“Love & Basketball” Themed Engagement Session: Raiesha + Isaac

All is fair in love and basketball.

Raiesha and Isaac met while pursuing their masters degree’s at North Carolina Central University. After Isaac spied Raiesha strolling through their complex one day, he asked a friend (who just so happened to be Raiesha’s co-worker) about her. “His friend told him he would never be able to approach me because everyone else had tried without any luck” shares Raiesha. However, after running into each other and sharing friendly small talk, one fateful night Isaac decided to take the plunge and ask her out over Facebook chat. And this time, Raiesha obliged. 

The two headed to the local, Carolina Ale House for their first date. “The food was great and it was in the prime of college basketball season so we were able to watch many of the games” says Raiesha. As the pair reveled in the evening, they next decided to head to grab drinks and share continued conversation. “It was the best first date we both had experienced” shares Raiesha. From there, the rest is history.

Peruse on for more from this basketball loving couple, who shot this adorable themed engagement session with coterie member, Terri Baskin to pay homage to their b-ball themed wedding and showcase Isaac’s love for the sport.

Bride-to-Be: Raiesha Warren
Groom-to-Be: Isaac Mcneil
Occupations: Raiesha: Project Analyst | Isaac: Teacher & Basketball Coach
Wedding Date: 6/25/2016
Engagement shoot location: Manassas, VA
Wedding Location: Saint Stephens and Saint Agnes Upper School & The Masonic Temple in Virginia

Tell us about the proposal!
Raiesha: The proposal took place on August 24, 2014 at my parents’ home. We had just arrived back from vacation and were going to visit my family to catch up and to give them their gifts. My father told me the household pet had destroyed my old room in the basement and he wanted me to go see the results. As I approached the living room area, I heard John Legend’s song “All of Me” playing, I saw my bothers, godchildren, best friends, and of course my parents all smiling! To my right there were ballons and cupcakes that spelled out “Rai, Will You Marry Me?”. Isaac stood in the middle of the room with a nervous smile and told me he loved me and asked to spend the rest of his life with me. When he got down on one knee to place the ring on my finger, he dropped the ring because he was nervous! My dad was on the sideline saying “C’mon Isaac, get it together man!”! After I accepted, I heard a large number of people cheering, more than those in the room. I looked to my left and his entire family from NC were on Facetime witnessing the entire proposal!

Describe your engagement session! Did you have a theme?
Our engagement session was great! We have a basketball themed wedding and we took many poses to represent our love for each other and Isaac’s passion of coaching the sport. We also attended rival colleges (NC A&T SU and NCCU) and wanted to capture the adoration we have for our schools as well. Terri made us feel so comfortable during our photo shoot both outdoor and indoor, there were times where we hardly noticed the camera was ever there.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Some of our favorite things to do are traveling, cooking, watching movies, and attending sporting events.

How has wedding planning been so far?
Wedding planning has been great so far because we took our time! We've taken the last 1.5 years to plan all of the fine details for our special day!

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on the wedding day!
The part we are looking forward to the most is seeing each other for the first time as I walk down the aisle and our first dance as husband and wife.

Photographer: Terri Baskin Photography
Custom T-Shirts: Ronald Hazell, Jr., Hazell A.R.T. & Apparel
Hair: Yannick DeArmas
Make Up Artist: LaToya Faulk


MunaLuchi would like to send a huge congrats to these beautiful newlyweds - who married on June 26, 2016! We wish you many years of marital bliss!

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