Gorgeous Miami Private Island Wedding: Marlena + Karl

Marlena Wood describes her meeting with Karl Moltimer in the sweetest, most swoon-worthy way: "I always tell people that Karl swept me away as soon as my feet hit the sand." How romantic! Karl's romantic side hasn't stopped showing up ever since. :) For his proposal, Karl surprised Marlena by inviting both of her grandmothers, in addition to his and her parents - who would meet for the same time. The gesture was so unexpected and emotional for Marlena that she couldn't stop the tears from running. His thoughtfulness, of course, made it much more heartfelt when she agreed to be his wife for eternity.

For their Fisher Island Club, Miami Beach wedding, the couple braved the elements, when they battled an unexpected storm. Having to change their plans at the last minute with the help of their superb planner, Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio, didn't make their wedding any less gorgeous. It turned out perfectly and even included RaRa dancers from Haiti as a homage to Karl's cultural roots. Photographer, Clayton Austin, was on hand to capture every moment on their October 8, 2011 wedding day.  You can also check out Marlena's wedding on our partner site, Ebony.com and the full gallery here.

The Planning Process & Details .....  "On our list was an exclusive, private island that my mom found and scheduled us an appointment. As soon, as we took the ferry over to visit Fisher Island, I felt like I was in paradise. And what really sold me was a huge banyan tree! It was gorgeous and I just knew we had to be married in front of it. The planning process was a breeze because of my mother and our amazing wedding planner, Nathalie Cadet-James. During this process I became obsessed with succulents and airplants. They were so lovely and earthy. We decided to meet with a renowned plant artist in Miami and ended up loving her samples for our wedding. We were able to incorporate gold sand, candles, succulent gardens, and driftwood, and terrariums as our centerpieces. Instead of flowers, we went with airplane boutonnières for the groomsmen and airplane balls with gold ribbon for the bridesmaids. I even opted for a piece of driftwood covered in white phalenopsis orchids as my bouquet. What made it really special was that I was able to have a vintage brooch from both of my grandmothers added to my bouquet as well as a special heart necklace charm from my father."

Wedding Day Details ..... "Another important aspect for our wedding day was my headpiece. My mother had her wedding gown preserved for me over thirty years ago. I was able to have the lace and material from her dress turned into my vintage headpiece and into a garter. We also purchased church pews and we hired a gospel choir.[Because of the storm], our wedding plans changed within hours and we were both amazed at how our event planner pulled everything off. It was beautiful. My parents surprised us by having the room transformed with drapes and LED lighting with tree branch and flower projections. The plan B ended up being just as stunning or even more stunning than our initial plans."

{Most Unforgettable Moments}

"Seeing Marlena during our first-look. It was raining, but we wanted to spend that time together before the ceremony. She was beautiful under her umbrella." - The Groom

"Another memorable part for me was my father actually being able to walk me down the aisle. He hurt his leg a few weeks prior to our big day, and had been in crutches and a wheelchair since his operation. The choir was singing and my brother was about to push him down the aisle with me and, to my surprise, he stood up and walked me down the aisle. Not only did I get to dance the night away with my husband, but my father was able to dance with me during the reception as well." - The Bride

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