Friday Reads: Coffee Table Books for the Newlywed Home

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a home for the baby carriage. And today we’re talking about one small way to make your house a home. The books we keep in our homes say a lot about us. Even coffee table books. These are conversation starters, especially if you’re hosting a dinner party, game night, or other social occasion with other couples at your new place. So today, we’re talking about books that are perfect to place on your coffee tables and around your home after the big day.

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1. Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

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In less than five years, Brandon Stanton has made himself a household name with his photography project, Humans of New York, that has since made him a New York Times Bestselling Author with his first collection of portraits of everyday people in New York. Since his debut release, he has released Little Humans and is set to release Humans of New York: Stories this October. No matter the collection you pick up, it's vital to have one piece of HONY in your home. A staple for anyone who appreciates a good story and the eyes that hold them.

2. The Black List by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders and Elvis Mitchell

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From Toni Morrison to Chris Rock, this collection of portraits, accompanied by moving stories and insights from the subjects, twenty five prominent African American figures across various mediums, is a beautiful snapshot of the many successes of the black community and all that stands behind it. For an encouraging and inspirational coffee table book, definitely pick this one up.

3. Reasons My Kid Is Crying by Greg Pembroke

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This title might be one you'll want to break out before announcing a pregnancy to the family? Or if you enjoy teasing the family, this one can go on the table right beside your other picks when you settle into your new home. Either way, this one is bound to garner baby questions so best use this opportunity to the best of your advantage.

4. What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe

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Now this...this is the book you want to make sure the know it all in your group of friends gets ahold of because this book is just as absurd as what you probably hear each week on game night and everything you read in this book is bound to bring laughs, a few jaws dropping, and a few minds blown.

5 + 6. Olympic Portraits and Women by Annie Leibovitz

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Your marriage is one of the greatest journeys, greatest achievements in your life so it's only fitting to surround yourself with greatness, to exude greatness in every inch of your home. Annie Leibovitz, in a league of her own, has taken the most phenomenal portraits of the incredible women that make up this world and Olympic athletes who fought every single day to be the greatest in these two collections, arguably her most notable of all of her collections.  

7. Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images by Graydon Carter and David Friend

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From Old Hollywood to historical legends, this collection of portraits from various well known and respected photographers in their own rights, showcases 300 icons over the course of 95 years and is sure to spark interest among your guests no matter what the occasion.

8. Miles Davis: The Collected Artwork by Scott Gutterman

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This collection is a must for any lover of music and needs no explanation.

Over the last two decades, the Estate of Miles Davis has worked with gallery owners and private parties to assemble a comprehensive collection of the musician’s artwork. Many celebrities are among the most adamant collectors, including Quincy Jones, who offers a foreword to the book.

9. The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World by Jacques Bosser, Photography by Guillaume de Laubier

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Whether you're a book lover or are simply interested in taking a peek at places you may be able to visit on your future travels with your spouse (and possible growing family), this collection of libraries features twenty-three of the world's most historic libraries, representing twelve countries and ranging from the great national monuments to scholarly, religious, and private libraries. Truly a must see.

10. Weddings and Movie Stars by Tony Nourmand

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If you've ever wished for a collection of all of the movie star weddings you see grace the covers of People Magazine and the like, here's what that collection would look like from the 1920s onward. A lovely, fitting collection to have on your coffee table after your big day.

What are your favorite coffee table books?

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