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Today MunaLuchi shines its Coterie Member spotlight on Tampa based Florist, Royal Events & Services. With over five years in the wedding florist industry, Royal Events & Services has built a reputation for unique and luxurious high quality floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression. Offering fully customizable floral and decor services consisting of the finest hand-picked flowers from elite plant nurseries worldwide. Their custom creations include bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altar arrangements, aisle decor, reception centerpieces, and more.

Royal Events & Services also offers event planning, consultation, and styling packages and services to take your most special of days from a dream to reality.

Read all about Royal Events & Services in their MunaLuchi Coterie Spotlight Interview!

Aday_Wayland_LimelightPhotography_11_0_low (6)

Tell us a little about your background and how you got started in the floral business? Over five years ago, we entered the wedding industry focusing our business on wedding planning. We were invited to a few hands on workshops which peaked our interest and provided us a better understanding and appreciation of flowers. We took the knowledge we received and started hand crafting arrangements and personal flowers (such as bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, etc.).


The Royal Events & Services Team!


Describe your floral design style in 5 words or less. Bold. Luxurious. Unique. Breathtaking. Memorable
What do you love most about being a floral designer? We love the opportunity to let our creative juices flow and come up with a unique floral design/concept that caters to our client and their needs. We also love the fact that working with flowers, provides you serenity and peace. Plus, flowers don’t talk back to you, they just listen...


What keeps you inspired? What keeps us inspired is that we know and recognize that we can only get bigger and better over time. We are always striving to learn more and enhance our skills by attending workshops held by some of the greats.
What has been the best business advice you’ve received? Never take no for an answer. When one door closes, get yourself up and create a new path/find another opening.
When you're not designing, what do you love to do? Cooking, dancing, and spending time with our families.

Tall arrangement

What advice can you give to couples looking for that perfect florist? Being open minded when heading to a bridal consultation with potential florists allows us to work our magic and provide you with some fresh and unique ideas that still matches your personality. It’s also great to come prepared with photos clipped or saved via pinterest as it shares the type of bride/groom you are with us. In addition, we recommend that you conduct thorough research of your potential florist (or any wedding professional prior to the consultation) whether it be via google searching or reading reviews on several available platforms. Just come prepared and be aware.
What are your favorite flowers to work with? Anemones and astilbe as they are both underrated. This combo to us makes a statement as its bold yet beautiful.

Cake flowers

When brides meet you, what is your process like? What can they expect?We invite our brides to our studio. Upon arrival, we greet with hugs as we want to welcome them to the RES family. We want them to feel comfortable and relaxed as we are here to save the day and provide them their floral and décor needs to ensure their wedding is beautiful by bringing their dreams to reality. Depending on the amount of information we were able obtain prior to their arrival, we do try to come up with a high level vision board and display that on our wall for review and discussion. Our couples tend to like this as it allows them to see things visually. Once a couple does decide to book with us, we offer mock ups/samples at their venue in order to show them what to expect on their special day-so there are no surprises. Our clients love this idea too as it allows them to make any adjustments or opens their eyes to new ideas/concepts we wanted to introduce.


Based on your experiences, what would you like every couple to know before their wedding? "Save!!!" We would rather a couple prolong their engagement to save more money than to be stressed out towards the end paying all vendors or running out of money. Your wedding day should be the best, most memorable day of your life. Let’s make that happen.
Also, don’t "settle." We like to say “go hard, or go home.” Don’t half step. Let’s make sure that when you look back at your wedding album and/or video, 10 years from now, you still love every moment, every detail because your wedding was just that good.

Aday_Wayland_LimelightPhotography_11_0_low (15)

Let’s get personal!

What’s in your handbag right now? Lipstick, Strawberry Mentos, Calendar/Planner, Cell phone charger, and business cards
iphone, blackberry or android? Android
Mac or pc? MAC
If you could travel to any location right now, where would it be? Maldives
Favorite song, Book, and TV Show? “This is why I love you,” The Color Purple, and Martin
Guilty pleasure? Sleeping under the stars in my backyard with a fire pit lit.
Something that recently inspired you? A homeless man received money from a stranger. He took that money to go buy blankets, water, and snacks for his other homeless friends. This grand gesture touched me as it’s a reminder that there are selfless people out there in the world.


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Messages From the March Mon, 23 Jan 2017 20:19:34 +0000 odaillustrated   On January 21st the Women's March on Washington DC gathered over 500,000 participants,...

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@odaillustrated (a sister company of @odacreative )


On January 21st the Women's March on Washington DC gathered over 500,000 participants, three times more people than the inauguration of Donald Trump. Millions of citizens across the entire country filled their streets in support of women's rights and gender equality, and numerous other crucial political topics in reaction to the incoming Trump administration - topics such as immigrant protection, minority & LGBTQIA rights, and health care.

This gathering is of historic proportions and has come a long way since the first women's march on our nation's capital in 1913 having drawn 5,000 participants fighting for women's right to vote. Though we still have further to go, a lot of progress has been made since that day, the most immediately obvious being that today's marchers are both women and men - of all nationalities, ages, and social backgrounds.


The women's march has been a continuous inspiration whose example has helped give voices to groups and causes that otherwise felt isolated and voiceless. From its example we see that equality is a right to us all regardless of where you come from or how you identify yourself, that you are not alone, and by standing united we can and will be heard.




The importance of instilling the concepts of equality at the youngest possible age was well represented during the march. Young girls and boys "stood" tall on their parents shoulders in support of a cause, learning the importance of exercising their democratic rights not just as United States citizens but as free living entities.


Even if you cannot read or write in a language other than the physical representation of baby-talk, you still have a right to be heard.










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We’re Going On Tour! 2017 Bridal Scene Fri, 20 Jan 2017 22:53:57 +0000 bridalscene-tour-hires Remember last February when we launched the Bridal Scene, our experiential bridal and fashion...

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Remember last February when we launched the Bridal Scene, our experiential bridal and fashion show in Atlanta? Well, we are beyond excited to announce that not only will we be back in Atlanta this February, but we will also be going on tour!!

This year, we'll be bringing our highly sought after shows to Charlotte, Houston and Florida.  But we'd love to add more cities.

What cities would you like us to visit?

Are you a wedding professional? Click here to inquire about sponsorship opportunities or here to become a Coterie member.

We can't wait to see you in your city this year!


***BONUS! For a limited time, use code TBS2017 for your complimentary tickets! 

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Cassandra and Pierre’s Beautiful Beach-Front Wedding in Sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico Fri, 20 Jan 2017 20:39:06 +0000 Cassandra_and_Pierre33 For Cassandra and Pierre, this beautiful wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the...

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For Cassandra and Pierre, this beautiful wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico is the culmination of many years of love, friendship, loyalty, romance, and respect. Their love blossomed from a casual meeting through a mutual friend, to a cruise ship getaway of dancing, dining, and fine conversation.
It was on New Years Eve of 2015, after the ball had officially dropped signifying a new year together that Pierre decided to take their relationship to the highest level. While enjoying dinner at their favorite restaurant on the Boston seaport, "he got up and got down on one knee and said 'would you make me the happiest man, will you marry me!'” Cassandra was "stunned" and "shocked" by the unforgettable moment and the beauty of the ring...

Read all about Cassandra and Pierre's beautiful beach-front wedding in Puerto Rico!

Bride & Groom: Cassandra Mombrun, Pierre Francois
Occupations: Bride- Assistant Professor, Nursing Program. Groom- Accounting
Wedding date: 6/25/16
Wedding location: La Concha Resort. San Juan, Puerto Rico











Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. Pierre and I met at a mutual friend get-together. Nothing really came of it, other than him staring at me all night. We later reunited on a Boat cruise about 1 ½ years later, started chatting/dancing and the rest is history.
He proposed on New Year’s eve after the ball dropped Jan. 1st 2015. We were at our favorite restaurant Del Friscoe’s on the seaport in Boston. We continued to finish our dinner after the ball dropped and he excused himself to use the restroom. He said “be right back babe.” I continued to eat and I noticed he was gone for about 2o minutes. I started to look around and I did not see him. Finally 10 minutes later he came with a wide grin and sat next to me. He looked at me and said, "babe you're my best friend, I love you." He got up and got down on one knee and said “would you make me the happiest man, will you marry me!” I was stunned, shocked at how beautiful the ring was and I refused to put it on because I was amazed at how beautiful it was and how thoughtful it was of him to do all of this for me. Truly an epic night/moment I will never forget!















What was wedding shopping like for you? Wedding shopping was very easy for me, I had a vision of what I wanted. I didn’t want a sleeveless dress so that made shopping even easier for me! It eliminated more than half of the dresses in the shops I went to. I only went to 2 bridal boutiques. The second one I went to, the consultant really listened to what I wanted and hit the nail on the head with the 3rd dress! Lace over dolce satin fit and flare sweetheart gown with lace straps and cap-sleeves. My wedding dress was beautiful!

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids gifts – Gold totes filled with goodies- (white flipflops, Bridesmaids sunglasses, Fuchsia Kimono robes, “Team Bride” (plastic) wine sippie cups. Groomsmen gifts- Groomsmen sunglasses, Engraved cuff links, socks for wedding day
Favorite item on the menu: Island Mahi Mahi with sweet potato mofongo
First dance song: "All of Me" by John Legend














What is your best memory from your wedding? I would have to say it was during our ceremony, when we were saying our vows and looking at everyone and realizing how blessed we are to have such a large destination wedding. We had 110 people come to Puerto Rico! Also when our officiant blew through the Conch which made this really loud sound and everyone started clapping for us.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Best advice would be to keep things between the two of you and communicate. Make a decision together for your wedding and don’t let family/friends interfere with your vision/decision. Remember it is about the two of you bringing your love together and no one else. We took a marriage prep course that was great! It really helped us to focus on one another and set a solid foundation for us as we continued to plan our wedding.






Hair - Paris Rodriguez
Make-up - Color touch by Ana
Photography & videography - Raymond Vega Photography
Resort Wedding Coordinator- Nicole Miranda
Wedding planner - Merylin Andino
Florist - Patricia Lorraine Torres
Cake -Vanessa Caro
Officiant- David Mariani
Event designer - Nicole Miranda
Florist - Patricia Lorraine
Sound - Music Factory Inc.
DJ - Pete Chambers Entertainment

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Cora and Stefan’s Chic and Classy Travel-Themed Wedding in Pasadena, California Thu, 19 Jan 2017 22:09:25 +0000 Cora_and_stef_Wedding111 Love is the greatest adventure, and for these two travel lovers the journey of...

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Love is the greatest adventure, and for these two travel lovers the journey of their life together will forever remain sweet and rewarding.
After six years of growing together, Stefan was finally ready to make it forever with a photo scavenger hunt engagement surprise "using the clues he provided to guess the places around Atlanta that were most meaningful to their relationship."
Their chic and classy travel-themed wedding with travel-themed wedding invitations, programs, menus, and décor took place at the luxurious Castle Green in Pasadena, California.

Read all about Cora and Stefan's love story, romantic proposal, and wedding experience!

Bride & Groom: Cora Lynette McNeil & Stefan Lawrence Miller
Occupations: Cora - Social Responsibility Senior Program Manager, Stefan - Senior Associate Marketing Manager
Wedding date: November 6, 2015
Wedding location: Castle Green in Pasadena, CA










Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.
How We Met: They met at the classiest of places…a karaoke bar! Their mutual friend’s departure from Atlanta happened to coincide with Cora's arrival to the city for graduate school during the summer of 2008. For their friend’s farewell festivities, he invited both Cora and Stef along with a few other individuals to attend a karaoke bar. The bar was packed and Stef noticed Cora standing alone in the corner of the room. Of course being the southern gentlemen that he is, Stef offered the smooth words to this random woman standing up, "If you want to sit down, you can take a seat in my lap." Cora gave him her best side eye, but laughed on the inside because her feet were hurting and she would’ve liked to sit down. Eventually after additional conversation, jokes and laughter, Cora decided to take that seat and little did she know, it would change her life forever. Several weeks later, after Stefan forgot her name and lost her number, they were able to reconnect and Stef asked her on a date. Their first date turned into multiple dates and then they fell in love. After six years of dating, including three years of long distance, Stef proposed on September 28, 2014.

The Proposal: Following a fun-filled weekend in Atlanta in which Cora and Stef were in town for a friend’s wedding, Stef told Cora that he planned a surprise Sunday "Funday" date for just the two of them. Prior to this date, Cora had recently complained that Stef wasn't being as romantic as he used to be and she wished he would step it up a bit. Fast forward to the morning of September 28, 2014, when Stef told Cora to check her email as it would outline their plans for the day. Reading the email, Cora was beyond impressed as she learned that Stef set up a photo scavenger hunt that entailed her using the clues he provided to guess the places around Atlanta that were most meaningful to their relationship. After each guess, they would go to the location and take a photo snapshot to recreate the memories they created there. Although it was super romantic and Cora was very impressed with his creativity, by the time she got to the last stop, her feet were hurting (he insisted she not wear tennis shoes on their date), it was raining, and more importantly, she was starving! After complaining about all three of these things, Stef finally said they could head to a new brunch spot he wanted to check out. After arriving to the restaurant, Cora suddenly found herself surrounded by almost 30 of their closest friends. She was definitely surprised, to say the least, and unsure why everyone was there staring at her (especially because most of them she’d said goodbye to the night before, so was shocked to see them sitting there).
As she tried to work through everything in her mind, she continually questioned out loud why everyone was there. "It's not my Birthday," "It's not Stef and I's anniversary," etc. As she continued to attempt to understand what was going on, Stef tapped her on the shoulder, complained of a pain and said the now famous words "Hold on, my knee hurts." He tried to describe that from all the walking around today from the photo challenge that his old age was starting to show. Since his knee "hurt so much," Stef decided it’d be appropriate to take a knee to the floor. After a 10-15 second delay, thankfully the light bulb went off in Cora's head. Insert two minutes of him pouring his heart out, two minutes of her ending Atlanta's drought season with her tears, and one minute of her making his knee actually hurt from waiting for a response, Cora finally said "YES!"






What was wedding shopping like for you? I honestly had no clue the type of wedding dress I wanted or knew the style that would fit me best. I just wanted to keep an open mind and try on several different looks until I found the perfect one! I visited only one bridal store, Bellasposa Bridal in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, with my mom, aunt, two family friends and two of my bridesmaids. I tried on about five dresses before my mom pointed out a beautiful, satin beaded Mori Lee gown. Curious, I tried it on and immediately fell in love with the gorgeous beaded embroidered back, capped sleeves and train. Because I didn’t want to make too rash of a decision, I tried on about four more dresses. But soon realized none of those were quite right and I needed to try on my mother’s selection again. I didn’t want to take it off! And once I put on the veil, everyone knew that this was THE dress and that it matched perfectly with our classic venue.










Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? We incorporated our love of travel into every aspect of our wedding ceremony and reception. Stef and I are avid travelers and love exploring new countries, landmarks and cultures any chance we get. All of our stationary was travel-themed, including the wedding invitations, programs and menus, and our décor included travel related items ranging from world maps, to suitcases, to photos of us in different cities and countries across the globe.
Additionally, Stef’s mother unfortunately passed away in May 2015 from breast cancer so we wanted to honor her memory throughout the day. Stef walked down the aisle holding a picture of his mother and we had a display full of her pictures and artifacts from her years of service as a flight attendant. Finally, in lieu of traditional wedding favors, we made a donation to the American Cancer Society as we believe the best gift we could give is one that helps find a cure for cancer.






Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids gifts – personalized bridesmaids robes, personalized bridal hangers, jewelry (earrings and bracelet), and hand written cards. Groomsmen gifts – personalized whiskey barrels, socks, bow ties, pocket squares and hand written cards.
Favorite item on the menu: Everything was delicious! But our absolute favorite item was the Parmesan crusted chicken with pesto cream sauce. The cake pops were also amazing!
First dance song: “Thinking out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran

 What is your best memory from your wedding? One of our favorite memories was watching all of our guests fill the dance floor before the salads were even served! Our DJ played all of our favorite 90s jams and our guests enjoyed the song selections so much, that they flooded the dance floor and forgot they were supposed to eat. Another highlight was the surprise on our guests faces when we provided light up foam sticks with our hashtag (#MillersWeMadeIt) and wedding date printed on them. The crowd went nuts and danced with those foam sticks the remainder of the night. We eventually used them during our exit from the ceremony, which made for a uniquely fun departure. Finally, I’ll never forget Stef surprising me with our getaway vehicle – a vintage Bentley! I didn’t know he was doing that, so when I walked outside to see it there, I was in total shock. It was great to roll around the city that night, sip champagne and reflect on the best day of our lives in style.








What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Enjoy the planning process and do it your way! Don’t fret about what everyone else thinks because only you two know what will work best for you AND fits within your budget. The day should always be about you two, so plan the wedding from how you’d want to enjoy your day. Also, invest in a good DJ! DJ’s can make or break your party, so please make sure you properly vet the right person that will make your guests dance the night away and make your ceremony one they’ll never forget!






Wedding planner – Savvy Events
Photography – Nicole Lennox
Videography – Cinevent Productions
Wedding dress designer – Mori Lee
Wedding dress salon – Bellaposa Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses – Bill Levkoff
Hair/Makeup – Khamilia Levonne
Shoes – Christian Louboutin
Ceremony location/reception location – Castle Green
Florist – Papillon Flowers by O & J
Catering – Simply Elegant Catering
Desserts – A Sweet Design
DJ – DJ R-Tistic
Calligrapher – Calligraphy Nerd
Lighting Design – Unplugged Event Lighting

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“Emotional Chords of the Heart” – Janelle and Daniel’s Engagement Session at the Oval Theatre Thu, 19 Jan 2017 19:21:40 +0000 Janelle_and_Danny_Ashley_Canay_Videography_Photography-9 It's often said that "where words fail, music speaks." The emotional chords of the...

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It's often said that "where words fail, music speaks." The emotional chords of the heart, ever so susceptible to its own language, are immediately struck to the core with rhythmic cadence - emboldening the soul with love, romance, strength, hope, and much more...
For Janelle and Daniel, the musical language of their hearts found harmony in each other. Creating a symphony that is the soundtrack of their lives together.

Read all about their engagement session and romantic proposal.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Janelle Richardson & Daniel Martinez
Bride-to-be Occupation: Teacher/Professional Singer
Groom-to-be Occupation: Founder/Owner of SoulLaSol Records
Wedding Date: July 23, 2017
Wedding Location: Tampa Garden Club
Engagement Shoot Location: USF Oval Theatre




Tell us how you met and all about the proposal. Danny and I met in church. I sang in the choir, and he was an audio/visual technician. At first, his friends were trying to introduce and hook us up, but it was a joke. Then the following week after church, Danny and I were talking about music in the foyer and he gave me a shirt that was from his old music group he used to manage. We conversed through social media, then I finally gave him my number because I hated having long conversations via Twitter. The rest is history
Proposal: Danny got me upset the same day he proposed, and he ordered some random Lyft driver to pick me up from my house. It was an awkward ride lol. She dropped me off at Jackson's where Danny met me. He lied and said we had to wait for a table, so we sat by the bench near the water. All of a sudden, his signed artist Anthony Ortiz came from around the corner playing his guitar with a gift bag at the tip of his guitar. All of Danny's close friends came from around the corner video taping and I took the minion with the treasure box out the bag (I love minions!) It had the ring in it, then he proposed.





Describe your engagement session. The engagement session was Grammy music themed. We had a gold mic to represent our love for music and each other.
What did you do on your first date? We went to the movies then Steak and Shake.
What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love to eat :) and support each other in our music endeavors.
How has wedding planning been so far? Budgeting is our top priority. Overall, it has been a good experience.
Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding. We are looking forward to the music, family and friends, and saying our vows.





Venue: USF Oval Theater
Photography: Ashley Canay
Makeup: Edwine Francois for EdtoToe
Golden Microphone: Paragon Music

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Ryan and Mario’s Industrial Chic Wedding in Cleveland, Ohio Wed, 18 Jan 2017 20:55:16 +0000 Mario_and_Ryan_Wedding28 Memories, the gift that keeps on giving, will stay with us forever. Triggered by...

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Memories, the gift that keeps on giving, will stay with us forever. Triggered by senses relative to the experience, we can often recall special moments so completely it is as if we are navigating them for the first time. A walk down a familiar street, or through the rooms of a previous home and our past can be found in memories left all around us.
Three an a half years after first connecting online, Mario would bring Ryan back to the memory of a first kiss. Standing in the very spot, that memory recalled in full, would now be enhanced with another unforgettable moment as Mario got down on one knee to ask Ryan to spend the rest of his life with him, together as partners in marriage...

Continuing reading all about Ryan and Mario's love story and "industrial chic" wedding at the Red Space in Cleveland Ohio.

Couple: Ryan Zymler & Mario Clopton
Occupations: Social Worker, Teacher
Wedding date: 10.1.2016
Wedding location: Red Space, Cleveland, Ohio





Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: We met on in 2012, and had our first date on January 31st, 2012 at the Fairmount Winery in Cleveland Heights. About 3 and a half years later, on Mario’s birthday (June 5th, 2015) Mario and I went to have dinner at the Fairmount, where we always try to spend special days. We asked some of our friends to meet up after dinner, only a handful of them knew what was going on. Mario and I arrived and he fumbled and told me to hold on for a second. He hugged me and asked if I remembered our first kiss, which had taken place in that parking lot the night after our first date. I said I did, and he started talking about wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the place where we had our first kiss.





Wedding Style: Our wedding “feel” was sort of industrial chic - Red Space is a raw space, a warehouse, that we filled in with our own vendors.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Yes, we incorporated aspects of both of our cultures. As young black men, we wanted to incorporate historical black or African traditions like jumping the broom and libations for family members lost. We also incorporated some of the traditions of a Jewish wedding, as Ryan was raised Jewish. We were married under a chupah, shared wine (Kidush,) had a beautiful ketubah and broke the glass. Our officiant, the Reverend Waltrina Middleton, is an incredible woman who included many different readings from religious scripts.







Wedding Party gifts: ("groomsmen and groomsbabes") For the guys, we gave them socks & ties, and for the women, small wire bracelets.
Favorite item on the menu: THE VEGGIE SUSHI!
First dance song: “Now and Forever” by Richard Marx

What is your best memory from your wedding? The ceremony was beautiful and we were both so happy with how it turned out. The whole day was incredible, especially leading up to it. The party bus, getting ready, all of it. I think both of us would say our favorite memory was our first dance.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Stay within your budget! But most importantly, focus on what matters to you. Do what you want to make the day about you as a couple.











Venue: Red Space
Photographer: JazzyMae Photography
Photography Assistant - Kamron Ahmad-Khan
Tuxes: American Commodore
Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Rentals (Furniture, table cloths, etc): Event Source
Catering (food & dessert): Culinary Occasions
Florist: Urban Orchid
Wedding Stylist: Ned Breznai
Entertainment/DJ: Rock the House
Rings: Ashcroft & Oak
String Quartet Arrangements: Mario Clopton
Limo: A1 Mr. Limo 

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Bridal Scene is Back in Atlanta this February! Wed, 18 Jan 2017 07:46:03 +0000 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-178 At the Bridal Scene, see your wedding dreams brought to life through our participating...

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At the Bridal Scene, see your wedding dreams brought to life through our participating wedding creatives...

For the past six years, Munaluchi Bride has built a brand known for beautiful aesthetics and reliable resources. With it’s sought after print magazine, highly trafficked website, and highly engaged social media presence boasting over 500,000 savvy followers across social media platforms, Munaluchi is the go to source for all things hip and fashionable in the wedding industry.

Over the past several years, Munaluchi has toured the country bringing our boutique bridal events to 16 cities from Los Angeles to New York.  We are proud to introduce you to our 2nd annual bridal show - The Bridal Scene - taking place in Atlanta at the Georgia Freight Depot.


At The Bridal Scene, you will be able to experience the design expertise of the best wedding creatives Atlanta and surrounding areas have to offer. You can also look forward to bridal beauty in our Beauty Scene, honeymoon recommendations and giveaways in our Travel Scene, and bridal gowns and accessories in our Fashion Scene.  All of these well curated scenes blend together to make the Bridal Scene the most anticipated wedding show of the year.

Stick around for a couture fashion show featuring our favorite gown designers in the area plus some new kids on the block you need to know about. And of course, you can expect lots of signature bites, cocktails and entertainment.

In addition:

  • Enter to win a honeymoon in the Caribbean
  • Shop new and used gowns and accessories
  • Swag bag for the first 100 guests
  • Hair and Makeup demonstrations by our beauty experts
  • Plus more giveaways!


We can't wait to inspire you this February!!  Take a look at scenes from our inaugural Bridal Scene last February at the Georgia Freight Depot. 


bridal-scene-atl-01-TBS-RoomShot-009 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-011 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-027 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-020 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-022 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-043 bridal-scene-atl-02-TBS-ByBrianGreen-036 bridal-scene-atl-04-TBS-Lameeka-087 bridal-scene-atl-03-TBS-NnekasTeam-075 bridal-scene-atl-03-TBS-NnekasTeam-068 bridal-scene-atl-03-TBS-NnekasTeam-057 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-097 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-095 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-096 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-107 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-102 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-104 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-110 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-116 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-119 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-121 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-126 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-130 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-137 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-140 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-136 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-133 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-131 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-142 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-150 bridal-scene-atl-07-TBS-BB-151 bridal-scene-atl-08-TBS-DjMarkBattle-146 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-171 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-167 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-176 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-178 bridal-scene-atl-14-TBS-EllyB-183 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-209 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-215 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-222 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-230 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-227 bridal-scene-atl-16-TBS-SJasper-216 bridal-scene-atl-2016-05-15_0015 bridal-scene-atl-DLJ_9086--edit bridal-scene-atl-DLJ_9138--edit bridal-scene-atl-DLJ_9200--edit bridal-scene-atl-TBS-BrideByNona-005 bridal-scene-atl-DLJ_9132--edit bridal-scene-atl-DLJ_9118--edit bridal-scene-atl-2016-05-15_0034 bridal-scene-atl-2016-05-15_0032

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If you are a wedding professional interested in participating, email for participating rates. Spaces will be limited.

Register here.

Photos by Dana Lee Jones + Sterling Pics

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Daphaney and Sebastien’s Stylish and Elegant New York Wedding Tue, 17 Jan 2017 20:01:44 +0000 Daphaney_Sebastien_Wedding139 Acts of charity and kindness are in themselves rewards for the action, but often...

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Acts of charity and kindness are in themselves rewards for the action, but often much more is gained from the gift of giving. For Daphaney and Sebastien, their good deeds have been rewarded with the greatest gift of all; each other.
It was in 2011 during a United Nations fundraiser where the couple first met, both assigned to work together as charity donation representatives. During the charity team celebration dinner following the event, Daphaney and Sebastien instantly connected, talking for hours, "like old friends reunited." Lost in the bliss of each other's company they lost track of time, talking until they realized the restaurant was closing and their afterparty had ended sometime ago. They would spend the rest of that lovely evening strolling along the streets of New York City, not wanting the night to end...

Continue reading all about Daphaney and Sebastien's lovey story, and romantic surprise broadway proposal!

Bride & Groom: Daphaney Rose Jacquitte, Sebastien Vante
Occupations: Social Worker (Bride), Non-Profit Manager (Groom)
Wedding Date: 6/24/2016
Wedding Location: Woodbury, NY











Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: How We Met: We met during a fundraiser for the U.N. in 2011. The two of us were tasked with charity donations, and we became instant friends. One evening, the team hosted a celebratory get-together at a local restaurant. We sat together and talked for hours, like old friends who had reunited. Next thing you know, the restaurant was closing (the post-work event had long concluded); so we spent the rest of the evening strolling NYC streets.

The Proposal: Began as a date night to see Cinderella on Broadway on October 2, 2014. Prior to the show, we met up with a mutual friend who worked with the production. He invited us backstage following the show, for a “press conference”. Of course, I excitingly agreed, unbeknown to me that it was my lucky night. Following the show, we were brought backstage. It was completely empty. I gave it little thought, assuming that the actors were still changing out of their costumes. I walked to the center of the stage in amazement. I turned around to say “Baby, isn’t this great?!”, as Sebastien was getting down on one knee. I completely fell apart. Keke Palmer (who played Cinderella) as well as Sherri Shephard (Wicked Stepmother) later joined us for the celebratory moment. Best night ever! I’m a huge Broadway fan; it was truly a fairytale come to life.





What was wedding shopping like for you? I wore a lace illusion Sottero and Midgley gown. It was soft, elegant, and bold. It very much embodied my personality, it was absolutely perfect. I perused about 6 different bridal salons (much to the disenchantment of my mom), and tried on over 3o gowns. I felt compelled to choose something that suited me best. I spent my teenage years competing in pageantry, and in those years, I often wore very glitzy, beaded gowns. I found the “dramatic shift” to be refreshing.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? We had a griot (a popular Haitian dish) station during our cocktail hour! We also danced the night away to Konpa. It was a fun way to incorporate Haitian culture into our wedding.


















Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids: Custom robes, Custom tote bags, Earrings. Groomsmen: Custom Flasks.
Favorite item on the menu: Cake!!!!
First dance song: “Angel”- Anita Baker

What is your best memory from your wedding? During our wedding ceremony, the both of us let our guards down and got emotional as we shared our vows with one another. We truly had a “this is happening” moment. It’s an amazing feeling to begin a journey with the one you love.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Always take a step back and enjoy the days to come. A wedding is a beautiful occasion, but it is just an event. A marriage is a lifetime. Don’t let the stress get to ya!


















Bridal Gown Designer: Sottero and Midgely
Bridal Gown Salon: RK Bridal 
Reception Dress: Mejeanne Couture 
Bridesmaids Dresses/Salon: Bill Levkoff, Bridal Reflections
Flower Girl Dresses: Bridal Reflections
Hair: The Beauty Boutique 
Makeup Artist: Oyato Artistry
Shoes: Badgley Mischka 
Groom/Groomsmen’s Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony/Reception: Crest Hollow Country Club
Photography: Stanlo Photography 
Day of Coordinator: Fleur Occasions
DJ: DJ Smoke Productions
Emcee: Kevin Thompson
Florist/Event Designer: Feriani Floral
Cake: Dortoni Bakery
Stationery: Wedding Paper Divas

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Ana and Jean-Claude’s Beautiful Pan-African Themed Wedding in California Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:42:11 +0000 Ana_and_Jean_Claude_Wedding66 There are times in life when feelings we can't explain appear to be guiding...

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There are times in life when feelings we can't explain appear to be guiding occurrence that sets us on a path to somewhere or someone. To a person who when seen, leaves us at first glance with inexplicable feelings of familiarity - as if we've known them before and simply forgot our futures lied together until that very moment.

For Ana and Jean-Claude, the crossing of their paths seemed inevitable and their love fated by a higher power. That first glance moment occurring for them in 2011 at a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Leaving them both with an impression so strong it would remain on their minds for years. For it wasn't until 2015 that they formally were introduced to one another - until then never going beyond casual occasional pleasantries exchanged in passing by.
On Easter weekend of that year, knowing Ana's feelings for Jean-Claude, her friend decided to play match-maker - setting them up on a dinner date. During that unforgettable evening Jean-Claude admitted to having thought about her often ever since that first sighting back in 2011. He was able to recall her every word of every brief conversation they shared as if his heart were nourished by the cherished memories...

Continue reading all bout Ana and Jean-Claude's beautiful love story and romantic beach proposal in Tanzania.

Bride & Groom: Bride: Ana Isabel Bodipo-Memba & Groom: Jean-Claude Kizito Mbuyamba
Occupations: Bride: Foreign Service Officer; Groom: Student
Wedding date: October 1, 2016
Wedding location: San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California














Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: How we met: Jean-Claude and I first "met" when I was on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011 and I was staying at a hotel where he worked. We didn't speak to each other much but couldn’t help but notice each other. I would return to the same hotel fairly frequently from 2011 to 2014 while I was living in Mozambique. I would see Jean-Claude, say hello, have polite conversations but never had the opportunity to really talk with him. That changed in 2015.
It was Easter Weekend and a friend of mine, Patrice, and I decided to go to Cape Town, South Africa. We both just recently moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Patrice had never been to Cape Town before. I told Patrice what a fabulous city it was and that we must stay at this wonderful Bed & Breakfast. I also mentioned that there was a very handsome and charming man that worked there over the years and maybe we would see him too (I didn't remember Jean-Claude's name at the time).
Well when we arrived, Patrice decided that she would be the “match maker” between Jean-Claude and I. The three of us went out for dinner and had a wonderful time. It felt like Jean-Claude, Patrice and I were old friends who had known each other for a long time. The following night, Jean-Claude and I went out alone (Patrice decided to make it "our date" based on the vibe she was getting between the two of us). Once again, the dinner started off great. It felt very normal and comfortable. Then suddenly, Jean-Claude said to me while we were eating, "I think I can fall in love with you." I was shocked! Jean-Claude went on to describe how he noticed me back in 2011 and how he had these feelings about me that he couldn't explain but was always hesitant to tell me because he wanted to be respectful. He recited conversations we had earlier in the weekend, demonstrating he was a good listener and truly paying attention to the times we spent together. At the end of his "soliloquy", he asked me if he could give me his contact information and if I would do the same. Surprising myself, I said yes. The next day I returned to Dar es Salaam and Jean-Claude called me everyday ever since. During our conversations, we talked about everything - sharing our greatest hopes, joys and fears – and it continues to this day.

The proposal: Jean-Claude coordinated the entire proposal with my close girl friends here in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to my surprise (and it worked)! Friends of ours, the wife is African American and the husband is Congolese, were having their going away party at a Jamaican restaurant on the beach where they got married. After the event, while everyone was milling around, Jean-Claude pulled me aside and said, “Let’s take a walk on the beach for some fresh air.”
As we were walking on the beach, Jean-Claude began to talk about how much he loved me and how he was looking forward to our future, and then he pulled out a blue ring box, with a Tanzanite ring, and got down on one knee. I started crying. After he asked me to marry him and I said yes, I quickly snapped back to “reality”, stopped and said, “but wait Jean-Claude, we are at someone else’s party, how are we going to explain that we did this on their day...” When all of a sudden, I hear one of my girls start yelling and another girl I see out of the corner of my eye snapping photos! “What is going on,” I asked and then everyone from the party started to rush down to the beach, yelling and screaming, “congratulations,” in multiple languages – English, French, Swahili, Lingala, etc.. I was overwhelmed. It turns out that Jean-Claude had already cleared the proposal with the couple that was having the going away party. They felt like it was a sort of “passing on the love” being able to share their special day and the place with Jean-Claude and I. The other shock was that only my girls and the couple knew. The rest of the friends at the party were also surprised too!  It was the most loving and memorable proposal one could have ever imagined, being surrounded by so many people whom love and support our relationship.










What was wedding shopping like for you? My dress was purchased at Mary’s Designer Bridal Boutique in Annapolis, Maryland. It was as a trumpet dress with ruching and a short train. My best friend and close girl friends helped me pick out my dress. The process took no more than two days to find my dress.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? I was born in California to parents from Equatorial Guinea and Jean-Claude was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We both share a love for the continent of Africa and the Pan-Africanism. For the wedding we incorporated fabric from Tanzania (where we both live now), a traditional song from Equatorial Guinea, sung in my mother’s language (Ndowe), a reception seating chart with the map of the African continent and tables named after various countries, a mixture of American and African flavored food, and had a music playlist incorporating old school and new school from the US, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cameroon.























What is your best memory from your wedding? Our reception entrance was so much fun! It was actually a surprise for Jean-Claude as it relates to the song (I forgot to tell him). We danced in to “Aye” by American born Nigerian singer Davido – an energetic love song that one can’t help but dance to. All of our guests, literally from around the world, got up and started dancing! It was wonderful. I couldn’t stop smiling!!

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Enjoy the moments together preparing for the big day. Once the day arrives, just let go and have fun! When you are happy, your guests will also be happy!

Favorite item on the menu: A Gambian Beef Stew called Domoda and fresh lemon and garlic Tilapia.
First dance song: "Unbelievable" by Craig David




















Hair & Makeup Artist: Vernitta (Ninah) Weddles (Instagram: @ninahwee)
Wedding Planner/Designer/Director: A Monique Affair
Caterer: Delicious Catering
Ceremony & Reception Venue: San Francisco Theological Seminary
Florist: Sweetness and Light Floral Design
Officiant: Kent Webber
Pastry Chef/Cupcakes: Cupcakin Bake Shop
Pastry Chef/Couples Cutting Cake: Merritt Bakery
Photographer: Christine Glebov Photography
Seating Chart Designer: Shopannabelle's
Invitation Suite: Bibi Invitations
Wedding Programs: Magnet Street
Lighting: Just De'Lights

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