer67 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer69 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer70 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer74 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer76 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer78 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer79 AS22­ Photography greensboro wedding photographer81

How They Met 

Vaughn & I met through a mutual friend on Facebook in 2010. Vaughn describes being instantly attracted to my smile from my FB profile picture and not being able to resist sending me a message introducing himself. Initially, I was hesitant to take Vaughn up on his date offer. After a month of FB messaging, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet for wine & live music at Boton's House of Jazz for our first day.

The Proposal

Vaughn proposed to me on Valentine's Day 2013 at Boston's House of Jazz (our first date location)! He started the evening out by cooking a delicious dinner at my home. He invited my mother, my sister, his brother & sister-in-law. After dinner & wine, we all drove to Boston's House of Jazz for live music. During the first set, Vaughn makes his way to the front of the room, grabs the mic and begins to recite a poem (that he'd written) to me in front of everyone! Vaughn get's down on one knee & asks me to be his wife! I was so shocked...I cried my way to a "YES!" The room erupted with screams and gasps!! It was so romantic as Vaughn had been preparing for this day for about two months with the help of my son, my sister, Vaughn's best friend & the Boston's House of Jazz staff. The timing was perfect!

Wedding Style

Bride: Marchesa Notte dress from the Spring Collection. The mermaid style dress is embellished with rose gold which gives the dress it's unique elegance. Favorite Accessory: Jessica Simpson Bracelet worn by the Bride. Groom: Chino Collezione Murano Suit with a vintage Louis Vuitton Tie.


Incorporation of Culture

We didn't necessarily include any culture in our wedding. We had a traditional ceremony with traditional vows & lots of prayer. It was very important that we build a life together with God being the foundation. We performed the 'Cord of Three Stands' as our unity ceremony. Ecclesiastes 4:12

Most Memorable Moment 

The entire evening was memorable! My fondest memory & the one I will cherish the most is the look on my husband's face when he first saw me! He did a little two-step too! ;) The love & happiness in his eyes solidified it all for me.

Help a Bride-to-be Out 

I would suggest staying true to who you are! Don't let the opinions of others dictate any part of your's your day & it should reflect who you are wholeheartedly!. Share your ideas only with those who truly know who you are & who are supportive in your decisions. We're an easy-going couple and we wanted to reflect "ease" on our wedding day.

Photography: Philshaunda & Diaab Abdus-Salaam of AS22 Photography
Makeup: I Beat Faces Makeup Artistry by Angie B.
Hair: Stefanie K. Rose of True Elements Salon in Greensboro, NC
Ceremony & Reception Location: Childress Vineyards in Lexington, NC
Florist: Bride with the help of Suzanne Riggs (Childress Vineyards Event Coordinator)
Cake: Maxi B's
Stationery: Bride
Wedding Dress Designer: Marchesa Notte 
Bride Shoes: Vince Camuto
Groom Shoes: Aldo
Event Designer: Bride
Music: Kenyatta Shoffner

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Light Orange And Gray Wedding Inspiration Thu, 05 Mar 2015 15:30:24 +0000 Orange50 I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the spring! Mother Nature has...

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I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the spring! Mother Nature has dumped a lot of snow and ice on most of us and I can use a little bit of color. Next to yellow, orange is one of my favorite colors in the springtime. I like light orange because it has a softness and romantic feel to it, perfect for a wedding! Today's light orange and gray wedding inspiration is inspired by the gray skies of our winter months and the orange I'm looking forward to seeing in a short while. Hopefully it'll add a little brightness to your day or inspire you for your upcoming wedding. Enjoy!

Orange Gray CollageTable Image Courtesy of: Pressed Cotton Bow-tie Image Courtesy of: Rustic Wedding Chic Cake Image Courtesy of: Tumblr Necklace Image Courtesy of: Etsy Bouquet Image Courtesy of: The Perfect Palette Stationery Image Courtesy of: Etsy Shoe Image Courtesy of: Inspired By This Candy Image Courtesy of: Confectioners Counter

Lissahn DeVance is a contributor for Munaluchi Bride Online and owner of Atlanta Wedding Planning company, Enraptured Events.  To keep up with her, follow her on Instagram or Twitter

Enjoying this post?  View more wedding inspiration.


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A Heart-Warming E-Session in Houston: Alycia + David Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:01:37 +0000 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_328 Alycia and David met 7 years ago, while Alycia was starting her freshman year...

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Alycia and David met 7 years ago, while Alycia was starting her freshman year in college. She worked at a grocery store near his parents' house and David came in almost every day after Marine Corps training to "buy sport drinks". He finally dug up the courage to ask Alycia to lunch one day, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_311 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_314

For years, the couple’s favorite place to go out had been City Centre in Houston is City Centre, where they’ve enjoyed countless date nights, birthday celebrations and lunches while listening to music in the plaza. Last year, for Valentine's Day, Alycia and David - who are both kids at heart - spent the afternoon there to catch a showing of The Lego Movie and Robo Cop. Afterward they went to dinner and sat outside to enjoy the weather and a view of the city. Little did Alycia know, she was in for a lot more than a night on the town, and just as the sun began to set David bent down on one knee and asked if she would marry him. With tears of joy, she happily accepted his proposal.

Excited about wedding planning, the two teamed up with Daniel T Davis Photography for a charming engagement shoot in the place where they’ve shared so many memories and milestones. And what better way to cherish life-changing moments than to capture it with a photo? Take a look at Alycia and David’s heart-warming e-session in Centre City Houston and the picturesque Oyster Creek Park, just outside of the city.

Quick Facts
Bride-to-be:  Alycia Johnson -Enhanced Client Coordinator at Valassis,
Groom-to-be: David Wells - United States Marine Corps. Veteran
Wedding Location: Destination Wedding in the Caribbean (still choosing an island)
Wedding Date: 9/21/2015

Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_316 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_321 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_338 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_336 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_332 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_328 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_326  Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_296 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_295 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_294  Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_297 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_339 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_342 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_343 Daniel_Davis_Centre_City_Houston_ES_347


The Engagement Session:
Naturally, I knew I wanted to take formal engagement pictures in City Centre. The theme was to capture ourselves in our favorite place, where our relationship grew and where we made the first step of spending the rest of our lives together. It was dressy casual because it  captures our personal style. I also wanted to showcase our two main wedding colors: yellow - my favorite color, and grey. We had a great time, and absolutely love the pictures.

Other than our favorite hangout spot, another big part of our lives was our dog Hailey. She was more like a furry child to us than a dog, and added to the joy we've experienced since we've been together. We brought her with us for the second set of our engagement photos so we could capture the happiness we shared with her, and the excitement she shared for our love. A few weeks later she was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and passed away. While this was one of the most painful things David and I have experienced, we take comfort in, and will always be thankful that our photographer Daniel was able to capture such beautiful, priceless images of some of her last smiling moments with us. We will cherish these for a lifetime, and it makes those engagement pictures that much more special.

The First Date
On our first date we met for lunch at my favorite fast food restaurant, Chik Fil A. It's funny looking back at it now because even though it was just a casual lunch, David came dressed in khakis and great cologne.


Favorite Thing to Do as a Couple
Our favorite non-lazy activity to do together is to travel. We've got a few places under our belts, and a good bucket list of others to explore. Otherwise, we really love relaxing days at home together, cuddling and watching movies on the couch.

How Wedding Planning Has Been
So far wedding planning has been a little stressful, but a lot less so than what most brides experience, I'm sure. We’re planning an intimate destination wedding, with most likely just the two of us, and a reception with family and friends back in Houston when we return, so the hardest decisions to make have been:

  1. Which beautiful island to say "I do" on
  2. Where to host our small reception
  3. Saying yes to a dress!

Other than that, I'm enjoying putting together a vision for our special day and the reception.


Looking Forward to Most on the Wedding Day
What I’m most looking forward to is the moment when my fiance - waiting for me in his suit, sees me in my dress for the first time as I'm walking towards him to become his wife.


Photographer: Daniel T Davis Photography


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Mexico’s Hidden Treasure, Hotel Esencia Tue, 03 Mar 2015 14:47:13 +0000 esencia7 This week we’re opening the doors to Mexico, where Hotel Esencia hides its 50-acre...

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This week we’re opening the doors to Mexico, where Hotel Esencia hides its 50-acre estate from the overpopulated resorts crowding the Mexican market.

Once considered home to Italian Duchess Rosa de Ferrari, the now-hotel still serves as a private escape for those looking for luxury, in a little known location. In addition to a Spa, gym, and juice bar, the hotel has swimming pools spread throughout the property. Though none compare to the bay of Xpu-Ha, where locals anticipate the arrival of sea turtles making their nests each year.

Hotel Esencia also lays claim to restaurants where Mexican and Mediterranean food collide. Taking resources, such as fresh produce, from areas like Quintana Roo, Oaxaca and Yucatan – you can expect meals representative of Mexico’s roots.

With pampering awaiting you within the walls of the estate, and some of the best nightlife locale Mexico has to offer but 20 minutes away, Hotel Esencia is the place where privacy and pleasure reside.

esencia20 esencia19 esencia18 esencia17 esencia16 esencia15  esencia13

esencia22esencia8 esencia11 esencia10  esencia9

esencia4esencia14 esencia3


Hungry for More?

Here’s a dish you may want to try on your visit:

Sea Scallops Aguachile



Tamiyah Yancey is a freelance multimedia journalist. She is currently working as a marketing intern for MunaLuchi Bridal Magazine. She likes feminist art, loves her locks, lives for films, and revels in creative storytelling.

Get in touch!


twitter: @MiyahAYancey

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Colorful and Vibrant Alabama Wedding: Ebonee + Kevin Mon, 02 Mar 2015 16:42:34 +0000 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding47   Ebonee and Kevin had a sweet and colorful ceremony and reception at the...

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Ebonee and Kevin had a sweet and colorful ceremony and reception at the historic Harbert Center in downtown Birmingham, AL. The day was filled with laughter and love. Kevin was blown away when he first saw his bride descend the spiral staircase at their stunning venue to meet him at the altar.  Guests then danced the night away as the band, Just A Few Cats, serenaded the couple all night long! It was truly a southern affair with delicious fried chicken,  great music, fun vibes and lots of love all around. 
Bride: Ebonee Lyons
Groom: Kevin Fields
Wedding Date: 08/17/2014
Wedding Location: The Harbert Center, Birmingham, Alabama
sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding03 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding06 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding08 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding17 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding18 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding20 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding25 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding26 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding27 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding31 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding33 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding38 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding39 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding40 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding41 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding42 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding43 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding44 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding47 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding52 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding54 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding57 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding60 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding61 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding65 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding68 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding69 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding72 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding73 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding74 sam_jasper_Photography_alabama_wedding76


Photography: Sam Jasper Photography
Videography: Project Media Videography
Event Planner and Floral: Dianne Walters
Venue: The Harbert Center
Cakes: Olexa's
Entertainment: Alvin & Logan Just a few Cats & Mind Control Entertainment
Floral: Kathy G. Designs by Andy Hopper

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Inbal Dror Spring 2015 Collection Mon, 02 Mar 2015 14:59:58 +0000 Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Every gown in the Inbal Dror Collection is a celebration of beauty, glamour, sensuality...

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Every gown in the Inbal Dror Collection is a celebration of beauty, glamour, sensuality and femininity. Their Spring 2015 features intricate detailing, delicate fabrics, and showstopping silhouettes that are sure to make you feel luxurious on your wedding day. See the full collection below and let us know which one is your dream dress.  You can also click the gallery link at the end of the post to see more of these gorgeous photos by our coterie member SYPhotography.

Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collectionInbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection Inbal Dror 2015 Bridal collection

Photography: SYPhotography

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Chen Burkett Giveaway Mon, 02 Mar 2015 14:48:27 +0000 chen_burkett_giveaway-001 With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start building...

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With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start building up your spring wardrobe.  This week's giveaway is one you definitely don't want to miss.  We absolutely LOVE the vibrant designs by Chen Burkett, so we've teamed up with her to give one lucky reader a chance to win of these gorgeous african print skirts  from Chen Burkett NY. Read our interview below and then check out the giveaway rules at the end of the post!


When and how did you get started in your business?

I started my business November 2013.

 I left my corporate job when my youngest son was diagnosed with autism over two years ago. It was a very difficult time for our family and I wanted to be there for him everyday. 

What did you do before starting your company?

I worked for in corporate sales and a full time student studying to become a lawyer. I come from a family of attorneys and this was a dream as a child. 



What are some of your best selling items?

Fit and flare dresses I believe because they are super flattering and beautiful bold printed maxi skirts.

Anything else you'd like our readers to know?

I adore children especially mine. I have two amazing boys Gabriel & Andrew, a little Belle on the way and an amazing husband. I love children so much I secretly want six. 

I love the Lord. I am extremely shy, an introvert even. I'm working on this! 

I tell everyone I'm 29 unintentionally, it just sort of rolls off my tongue. *Laughing, I am well over 30 and can only hope to age as gracefully as my beautiful mother. 


What's in your handbag right now?

Well, clutter! I've got lip gloss, a sketch pad, pencils, crayons, sippy cup, Shea butter, hand sanitizer and travel size Lysol wipes (because I am  a huge germaphobe) swatches of fabric and my sons favourite board book: Good Night Moon. 

iphone, blackberry or android?

Goodness, I think the blackberry is a gift to the business woman and man. Blackberry and iPhone for sure. 

If you could travel to any location right now, where would it be?

Well my nine year old is obsessed with Italian he's been learning it for two years, so I would take my boys to Italy.

Favorite thing to do?

Shopping & holiday! Better yet shopping for a warm holiday. Tied with that is colouring! I love to colour with my boys. It's just such a great way to unwind and relax. 

Guilty pleasure?

Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on everything!

Thanks so much for the interview! Now here are the rules below:


  1. Follow @chenburkettny and @munaluchibride on Instagram
  2. Repost the image above with the hashtag #mbchengiveaway
  3. Tell which skirt you love most
  4. For an extra entry, leave a comment with your IG handle in this post.

Giveaway ends Friday at midnight EST.  Winner will be announced on Sunday.  Best of luck!!  Giveaway is open to US residents.

Interested in participating in a TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) giveaway? Email us at

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Chic Miami Wedding with a Touch of Haitian Culture : Jane + Jonathon Sun, 01 Mar 2015 16:09:50 +0000 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_939   “A spice of Miami and a pinch of Haitian culture,” is how Jane...

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“A spice of Miami and a pinch of Haitian culture,” is how Jane and Jonathon describe their luxurious Miami wedding.  The couple who met years ago on their first jobs out of college, wanted to have an elegant yet fun wedding that celebrated their cultures and their love for their city.  Jane shares, “I am Haitian American and my fiance is African American. To incorporate my Haitian culture we served a traditional Haitian drink at the bar called Cremas, which was specially made by the bride's aunt. We also played Haitian kompa music to bring both cultures on the dance floor. My fiance and I are also die hard Miami Heat basketball fans, so we incorporated our love for the Heat by surprising our guest with an appearance from Burnie, the Miami Heat mascot. He got the crowd excited and ready for the dance floor!”

Jane was radiant in a gorgeous mermaid gown by Maggie Sottero and Jonathon showed off his impeccable style by changing into three different Zegna Couture jackets!  This couple's chic Miami wedding had just the right combination of glamour, spice, culture, entertainment, and love. Take a look at their stunning photos captured by Sophia Barrett Studios.

Bride’s Name: Jane Pierre
Groom’s Name: Jonathon Benson
Wedding Date: 01/18/2015
Wedding Location: Miami, FL

Quick Facts

Wedding Flowers: White roses, white hydrangeas and white lilies
First Dance Song: "John Legend" - All of Me
Favorite Menu Item: Our wedding cake. Everyone raved about the buttercream coconut cake. It was our favorite item on the menu.
Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_915 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_935 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_916 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_918 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_919 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_920 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_921 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_922 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_923 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_924 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_925 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_926 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_927 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_929 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_930 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_928 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_931 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_932 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_933 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_934 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_937 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_938 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_940 Sophia_Barrett_Photography_Miami_Wedding_RW_941

How They Met

We met at work at our first jobs out of college. He was on a 3 month assignment at my office and we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. He would say I spotted him from a distance and had an early eye on him, which I do not recall. But we both agree our mutual friend officially introduced us. We went out with a group of co-workers and ended the night together dancing at a local bar and talking all night. We were inseparable since that day. After his 3 month assignment ended, we decided to have a long distant relation for a year and a half. After our long distance love, we decided to move in together, and I moved to Atlanta, GA so we could reunite and be together.

The Proposal

The proposal - I was expecting an important package in the mail, which was delayed on a couple occasions. When I finally received my package, we decided to do an "unboxing" video, which is popular for a lot of techies. As I opened my package, there was a ring box inside, and he recorded me and asked me to marry him.

Wedding Style

Our wedding was a classic wedding style with a spice of Miami and a pinch of Haitian culture. My dress was a Maggie Sottero, mermaid, lace and sequin dress with a train. My favorite wedding accessory was my silk satin Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps with Swarovski crystal jewels at the toe. It was the perfect classic bridal shoe and fit like a glove! It reminded me of my own style -simple, classy, elegant and stylish.

Most Memorable Moment 

My best memory from our wedding day was right before I walked down the aisle. I was feeling very anxious but when I lift my head up and saw my fiance at the end of the aisle I knew everything would be alright and smiled the whole way down the aisle focusing only on him.

My fiance advised his favorite moment was when Brian McKnight's song, "All I Need Is You" played and he saw me start to walk down the aisle. He even pulled out his cell and snuck a quick pic of me as I approached.

Our combined best memory is when Burnie came out! It was one of the highlights of the night.

Not to mention the groom had 3 jacket changes into his Zegna Couture jackets which made him feel pretty dapper and was a fav moment of the groom as well.

Help A Bride Out

A friend of mines gave me the best advice which I will pass on. Take your time when walking down the aisle. Take the moment in and don't rush the walk.

Another advice would be to not bottle things up because you don't want to explode on the day of your wedding.



Photographer - Sophia Barrett Studios 
Hair- Shek Hair by Shekeila Parson Instagram: ShekHair - Facebook: ShekHair
Wedding Dress - Maggie Sottero
Wedding Dress Salon - Happy Bride 
Wedding Shoes - Jimmy Choo 
Grooms Tuxedo - Custom made by Trio Clothier
Groom's Shoe - Prada
Groom's dinner and party jacket - Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Collection
Ceremony & Reception Location - Douglas Entrance Coral Gables, Fl
Cake Topper - ZCreateDesign 
Event Coordinator - Events By Alejandrina (handled rentals, flowers, cake, and catering)
Day of Coordinator - Fabiola Richardson
Bridesmaid Dresses - Light in the Box 
Videographer - Ralph Jean
Stationery - Your Wedding Templates 
DJ - DJ Fonix
Make Up - Norkita Munroe- Face Caption

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