“The Gravitational Pull of Love” – Quenise and Justin’s Romantic Engagement Session in Atlanta

"Over the years we have had awesome and difficult times but we've always managed to find ourselves back together..." Quenise's statement perfectly encapsulates the gravitational pull of love...that no matter how far we may orbit away, we will always find ourselves coming back to that special someone we're meant to be with...

Having met as college freshmen, Quenise and Justin will be married on the cusp of their nine year relationship anniversary.

Read all about their love story, surprise Christmas day proposal, and engagement experience - beautifully photographed by MunaLuchi Coterie member Andre Brown of Andre Brown Photography.

Bride & Groom-to-be: Quenise Cox & Justin Pointer
Wedding Date: 03/11/2017
Wedding Venue: Venetian Room
Engagement Session Location: Atlanta

How did you meet? We met in 2007, in our freshman year of college. I had a crush on him, but was too shy to speak to him. My friends and I use to always joke and call him my "husband". Finally, one of our mutual friends told Justin about the crush, so he decided to take a chance. We exchanged numbers and started talking over summer break and into the next school year. We began officially dating 3/23/2008. Over the years we have had awesome and difficult times but we've always managed to find ourselves back together. It will be a week before the 9th anniversary of our relationship, when we marry.

Tell us about the proposal: Justin proposed on Christmas Day 2015. My mom called me about a week before Christmas and asked if we could have this year's festivities at my house. My mom was pretty convincing so I agreed. Once my mom and the family all arrived, she sat me down. Then told Justin and I to close our eyes because she had a surprise for the both of us. While my eyes were closed, I could hear Justin starting to speak and my heart dropped. He had a whole speech but all I can remember is him saying my "full" name and asking me to marry him. When I opened my eyes, he was on one knee with a ring in my face. I was so shocked that tears started falling and of course through my shaking voice I said, "yes"!

What made you choose this location for your engagement session? I really wanted to incorporate the Atlanta skyline for 2 reasons; 1) Justin and I are from different parts of Georgia but the majority of our relationship has flourished in the city of Atlanta, 2) I wanted Justin to be apart of some of our planning and he thought the skyline was a good idea.

What are you MOST looking forward to about your wedding?
The vows and being able to say I'm Mrs. Justin Pointer.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
We're not extremely outgoing, we usually like to be laid back, joking, and watching movies. Even when we go out or on vacation, it's usually a calm atmosphere.

Photography - Andre Brown Photography

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