Memphis New Year’s Eve Wedding with Silver and Lavender Details by Ah Photography: Lauren and Anthony

When Anthony sent Lauren a “friend request” on Facebook, Lauren was immediately intrigued. Not only was Anthony handsome, he also looked familiar. She quickly accepted Anthony’s request and they began sending each other messages over the social media network.  One day Lauren realized why Anthony seemed so familiar; they had attended the same elementary and middle school.  After all those years, Lauren still held Anthony spellbound with her beauty and intellect.  At the end of their first year of dating, they were discussing marriage, and Anthony began planning the most romantic proposal. He asked Lauren to meet him at a rooftop wine tasting that turned out to really be an intimate dinner for two. After dinner a waiter brought the couple champagne. While Lauren took a moment to admire the view of the city, Anthony interrupted her and exclaimed, “There’s something in your glass. Looks like ice!” Lauren looked at the glass, and inside there was a beautiful ring! Anthony took the ring out of the champagne flute, got on one knee and proposed.

After some debating, Lauren took her best friend’s suggestion and decided to get married on New Year’s Eve. The couple wanted to have a glamorous and festive reception, and the bride chose a color palate of various shades of greys, silver and lavender.  With the help of their wedding planner Andria of Andria Lewis Events, the couple was able to bring their wedding vision to life.  Lauren can recall all of the details of her wedding reminiscing, “I loved the gorgeous tablescapes,  florals, ultra-luxe details with just the right amount of sparkle, and the midnight celebration and countdown led by the fabulous live band, Will Graves & Soul. And what’s a New Year’s Eve party without tons of confetti?” Amy Hutchinson of Ah Photography beautifully captured how the Price’s brought the New Year in with luxury, romance and love.

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  • Bride: Lauren Mabon- Public Relations Manager
  • Groom: Anthony Price- Dentist
  • Wedding Date: 12/31/2012
  • Wedding Location: Memphis, Tennessee



Wedding Description

When my best friend suggested a New Year’s Eve wedding for Anthony and I at her rehearsal dinner, I initially laughed it off. But the more I thought about it, the more it began to seem like the perfect time of the year for our wedding. There are certain things about New Year’s Eve that we truly love – getting dressed up, drinking champagne, toasting to the end of a year and a new beginning – so what better way to start our lives together than being surrounded by our closest friends and family on such a special holiday. I also love the idea that each year, no matter how we choose to celebrate our anniversary – whether it's sipping bubbly and nibbling on Christmas leftovers at home on the couch or taking a trip to New York to watch the ball drop in the middle of Times Square, it will undoubtedly be special and romantic. Early on, Anthony and I knew we wanted our ceremony to be several things: intimate, brief and centered around the idea of love. I was thrilled that one of our closest family friends, Fr. John, agreed to be the co-officiant and deliver the homily during the ceremony. His energy was contagious, his words beautiful and he truly set the tone for the entire evening. Anthony and I also knew that we wanted the reception to be glamorous and festive.

During my first planning session with Andria (of Andria Lewis Events) I immediately overloaded her with inspirational images and various color palettes, which mostly included lighter and deeper shades of gray, silver and lavender. My mom and I had already talked about all of the fun details. And once we decided on a venue, Andria jumped into planning mode. For a day that was forecast for torrential rain, our wedding day was absolutely perfect. There had never been a time when we had been surrounded by all of our favorite people in one place and it was an honor for Anthony and I to share our love and commitment to each other in their presence. With the help of Andria and Lesley Frascogna of TULIP Design Studio the reception venue was transformed into a space perfect for an all-out New Year’s Eve party brimming with gorgeous tablescapes, the prettiest florals, ultra-luxe details with just the right amount of sparkle, and a midnight celebration and countdown led by a fabulous live band, Will Graves & Soul. And what’s a NYE party without tons of confetti?

Most Memorable Moment 

I was a bit skeptical of having a first look photography session with Anthony and seeing him before the ceremony, but ultimately it ended up being my absolute favorite part of the day. It was such a sweet moment. We both got a bit teary eyed when we first laid eyes on each other and I was thankful that those moments were captured. I loved that we had an opportunity to take that private time with each other before the events of the day. I also loved the dance with my dad. It took us months to finally agree on a song (Sunrise, Sunset) and we were so chatty during the dance, it was over before we knew it.

You Make Loving You So Easy

From the Groom... He loves that I'm caring and thoughtful; he says I'm beautiful on the inside.

 From the Bride...I love his energy and sweet, kind spirit – it’s truly refreshing. His personality perfectly blends and balances with mine. If I’m ever having a bad day, just the thought of him cheers me up. He’s my dearest friend and truest love.



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    Sooooo pretty!

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  3. Marcella J.

    Looks like the photographer missed the 1st kiss! What a bummer! Beautiful couple, I wish there was a better variety of poses instead of all of them being on the sidewalk before the wedding.

    • Andria Lewis | Andria Lewis Events

      Hi, Marcella –

      The photographer did not miss capturing the kiss. That image is not a part of the set chosen for publication. We do, however, have it. Also, it rained on their wedding day and it was quite chilly. We did not want to put Lauren’s gown in the elements so we to scrap the planned outdoor pre-ceremony photos. The ceremony was at 8pm and pictures were taken at 3pm. It was a Catholic ceremony in a Catholic church, which means that entering that early was not an option.

      Yes, Lauren and Anthony are a beautiful couple, inside and out. I had a pleasure working with them and they remain friends.

      All The Best!

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    Wow, I’m in love with this theme! Perfect. Definitely my type of style.

  5. Nicole J

    your wedding was absolutely gorgeous, if you’re still monitoring the comments on this post please share where you got your earrings. I love the size of them plus the pearl accents. thanks!


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