Jenny Chen Takes Fashion To New Levels With Her Lichen Inspired SS16 Collection

Imagine strolling through the concrete jungle of Manhattan and stumbling across an urban forest. Intrigued by its beauty and rare form, you find yourself sauntering through its luxuriant green hills, rolling rocks and statuesquely tall trees that mingle amidst skyscraper buildings. Though fixated on nature's grandeur, you pause for a second to listen to the echo of sirens, taxi horns and other soundscapes of the city blaring in the backdrop. Next, you ponder how two elements, nature and the city have intersected to manifest such an awe-inspiring, yet beautiful outcome. This is the vision we gathered upon first glance of the visuals from this bridal shoot featuring designs by Jenny Chen, captured by coterie member, Stanley Babb of Stanlo Photography.

Channeling inspiration from the natural phenomenon of the Lichen could prove to be a difficult feat for most. But seasoned designer, Jenny Chen has taken one of natures most overlooked organisms and skillfully used it as the inspiration for her SS 2016 bridal collection.

Take a glimpse at this bridal shoot, while checking out additional commentary from the the designer explaining the inspiration for the collection below.

"While hiking in the mountains in Denver, Colorado, I documented lichen growths in the environment. This organism is composed of the symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae" shares Jenny. By definition, symbiosis is the close association between two or more organisms of different species, typically to the advantage of both.

And, ironically symbiosis can be associated to that of love and marriage. As couple's began a new stage of life together they too create their own sense of togetherness. In which they remove the "I" and turn into "we"; striving off one another, typically to others advantage.

Through the use of Fabricate, an application that fuses fashion design with 3D technology, Jenny explored her "tech-style" design specialty of 3D printing by implementing 3D ABS plastic print in the collection's textiles and silhouettes. "Similar to lichen, the 3D print depends on the fabric for stability and the fabric becomes textural and adds a heavier quality of drape" shares Jenny.

Designer: Jenny Chen
Photographer: Stanley Babb, Stanlo Photography
Mua: Michael Anthony
Hair: Akelia D Weaveologist
Model: Shyloh Wilkinson 

Jenny Chen, currently works as an Architectural Designer at GKW Architects and is also freelance designer of custom wedding gowns. Holding her BFA in Fashion Design from New York's famed Parsons New School for Design and an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA, Jenny's design specialty and aesthetic includes combining 3D printing and fashion. Her previous fashion experience lies in her work with companies such as Vera Wang and Ohne Titel. For more of her breathtaking pieces, visit her website and follow her happenings on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, @jennychenyc.

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