Library Lovers Month: 10 Libraries to Get Married In + More

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February is Library Lovers Month! To celebrate, we're taking a look at a number of the most beautiful libraries around the country that you can say, "I do" in along with taking a look at five romances in literature that are worth checking out! Here we go!

10 Libraries to Get Married In

1. The New York Public Library

If you have NYPL on your list of dream wedding venues, you are required to have a professional wedding planner before you can even take the next step in making this a serious contender for your venue. So call up your wedding planner and let them know as soon as possible because NYPL is worth the investment for any book lover.

2. Chicago Public Library or Newberry Library

Chicago Public Library can hold at max. 400 guests, so if you're a book lover planning a small spring or summer wedding, this is the perfect location for you. Ruggles Hall at Newberry Library faces Washington Square Park and is one of the most picturesque locations for your library wedding in the windy city.

3. Boston Public Library

One look inside Boston Public Library and it's clear why this library is one of the most popular wedding venues in the nation. If you've never been to Boston, planning a literary tour around the city leading up to your big day at the Boston Public Library is highly recommended.

Photo via Boston Public Library

4. Indianapolis Central Library

If you're looking for a library in an area that is more quiet than say, New York City, the Indianapolis Central Library may very well be the choice for you, with more than ten unique locations on the grounds to choose from to celebrate your big day.

5. Seattle Public Library

Even though many of us dream of living out our high school daydreams of having some kind of celebration at Stadium High where 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed, you'll have to settle for the equally exquisite Seattle Public Library, about an hour away from your dreams. Have your wedding planner coordinate this as Seattle Public Library is very strict about its events and you don't want to stress about anything.

6. The George Peabody Library

If this list were ordered by level of importance, the George Peabody Library would be number one. One look inside of this library and any and every single book lover out there will not only want this location as their wedding venue but use it as inspiration for their dream home library. It's just that beautiful. Again, have your wedding planner handle nailing down this very popular venue.

Photo via George Peabody Library

7. The Richard Nixon Library

The Richard Nixon Library has an endless amount of experience opening itself up for weddings and will be thrilled to host yours for up to 400 guests. Not only that, Richard Nixon Library prides itself in hosting cultural weddings, so if you're looking for a library venue that takes the time to note just how much we mean to them, this is your venue.

8. Los Angeles Central Library

LA Central Library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the country. Even when I lived down the street from the Central library and visited often, I still did not see all of the beauty that this library holds. If this library is high on your list, you'll want to book this location as soon as possible because it's one of the most popular event venues in the country.

9. Salt Lake City Public Library

Utah isn't a go to destination if you're not checking out Olympic tourist spots, at a certain film festival, or into winter sports. However, Salt Lake City Public Library is quite a sight to see and is a fantastic location no matter what time of year. This library is in high demand, so it's best to gather as much information as you can ahead of time and book this venue as soon as you've settled on your date.

10. Free Library of Philadelphia

While the Free Library of Philadelphia doesn't have information on their out of date website, if you have your wedding planner call, they will be able to find out as much information as you need as you set out to make this your venue for your big day.

Bonus: 5 Romances That You Should Check Out of the Library 

* Note: Can’t make it to the library? Sign into your library online and 1) reserve books to be mailed to your home (typically free or $1 charge per book) or 2) check out an e-book or audiobook to read on your browser, phone, or tablet through the Overdrive app.

1. Wait for You by J. Lynn (Add it to your "To Read" list on Goodreads)

#1 New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Armentrout self published Wait for You under the name J. Lynn and still hit number one...proving why readers will always gravitate towards good writing and great storytelling. You can read the story behind the novel's success on

2. Confess by Colleen Hoover (Add it to your "To Read" list on Goodreads)

Colleen Hoover has taken our breath away time and time again and Confess is no different. You will not want to stop reading until you get to the very last page. And then you'll want more from this author, so go ahead and check out every Colleen Hoover book that's available in your library so that you can dive right in.

3. Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire (Add it to your "To Read" list on Goodreads)

For a college romance that will leave you fanning yourself, Beautiful Oblivion is the first in a series that will keep you on the hook all the way through. There's a reason this was all the rage when it first released. Find out why and check this one out.

4. All Lined Up by Cora Carmack (Add it to your "To Read" list on Goodreads)

If you enjoyed Carmack's Losing It, you will love All Lined Up, the beginning in a series of companion novels that gets more diverse as the series goes on. And if you haven't read Losing It, check that book out as well!

5. Bared to You by Sylvia Day (Add it to your "To Read" list on Goodreads)

If you read 50 Shades and want to see how it's really done, check out this bestselling series by Sylvia Day. Note that this is very steamy so it may not be for everyone.

Happy Library Lovers Month!

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