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Kasi and Clinton's proposal story could be labeled as slightly unconventional.

"Clint insisted that I choose my own engagement ring because he wanted me to be really happy with my ring. The ring I fell in love with was only available through the retailer online, so he gave me the money to purchase it and it was shipped to a local store" shares Kasi. Upon the rings arrival in August of 2013, the pair headed to the jeweler to pick it up and she swore Clinton would propose to her on the spot. But, Clinton had other plans and instead made her pass the ring right back to him - Kasi was completely devastated.

"I had to wait nearly three months before he proposed and that was the hardest three months of my life!" shares Kasi. But their unconventional proposal falls in line with the popular  - greatness takes time. Clinton proposed on November 15, 2013 (which is exactly a year and a half after the pair met) at the Big Dam Bride in Little Rock, AR. "It was absolutely beautiful, romantic and WORTH the wait!" shares Kasi.

The pair wed in an Elegant Purple wedding, which was completely planned and designed by the bride herself! Scroll on for more commentary on how this charming couple connected and how the bride juggled her double wedding duties, while checking out photography by Jennifer Black of Snap Happy Photography.

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding319kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding315 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding314 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding312 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding323

Bride: Kasi Roy (Foster)
Groom: Clinton Roy
Occupations: Bride: Supply Planner for International Paper | Groom: Railroad Conductor for Union Pacific
Wedding date: 9/5/2015
Wedding location: Pink Palace Museum in Memphis, TN

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding321 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding357 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding359 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding364

Tell us about how you met!
Clinton and I met on May 15, 2012 at a stop light. I was on my way home from work and he had just moved to Memphis and was on his way to the bookstore when he apparently got lost. When we were stopped at the light, our cars were next to one another and he said (loudly), "Excuse me, I think you are attractive." I was caught off guard and when I looked at him and saw how handsome he was, I replied, "I think you are attractive too!" So we decided to pull into the nearest parking lot to talk and we've been together ever since!

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding352 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding351 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding350 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding349

Since you held dual roles as both the bride & wedding planner - share more with us about your DIY wedding!
Kasi: The theme for the wedding was Diamonds and Pearls. We wanted a formal and nice event but also realized the importance of setting and maintaining a budget. Since everything added up quickly, I made the decision early on to not only plan my wedding, but be a part of every aspect of the process. My wedding was 100% DIY and I planned my entire wedding from start to finish. It was my first time planning an event and my first time doing arts and crafts projects (including the centerpieces, wedding favors, stationery, brooch and pearl bouquets, mailbox wedding cardholder and more!)

I wanted the wedding to be somewhat non-traditional which is why there were no flowers incorporated into the decorations. I also enjoyed making the newspaper programs because they doubled as entertainment for our guests while they waited for the ceremony to begin.

My two favorite items from my wedding were the brooch bouquet I made and the customized aisle runner with our wedding logo.

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding366 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding371 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding367 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding330 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding332 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding327kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding329

Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you?
Our wedding style was elegant, yet non-traditional and fun! We wanted to do something a bit different to keep our guests entertained and to keep the day from feeling too formal. We wanted everyone to enjoy themselves from the moment they arrived until it was time to leave.

My wedding dress was absolutely beautiful. I prefer to wear modest attire, so my wedding ensemble was two separate pieces: a lace jacket (Allure) and a strapless wedding dress (Maggie Sottero). I purchased the lace jacket almost a year prior to purchasing the dress and I chose a dress that matched the lace jacket. I purchased the dress at Lows Bridal in Brinkley, AR. I only had to try on three dresses before I found the perfect match!

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding243kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding337 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding338kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding240kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding244

Quick Facts:
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids: Dresses and accessories |Groomsmen: Bose Bluetooth Speakers
Favorite item on the menu:Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
First dance song:"So High" John Legend

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding204 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding205 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding209kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding273kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding374kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding278kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-purple-wedding281

What is your best memory from your wedding?
My favorite memory from the wedding was my two friends and I dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" during the reception. The DJ had three TV screens and the video was playing in the background while we danced. We had to practice for a couple months but it was awesome! A total surprise for our guests!

kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding383 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding395 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding389 kasi-clinton-snaphappy-photography-elegant-purple-DIY-wedding390

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Give yourself enough time to plan a wedding if you can. Time creeps up on you quicker than you can imagine and giving yourself a head start to get all the details in order will only work out in your favor. Your life may revolve around wedding planning for a while but it certainly takes the stress away from the months leading up to the wedding. That way you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!


Photography: Snap Happy Photography
Videography: Message in a Bottle Productions
Catering: Club Windward 
Venue: Pink Palace Museum
Cake: The Flour Garden
DJ: DJ Mike Bee
Rentals: Elegant Chair Solutions
Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Wedding Dress Salon: Lows Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Forever Young Beauty Bar
Aisle Runner: Starry Night Designs
Wedding Planner: Kasi Roy (the Bride!)
Stationery: Kasi Roy (the Bride!)
Event Designer: Kasi Roy (the Bride!)

For more from this couple, take a look at Kasi & Clinton's amazing wedding day trailer, filmed by Message in a Bottle Productions!


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From Ghana With Love – Opulent Editorial Shoot By Kayla Belle Events Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:00:18 +0000 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios055 As soon as coterie member, Janelle Morris, of Kayla Belle Events, touched down in...

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As soon as coterie member, Janelle Morris, of Kayla Belle Events, touched down in Ghana her imagination began flowing. Inspired by the rich and vibrant ambiance and the vivacious people she encountered, Janelle just knew there was magic waiting to happen. But only after connecting with stationary designer and fellow coterie member, Talata Maldima-Provencal of ByTalata and Wendy Donkor of DecorTalk, was she able to bring her visual dreams to reality.

And what came next, is nothing short is brilliant. Peruse on for more of the opulent-vibrance spied in this colorful editorial shoot, shot by Apagnawen Annankra of Apag Studios with additional commentary by Janelle Morris.

Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios050Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios046 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios045

Janelle: "I fell in love with Ghana as soon as I exited the airport. There was something about it that felt like home. While enjoying some relaxation in the pool of my mom's compound, I just knew this space was waiting for magic to be created. I began to sort out wedding pros, and my search began with Coterie member, Talata of ByTalata, who introduced me to Wendy of DecorTalk and social media helped me with the rest - I love social media!"

Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios055 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios056 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios057

"Wendy and I knew we wanted to represent Ghana in an authentic way. Ghanaian's are a spirited, colorful, light radiating people. Our design had to reflect those characteristics" shares Janelle.

Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios061 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios062 Ghana-Styled-Shoot-Kayla-Belle-Events-Apag-Studios063
Janelle: "Our mirrored top table design infused rich velvet linens with vibrant colors and a modern design absolutely speak to the wonderful people I encountered whom were equally rich, vibrant, and eclectic."

Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog

Creative Director:
Kayla Belle Weddings & Events
Photography: Apagnawen Annankra, Apag Studios
Stationery: Talata Maldima-Provencal, By Talata 
Floral Design: Wendy Donkor, DecorTalk
Rentals: DecorTalk
Make Up: Faces By Fali
Dress: Alinafe Naphu Misomali
Model: Gifty Sackey

Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog

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Regal Glitz & Glamour Themed Engagement Session in Miami: Erica + Donald Thu, 23 Jun 2016 12:00:17 +0000 erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam185 Erica and Donald met in 2003 at Miami Northwester Senior High School. With Erica...

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erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam188Erica and Donald met in 2003 at Miami Northwester Senior High School.

With Erica holding the title of "Ms. Senior", maintaining hosting duties at pep rallies and serving as both the morning and evening school news anchor - she she knew the majority of her senior class. And after spying Donald several times - she started crushing on him. "I began telling our mutual guy friends, Eddie and Porter, that I had a crush on their friend and they should introduce us" shares Erica.

But, Eddie and Porter took their precious time making a move on Erica's behalf - and as she patiently waited, her emerging crush only grew bigger. "When I stepped off the bus on the first night of grad weekend in Orlando and saw Donald talking to two girls, I was like YOLO (you only live once)!" laughs Erica.

Next, she approached him and said; "Hey! I’m Erica. Erica Hicks" and then took a deep pause. "And he started smiling so hard, which made me smile hard, and then he quickly replied, 'Ohh, I’ve heard a lot about you! You’re the Erica everyone has been telling me about" says Erica. But apparently, Donald thought the Erica he kept hearing about was another Erica from his class who he knew well but was not attracted to - so luckily her "yolo" moment didn't go in vain as she fastly cleared up confusion!

"He quickly asked me for my number, we ditched the class activities that eve and stayed up talking all night; about our career goals, where we wanted to go for college, how I wanted to be an actress, how he wanted to study law, our families, etc. I was smitten by how ambitious he was and how well versed he was on various topics and I just knew he was perfect. We've been practically inseparable since" shares Erica. Fast forwarding to 2015, during a trip to their hometown of Miami, Donald proposed.  "Our engagement took place at his parents home in Liberty City at 2am - after a long walk on the beach and too much champagne!" says Erica.

Now this posh, fashion publicist is on her way to the altar and is celebrating her upcoming nuptials in the most luxe way possible - by shooting this fabulous engagement session in Miami with photographer, Cendino Teme at two famous locations: The Biltmore Hotel and the Versace Mansion on South Beach.

Check out more from this Regal Glitz and Glamour engagement session with more commentary from the bride-to-be below!

erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam181erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam183 erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam182

Bride-to-Be: Erica Hicks
Groom-to-Be: Donald Anderson
Occupations: Bride: CEO of a Fashion and Lifestyle PR firm | Groom: Relationship Manager for a Brokerage Firm
Wedding date: 09/04/2016
Wedding location: Miami, FL
Engagement shoot location: The Biltmore Hotel in Miami & The Versace Mansion on South Beach

erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam186 erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam189
The 411 On The Couple From The Bride-to-Be:
Zodiac Talk: He is a Taurus and I am a Cancer.
Sibling Connection: We both have 5 siblings.
Collegiate Swag: I am a Florida A&M University (FAMU) alum and he is a Florida State University (FSU) alum. He went to grad school at Baruch College and I went to New York University.
Greek Connection: He's an Omega and I am an AKA.
It's our anniversary:  June 10th
Opposites Attract: He’s laid back, adventurous, easy-going, playful, romantic, smart with Miami swag and I'm outgoing, witty, moody, a busy body and dramatic.
Cocktails of Choice:  He's a Long Island, Hennessy and Coke type of guy and I'm a wine, champagne, Vodka-tonic type of woman!

erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam190 erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam193erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam195

What did you do on your first date?
Erica: He took me to a popular Miami spot named Bayside for a candle lit dinner. Then we went to the beach and walked barefoot through the sand in the dark. He had a blanket, so we laid out and talked for hours.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Smoke cigars, take walks, workout and travel. Our dates consist of long walks, turn-up brunches, cigar lounges, catching a play or movie, trips to the gun range, spa days, and watching the Cowboys play (he’s a huge fan) at our fave bar.

How has wedding planning been so far?
Stressful but productive. We moved to Dallas from NYC while planning. He got a new job and got accepted to law school, and I secured two big clients - so I travel a lot.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day?
Dancing, taking pictures and eating some yummy food!

Erica-Donald-CendinoTeme-Photography-Engagement-Session-Miami-Versace 875 erica-donald-cendino-teme-miami-engagement-session-royal-glam194

Cendino Teme

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Nail Vintage Glam Beauty On Your Wedding Day With These Looks By S. Davis Makeup Artistry! Wed, 22 Jun 2016 13:00:56 +0000 Vintage-Glam-Beauty-Inspiration-Shoot-S-Davis-Makeup-Chronicles-Photography-895 Happy #WeddingWednesday! Since every bride seeks a flawless look on her wedding day, what's a girl to...

The post Nail Vintage Glam Beauty On Your Wedding Day With These Looks By S. Davis Makeup Artistry! appeared first on Munaluchi Bride.

Happy #WeddingWednesday! Since every bride seeks a flawless look on her wedding day, what's a girl to do if she's running slim on ideas in the beauty department? Well coterie member and makeup artist, Sharon Davis of S. Davis Makeup Artistry is here to share tips so that you can nail vintage glam beauty on your big day! Scroll on for more commentary from this MUA extraordinaire featuring stunning photos shot by fellow Muna coterie member, Dawn Downey of Chronicles Photography and fabulous hair by Gia Pebbles!

Sharon S. Davis: "Vintage Glam" is a reoccurring theme for brides and I can’t get enough of it! Of course we are going to see more of this beautiful technique since the worlds "Queen Bee", Beyoncé told us to get into formation and how to ‘slay’. So our brides are  doing just that!


"My beautiful bride has been on a journey to incorporate her love for deep, rich royal colors in her July wedding color palette. Her first look displays a beautiful saturation of violets. Our goal is to share how to successfully wear various shades of violet on the eyes and lips. We balanced her look with luscious locks of hair" shares Sharon


Sharon: Our Second look really pushed us into a very elegant vintage look. By sweeping her  hair into an upward coif exposed all our models features. We softened the eye color with a more neutral palette and allowing the focus feature to be her lips. Again, can  a bride pull off such a rich, deep color on their wedding day? Absolutely! This look  complements our brides beautiful features and glowing skin.

Vintage-Glam-Beauty-Inspiration-Shoot-S-Davis-Makeup-Chronicles-Photography-889 Vintage-Glam-Beauty-Inspiration-Shoot-S-Davis-Makeup-Chronicles-Photography-890 Vintage-Glam-Beauty-Inspiration-Shoot-S-Davis-Makeup-Chronicles-Photography-891 Vintage-Glam-Beauty-Inspiration-Shoot-S-Davis-Makeup-Chronicles-Photography-896

Photography: Dawn Downey, Chronicles Photography
Make-Up: Sharon Davis, S. Davis Makeup Artistry
Hair: Gia Peebles, Aura Salon and Boutique
Model: Christina Moss


Which look will you be selecting for wedding day?

The post Nail Vintage Glam Beauty On Your Wedding Day With These Looks By S. Davis Makeup Artistry! appeared first on Munaluchi Bride.

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Romantic Pastel Floral Wedding in Zimbabwe: Gertrude + Tapiwa Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:00:11 +0000 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral161 It definitely wasn't love at first sight for Gertrude and Tapiwa. "Tapiwa and I are both...

The post Romantic Pastel Floral Wedding in Zimbabwe: Gertrude + Tapiwa appeared first on Munaluchi Bride.

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral153It definitely wasn't love at first sight for Gertrude and Tapiwa. "Tapiwa and I are both from Zimbabwe but we met (in June 2010) whilst at University at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia" shares Gertrude. She was entering her final year Law School while Tapiwa was beginning his Accounting degree.

"I thought he asked too many questions in lectures and just wanted to show how intelligent he was!" laughs Gertrude. A few of weeks later, a mutual friend formally introduced the two and Gertrude says, she did everything to control herself from rolling her eyes at Tapiwa. But, in spite of being annoyed - the pair ended up exchanging numbers and later adding each other on Facebook where they surprisingly talked non-stop for hours.

"We spent so much time together and he was such a sweetheart, taking care of me when I was stressing out with final exams. He used to bring old seasons of Friends just to get me to relax and not stress too much. I decided to give him a chance and we have been inseparable since!" shares Gertrude.

Fast forwarding to present day, the lovebirds married in a romantic, pastel floral filled wedding held at the Pabani Lounge in Harare, Zimbabwe. Gander on for more of their love story along with photos from their big-day captured by Alana Meyer Photography.

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral095 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral096 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral098 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral102Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral107

Bride: Gertrude Tsungai Kurewa
Groom: Tapiwa Darius Mutsinze
Occupations: Bride: Lawyer | Groom: Army Officer
Wedding date: 12/12/2015
Wedding location: Pabani Lounge in Harare, Zimbabwe

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral084 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral086 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral092 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral091

Tell us about the proposal!
Gertrude: The proposal was just right. It was so me and so us - which made it extra special. I am not one for attention and definitely did not want something in public. He got up early on the 22nd of December 2013, carried my half sleep body to the next room and I wondered what was happening. And to be honest I was so scared of him dropping me that a proposal was the last thing on my mind! Next thing (with soft music playing in the background), he sits me in down and gets down on one knee, - and I'm thinking what’s happening? He next read a beautiful poem and declared his undying love for me. It was perfect, and I said YES before he even asked!

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral111 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral110 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral112Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral114Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral125Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral129Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral131

Describe your wedding dress! What was wedding shopping like for you?
Gertrude: My wedding dress was an Embellished Sweetheart Mori Lee which was just absolutely divine. It had a mermaid fit and it just curved me in the right way. And when everyone saw me wearing it, they said it was so ME! I tried it on at a shop in Brisbane and it fit so perfectly I almost cried. However, the shop could not get it here in time for the wedding. I was so upset.

A few days later, my sister-in-law in Philadelphia called and asked me how the wedding dress shopping was going and I started crying. Looking back, I must have sounded very dramatic because all I said was I was never going to get married because I couldn’t get a dress and everything was a big joke (she laughs)!

She calmed me down and asked me to send her a picture of the dress I had fallen in love with. I sent her a picture and she said she would see what she could do. Fast forwaring, three days later she had found my dress in the States and was shipping it in a week. I couldn’t believe it! I call it my miracle dress because it was just meant to be!

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral138 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral144 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral145 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral147Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral146

Quick Facts:
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Everyone got to keep everything they wore on the wedding day. In addition the guys got personalized socks and the ladies received personalized shirts that they got ready in.
Favorite item on the menu: Where to begin - the ribs were amazing! And everything on the dessert table I got seconds of! Everything just looked so good.

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral151 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral152 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral155Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral160 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral159Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral157

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?
We incorporated as much culture as we could because we might be Australian citizens now, but Zimbabwe is always our first home. During the ceremony after my Father walked me down the aisle, Tapiwa, his brother and all the groomsmen got down on bent knees and gave thanks to my Father for me and as a sign of respect and welcoming me into their family.

When I was getting ready, because my mother is late, all my mother’s sisters (who are my cultural mothers) came in to help me get ready - carrying on the tradition of having a mother help the bride get ready. This meant a lot to me and it was their way of saying they will always be there for me!Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral119 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral122 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral116Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral162 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral165 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral164 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral163 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral169

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Best memory was looking at my husband to be when I was walking down the aisle and it hit me that I was doing this - I'm marrying my best friend. The other best memory (there were too many to choose from!) was seeing everyone on the dance floor having the time of their lives and knowing that without God we could not have pulled this off!


What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Pray, pray and pray!!! I cannot stress this enough. We organized everything from a different continent but everything just worked so amazingly that I still cannot believe it. It was nothing but a miracle.

Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral177 Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral172Gertrude-Tapiwa-Alana-Meyer-Photography-Zimbabwe-Wedding-Garden-Floral178

Photography: Alana Meyer Photography
Wedding dress designer: Mori Lee
Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka & Roberto Cavalli
Grooms' suit: M.J Bale
Grooms' shoes: Steve Madden
Ceremony location: Pabani Lounge (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Videography: Swee Capetown
Hair/Makeup: Make Up & Hair by Anesu
Wedding Planner: Zillah Chilowa, Tangerine Company
Florist: Tangerine Company
Entertainment: Alexio Kawara and the Shades of Black
Catering: Amanda Wessels, SophistiCatered
Bridesmaids Dresses: Chi Chi Styles
Cake: Cakes by Nyari
Dessert Table: Rhys Creations
Wedding Stationary: Sunflower Creations
Wedding Decor: Tangerine Company
Wedding Choreography: John Cole


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Sweet & Sentimental Engagement Session in Florida: Chanel + Vlad Tue, 21 Jun 2016 13:39:25 +0000 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image010 Chanel and Vlad are indeed the perfect match. The pair met in 2009 when...

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Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image984Chanel and Vlad are indeed the perfect match. The pair met in 2009 when Vlad "poked" Chanel on Facebook. "I had to write him asking, "Do I know you?" shares Chanel. Next, in true shy guy form, Vlad went on to say, "Oh my cousin thought he requested you on his Facebook, but I guess it was really my Facebook that was signed on".  Which was of course, not true. "He was attracted to my pictures which he found posted in one of his friends Facebook albums" says Chanel. And next, as the saying goes - the rest is history!

Vlad proposed to Chanel in the cutest (and surprisingly funny) way and the pair are now sharing their sides of the story with us! Scroll on for the proposal video and check out their engagement photos captured by Woody Joseph of The WJ Image! The couple selected several special areas throughout Florida to hold their e-session in as a way to pay homage to their love, heritage and special moments they've shared together throughout their 7 year relationship!

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image993 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image997 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image995

Bride-to-Be: Chanel Phuphanich
Groom-to-Be: Vladimir Megie
Occupations: Chanel: Registered Nurse, Nursing Education Specialist | Vladimir: Ocular Recovery Coordinator
Wedding date: 12/11/2016
Wedding location: Clearwater, FL
Location of Engagement shoot: Downtown Tampa, Thai Temple in Tampa, FL, & Disney Springs in Orlando, FL

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image992 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image996 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image991

Chanel's Proposal Version: We have been through a lot together and we had always talked about getting married but the time was never right. Well, the night before my graduate graduation, I made plans with one of my out-of-town friends to go to a local bar for drinks. Vlad wouldn’t be in town until later that evening to go to a company party with me. So I would hang out with my friends and go out with Vlad later. My friend Brittany picked me up from my house and we met up with our other friend, Cassie, at the Fly bar. Cassie had her baby with her (which I thought was odd). She asked us to come with her to her car to change the baby and we agreed. As we walked down the sidewalk I noticed a crowd of people around, what I thought was a homeless man, playing piano and singing. Me being nosy I went in closer to listen, since I love the piano.


As I stepped in closer, the crowd parted and there he was. All our friends were wearing masquerade masks as disguises. Vlad was singing and playing my new favorite song,“In Love By Now,” by Jamie Foxx. Vlad was dressed in rags, had broken sunglasses on, and had his legs tucked under him in a wheelchair. At this point all I could do is laugh and smile. This is so Vlad - full of surprises and not doing the ordinary. I had fallen in love all over again, he never ceases to amaze me.

My friend gave me a couple dollars to place in his collection hat. I walked over to place the money in the hat and there it was! The ring was in the hat! At this point Vlad got out of the wheelchair, took off his disguise, and popped the questions after making a joke! He did it! He asked me to marry him and of course I said YES! December 11, 2015, marked the day I can call this man my fiancé.

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image988 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image001 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image000 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image002Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image981

Vlad's Proposal Version: Chanel likes to be the center of attention, surprises, and being somewhat famous. So, I had to think of a way to do all 3. The original date of the proposal was February 22, 2015. So it would be 2-22 because the number 2 is her favorite number. But I couldn't get the ring in time. She was expected to graduate December 12, 2015, so I made that my expected proposal date instead. I purchased a keyboard from Craigslist because she loves the piano so I figured I would incorporate that in my proposal. I was watching Martin one night, the episode where he proposed to Gina and Brian McKnight sang "Never Felt This Way" - and she likes that song as well. So, I wanted to do something epic along the same lines.

A couple months later my job transferred me to Jacksonville. I went to a Party City the day after Halloween for discounted candy (this is my favorite past time).  I saw there was a beard, mullet and other things for a dollar so it hit me - I should dress as a homeless street singer and throw her off! As the days came closer, I got more ideas up until November 30th. I reached out to her best friend, Brittany to help me set it up - because I knew she could keep the secret. She contacted her other friends and co-workers to tell them about what's happening and when it's happening.

Because I know Chanel never goes out, so I told her friends to get her out the house and say they're going to a party that day. I planned on that day to ask her parents for their blessing, because I know if I told them earlier they would tell her. I thought the 12th (which was her graduation date) was too cliché to propose, so I decided to do it the day before. Since my parents were coming up also - it made things even sweeter. I drove from Jacksonville to Tampa on December 11, 2015 and Chanel thought I would be there late in the evening. Little did she know I was there setting things up and I made arrangements to have all our friends and family there. Dressed in my disguise, as she walked closer, I began singing and playing the piano. She realized what was going on after she put money in my “begging hat”, she saw the ring and that’s when I proposed!

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image006 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image007 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image010 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image015 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image016

Describe your engagement session Did you have a theme?
We wanted to incorporate my culture (Thai) and things we love doing. Downtown Tampa was the first location. We met in Tampa and would go there for events or just for stroll in the evenings. It was the perfect location since in front of the Tampa Theatre there is a sign that read, "TAMPA".

Then we moved on to the Thai Temple. My mother is from Thailand and father is from New Orleans (African American). Vladimir is from Haitian background. The Thai temple has a beautiful temple with gold embellishments which was perfect for our photos. We plan on displaying his culture at the rehearsal dinner.

Then lastly we went to Orlando, FL to Disney Springs. This is one of our favorite places to go on a date. It has so many restaurants, activities, live entertainment, and shops. All locations have meaning to us, since we have adopted these locations as our go to date spots throughout our relationship of 7 years! We had so much fun posing for all the photos! You will really see our personality and love shine through!

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image022 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image020 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image026 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image018

What did you do on your first date?
We wound up going on our first date, July 17, 2009 to Carrabba's Italian Grill. Originally, he was going to push back the time of our date seeing he had an errand to run. I told him I had to work in the morning so he had me run the errand with him. The first time seeing this guy and I was driving around his car while he delivered another car. Once we got to the restaurant, sitting across the table from one another, Vlad would take "imaginary" notes on his hands of things I liked and did not like. He was a comedian and I loved it. I thought to myself he is a fine man, funny, conversational - we'll see where this goes!

After dinner Vlad had to make a stop at the local drug store for a special type of Tylenol. We stopped at CVS - no luck and then we went to Walgreens and the special Tylenol was really a dozen roses! He surprised me with flowers - something I had not expected and he just knew the right thing to do to end a perfect night! From the day I met Vlad, he has been nothing but full of surprises. I cannot believe I will get to the spend the rest of my life with him!


What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love to try new things and adventure to new places. So being able to take road trips, even if it’s just through the state of Florida, are the best times we share together. We learn to listen to each other during the car rides and share stories the most during these times.

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image039 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image035 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image037

How has wedding planning been so far?
The wedding planning so far has been easier than expected. We began going to bridal shows on January 3, 2016. Not even a few months into our planning and we have already booked out venue, photographer/ videographer, caterer, attire, decorator/planner, DJ, and jeweler.

It helps that we have many common interests and are able to compromise. We have talked about getting married for the longest so executing our vision came naturally.

Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image036 Chanel-Vlad-Engagement-Session-The-WJ-Image033

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day!
I am looking forward to seeing Vlad at the end of the aisle and finally getting to say, “I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you, I DO”.


Photographer: The WJ Image 
Videographer (Proposal Video): 1007 Films 

Take a glimpse of the video from Vlad's winning surprise proposal captured by 1007 Films!

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New Year’s Eve Garden Wedding in Tampa, FL: Danielle + Geoffrey Tue, 21 Jun 2016 12:00:37 +0000 DANIELLE + GEOFFREY WEDDING 0726 Danielle and Geoffrey met briefly in 2005 - Geoffrey was finishing his final year...

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Danielle and Geoffrey met briefly in 2005 - Geoffrey was finishing his final year of medical school, while Danielle was starting her first year of dental school. "I was having terrible allergies/asthma difficulties and I knew that Geoffrey was currently living in ATL" shares Danielle. Next, she reached out to Geoffrey, via Facebook asking if he could write her a prescription for an asthma inhaler. And "in true Geoffrey style" (as Danielle says), he graciously declined her request. "Thankfully, I didn't die that weekend!" jokes Danielle. But after discovering that the two only lived a few hours from each other, he came to visit her offices to have his teeth cleaned and the pair have been together ever since!

The two lovebirds married on New Year's Eve in a glizty & chic garden ceremony in Tampa, captured by Jeff Kathrein of K&K Photography. Scroll on for more of this charming pair's love story.


Bride: Danielle Grimes
Groom: Geoffrey Jones
Occupations: Bride: Dentist | Groom: Physician
Wedding date: 12/31/15
Wedding location: Tampa Garden Club in Tampa, FL


Tell us about the proposal!
Geoffrey and I became engaged on December 14th, 2014. We went on a family cruise with my immediate and extended family. The second night of the cruise, following our first family dinner, we all went back to the family suite. During story telling and reminiscing of family memories, Geoffrey proposed in front of my entire family and in typical Danielle fashion, I cried hysterically with joy!


Describe your wedding dress! What was dress shopping like for you!
My wedding dress was completely different and unique. I did not want a typical white wedding dress, I wanted a dress that was unusual/unique from typical wedding dresses. My wedding planner actually found it at boutique and told the owner that she knew she had a bride that would love it. She sent me a picture and I fell in love with it immediately!! DANIELLE + GEOFFREY WEDDING 0514DANIELLE + GEOFFREY WEDDING 0520Danielle and Geoffrey WeddingDANIELLE + GEOFFREY WEDDING 0718

Quick Facts:
Non-Traditional Dinner: We did not want a traditional sit down dinner, we wanted a celebration! We just wanted to party all night long. So we had the wedding set up like a lounge, limited seating so that we danced all evening long. No formal toasts, no speeches, just dancing into the New Year! They literally had to turn the lights on and kick us out!!
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Being a part of weddings is very expensive - so we provided the bridesmaid's dresses, earrings, and the tuxedos for the groomsmen.
Favorite item on the menu: Shrimp & Grits!
First Dance Song: "Not A Bad Thing" - Justin Timberlake


Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?
My husband is a member of Alphi Phi Alpha fraternity so they sang their hymn and stepped.


What is your best memory from your wedding?
Walking up to my see my handsome husband for the first time!! It was the most amazing day of my life.


What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
Plan for the unexpected, enjoy the process. Nothing will be perfect but it will turn out amazing!! Finally, don't let other people dictate your wedding, it's your wedding day!!


Photography: K&K Photography
Wedding Planner: Christina Craft, Ideal Design Events
Bridal Salon: CC Bridal Boutique
Alterations/Veil: Magalli
Dress: Jim Hjelm
Flowers: Ideal Design Events
Cake: Corey's Bakery and Catering
Catering: Delectables Fine Catering
Chairs: Ideal Design Events
DJ: Fast Breaks Entertainment
Lighting: Ideal Design Events
Linens: Ideal Design Events
Photo Booth: Prints Charming Booth
Hair & Makeup: Destiny & Light: Hair & Makeup Group
Styling/Design: Ideal Design Events
Venue: Tampa Garden Club
Videography: The Cinematic Moment


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Vibrant Ballroom Wedding At The Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, DE: Jahnisa + Jarrod Mon, 20 Jun 2016 13:22:36 +0000 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 43 Jahnisha and Jerrod are indeed a power couple. The two D.C. lawyers not only...

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Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 44

Jahnisha and Jerrod are indeed a power couple. The two D.C. lawyers not only embodied high-class elegance within their ballroom ceremony - but also share a rich love for one another that was distinctively displayed in visual form within their wedding photos, captured by Ashley Gerrity, of Ashely Gerrity Photograhy.

Since they say there's two sides to every love story -  Jahnisa and Jerrod are each sharing their side of their charming love story! Read on for more while viewing visuals from this Vibrant Ballroom Wedding at the luxe, Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, DE.

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 4 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 11 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 10 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 15

Bride: Jahnisa Loadholt
Groom: Jarrod Loadholt
Occupations: Jahnisa: Associate at Alston & Bird, LLC in Washington, D.C.| Jarrod: Senior Counsel for the House Committee on Financial Services.
Wedding date: 09/04/2015
Wedding location: Hotel du Pont, Wilmington, DE

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 20 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 21 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 23 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 26

How They Met: From Jahnisa's perspective
We met in a Morehouse constitutional law class in 2005 while I was at Clark Atlanta University and Jarrod was a Morehouse College. The AUC allows students to cross register and take classes at the other institutions so I signed up to take con law at Morehouse. All I remember was a young, handsome guy in a suit (it was college so this stood out), introducing himself to me. I was polite but did not encourage any further conversation (being one of only two women in an all-male class meant I had to stay focused).

Over the years, Jarrod and I kept up with each other via social networks. We both went to law school and became lawyers. Unbeknownst to me, Jarrod developed a crush on me in that con law class. So when he saw me years later in 2011 at a lawyers event in Atlanta, he invited me to lunch. I thought his invite was one of those professional courtesy invites that lawyers toss out haphazardly. I accepted the invitation. The very next day (I believe), Jarrod sent me an email about scheduling a time for lunch and we were able to put a lunch on the calendar.

A miscommunication happened and we both went to the wrong restaurant. We eventually rescheduled our lunch date but I had a work conflict and had to cancel. Feeling bad over the cancellation, however, I called and asked Jarrod if he wanted to meet for a drink after work. He accepted my invitation to meet for a drink. Interestingly, though we had known of each other for years, this was the first time we had ever exchanged more than a few words. During our conversation, I was struck by just how smart and confident Jarrod is. I mean he just naturally oozes with intelligent and self-assuredness.

After talking to Jarrod for about an hour, I knew I wanted to get to know him more. So when he asked me if I would be interested in meeting him for a drink over the weekend, I immediately accepted his offer. As luck would have it, we ended up not just meeting for a drink to watch college football, Jarrod ’s favorite pastime, but also meeting for dinner that evening. And as they say, the rest is history"

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 30 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 32 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 35 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 36 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 37

The Proposal: From Jarrod's Perspective
When we began dating, Jahnisa noted that she wanted to be engaged by 30. Since I had known she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with at the beginning of our relationship, I readily began contemplating how I would propose when she turned 29. I began ring shopping in Winter 2013, and when Jahnisa said that she wanted a big birthday in Vegas for her 30th, I knew I would propose in Vegas on the night that she would turn 30.

Fast forward to June 2014, and I flew out to Vegas for her birthday with the ring in tow prepared to propose. We had a birthday dinner with her friends, and there were plans to go out for her birthday that night, but I knew I had to propose before midnight so I had a short window while we were in our hotel room to propose before we went out for the night.

On our way back to the hotel room, we got lost and walked to the wrong room! When we finally made it to the room, Jahnisa insisted on going to the bathroom -- a development that would've prevented a timely engagement. So, I convinced Jahnisa to come to the bedroom where I was waiting on one knee with the ring to give to her as her 30th birthday gift, and I proposed to her a few minutes before she turned 30. "

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 51 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 54Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 59 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 63Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 64

Describe your wedding dress! What was wedding shopping like for you?
My wedding dress was designed by Romona Keveza from her Legends collection. It is a floor-length mermaid dress with a crystal lace bodice, sweetheart neckline and a drop waist. I knew I wanted a lace dress but when I saw the crystal lace in my dress, I fell in love on sight. Although I bought my dress from Kleinfeld, I did not intend to purchase my dress there. I went just with the intent to look around the shop since I am a fan of “Say Yes to the Dress.” I had gone dress shopping over the Christmas holiday with all the women in my family, including my future mother in law and sister in law. Going shopping with an entourage was fun but I am more decisive when I am alone.

So while on a trip to NYC to see a Broadway show, I made an appointment at Kleinfeld for just me. I tried on 6 dresses and almost purchased another dress before I realized that the crystal lace Romona Keveza dress was my dream dress. While in the dressing room, I made sure to send my mother pictures so she felt part of the experience. My dress choice was perfect for me and made me feel like a princess on our day.

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 66 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 70 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 77 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 76 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 83 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 86Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 79 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 88

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?
Jahnisa: My mother, who's very crafty, decorated a broom for us and we jumped the broom in the culture of our ancestors. Our officiant also gave a background story of broom jumping during our ceremony.

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 45 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 46 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 42

Quick Facts:
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaid gifts: I gave my bridesmaids black silk robes for them to relax in during the day.
Groomsmen: Jarrod gave his groomsmen monogrammed cuff links and for my younger brothers, he gifted them with monogrammed overnight bags.
First dance song: We danced to Luther Vandross and Beyonce’s rendition of “The Closer I Get to You.” While planning our wedding, we realized that we wanted to use classic songs to commemorate the day (we only used Nat King Cole songs as the soundtrack for our wedding website). However, we still wanted a modern feel to our first dance. So we decided on an updated version of “The Closer I Get To You.”

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 90 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 91 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 95

What is your best memory from your wedding?
Jahnisa: My best memory was walking down the aisle to Jarrod and seeing him waiting for us to take the vows that would make us man and wife. Because I was walking to Jarrod, I suggested that he choose the bridal processional song. He chose “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker, saying that it made him think of me. We did a first look and I was nervous that, by doing a first look, that would ruin the experience of walking down the aisle. I could not have been more wrong. Surrounded by our family and friends and on the arms of my fathers, the experience of walking down the aisle to the song Jarrod chose for us was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Jarrod: My best memory was seeing Jahnisa walk down the aisle with both of her fathers to Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” It is one of my father’s favorite songs, and it has always been a favorite song of mine as well, and I thought it captured that moment perfectly for me."

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 94 Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 96

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?
"Have fun planning because everything about the day should be fun and joyous, even the planning leading up to it. And hire a planner to ensure that you only get to deal with the “fun” parts of planning."

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 89

Photography: Ashley Gerrity and Rachel Pray, Ashley Gerrity Photography 
Wedding Planner/Day of Coordinator: Shannon Dawson, Elevation Events and Design (Atlanta, GA)
Floral Design: Twisted Vine (Wilmington, DE)
Hair: Ebon Flagg, Babe Styling Studios (Wilmington, DE)
Makeup: Shanah MUA 
Stationery: Elevation Events and Design (Atlanta, Georgia)
Ceremony/Reception Venue: Hotel du Pont (Wilmington, Delaware)
Caterer: Hotel du Pont
Cake: Hotel du Pont
Linens: Hotel du Pont
DJ: Ian Dawson, Sound Reinforcement (Atlanta, GA)
Lighting: Hotel du Pont
Favors: Elevation Events and Design (Atlanta, GA)
Wedding Dress Designer: Romona Keveza
Wedding Dress Salon: Kleinfeld 
Bride's Shoes: Badly Mischka
Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Sung
Wedding/Engagement Rings: Union Diamond (engagement ring) | Frederick McCoy (Jahnisa’s wedding band)/Zales (Jarrod’s wedding band)
Men's Suits Designer: Alton Lane (Washington, DC)
Men's Suits Store: Alton Lane

Loadholt Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photograpy 40

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Casual & Natural Engagement Session at The National Portrait Gallery: Carissa + Jerhron Mon, 20 Jun 2016 12:00:55 +0000 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography412 Carissa and Jerhron met in the fall of 2010 during their freshman year of...

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Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography412Carissa and Jerhron met in the fall of 2010 during their freshman year of college. The pair shared short, modest & unforgettable "hello's" - until they met again in Spring of 2011. Carissa had fell ill and was on her way to Walmart to pick up some medicine. As she was headed out, she spied Jerhron in the hallway and asked if he would like to accompany her to the journey of "get well soon". Jerhron agreed. And their simple trip to Walmart showed how compatible they were. They both shared a love for video games, nature, and art. But most importantly the two placed a heavy focus on importance of a personal relationship with Christ. What was a small run for Vick's, became a 30-minute adventure of creating memories in Walmart.

It was in downtown Pensacola where Carissa mentioned that she would love to take engagement pictures in front of a cute piano store. But to Carissa's surprise, Jerhron thought it would be the perfect place to propose. He called Carissa after work asking her on a dinner date. Though she was reluctant, she eventually agreed. As the pair strolled downtown, Jerhron paused in front of the store and proposed. Of course, Carissa said yes!

Now this beautiful, nature loving pair, are headed to the altar and have shot this Casual and Natural engagement session at Washington DC's, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Their adoring moment was captured by coterie member, Evelyn Alas of Evelyn Alas Photography, LLC.

Scroll on for more visuals for this e-session while checking out more from this charming couple's love story.

Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography410 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography415 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography418

Bride-to-be:Carissa Gillespie
Groom-to-be:Jerhron Clemmons
Occupations: Carissa: Sales lead at Francesca's | Jerhron: Administrative Assistant at the Mt. Vernon Hospital (Concussion Clinic)
Wedding date: 5/27/2017
Wedding location: Birmingham, AL
Engagement shoot location: National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C.

Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography423 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography427 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography424

Describe your engagement session? Did you have a theme?
Our engagement session embodied our laid back relationship. How we met was very simple and we wanted to convey that in the photo shoot.

What did you do on your first date?
We went to the zoo on our first date. Jerhron has a huge passion for learning about animals and I thought the zoo would be the perfect place!

Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography442 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography444 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography441

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We love to watch movies and play video games. We also love trying new restaurants.

Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography497 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography499 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography493

How has wedding planning been so far?
It has been wonderful. I'm giving myself ample time to plan for it and it has been stress free so far.

Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography454Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography459Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography480 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography481Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography485 Carissa-Jerhron-Evelyn-alas-Photography487

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day
I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and family all in one place!


Photography: Evelyn Alas Photography
Hair & Make Up: Carissa Gillespie (the Bride-to-Be!)


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Fall in Love With These #DaddyandMe Photos Featured on MunaMommy Sun, 19 Jun 2016 12:00:53 +0000 View More: Happy Father's Day! We can't thank all the Dads out there enough for holding...

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Happy Father's Day! We can't thank all the Dads out there enough for holding it down everyday and providing a great example for your princesses, so we want to celebrate you all with this creative shoot put together by our friends over at CreativeSoul Photo. The shoot showcases 4 dads and their gorgeous daughters styled to perfection with major #naturalhair swag! Here are a few of our faves. Head over to for the full feature.

View More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More: More:

View More:


View more on

Photography: CreativeSoul Photography
H/M:  Sherita Blango
Attire:  Express, Target, Alivia Simone

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