Genuine Bliss: Sheretta and Brandon’s Anniversary Session in Valley Forge National Park, PA


With a genuine love that inspires, Sheretta and Brandon celebrate their one year anniversary together. Looking back on 365 days of marital devotion and partnership, they remember the proposal - referencing where it all began by Brandon proposing to Sheretta on the very bench where he first told her he loved her. A proposal day in New York City, occupied by romantic gestures and special treatment, and followed by a surprise dinner where friends and family were happily awaiting.
Sheretta reminisces about their wedding day, the look on her Groom's face as she walked down the isle, and her vows to him in the form of song.
For Sheretta and Brandon their relationship transcends the boundaries of everyday, for them it is truly a gift from God.

Wife & Husband: Sheretta & Brandon Taylor
When was your Wedding Date: August 2, 2015.
Location of Anniversary Session: Valley Forge National Park, King of Prussia, PA

Tell us all about the proposal: Brandon planned a romantic day in New York City that incorporated different things that we've shared together as a couple or that I enjoy doing. I thought it was just going to be a regular surprise date and I had no idea what was going to happen. It started with a spa treatment, followed by a horse carriage ride around Central Park, picnic lunch in Central Park catered by our favorite restaurant in Brooklyn and then he took me to the bench in Washington Square/Soho where he first told me he loved me and proposed. After the proposal, he had a surprise dinner planned at a restaurant where my family and closest friends were waiting for us.

How did you know that he was the one: His love and fear for God, the way he treated me, his goals/ambition, the way my family adores him, and his overall character. We were on the same page about our morals, standards and views on life and I had no doubts about him being my partner for the rest of my life. God made it very clear that he was His best for me.

What is your best memory from your wedding:
I have to pick two. One, Brandon's reaction to me coming down the aisle. Two, I wrote and composed my vows as a song and no one was expecting it. I knew how much Brandon wanted to hear me sing and I'm happy I was able to give him a memory of a lifetime.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to newlyweds:
Enjoy every moment of the wedding day but remember that it is just a day and the real work will come after. Marriage is a symbol of Christ and the church and the way you interact with each other is ultimately a reflection of this. You have to be willing to let go of your selfish desires and work together as a team - your spouse is not your enemy. When selfishness or pride is prevalent, there will only be problems and unhappiness. But when glorifying God is made the ultimate goal, there is true joy, peace and happiness. Seek to do and give the best that you can with the ability that God has given you and remember to always love and respect each other.

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