Modern E-Session from Still Life Media Photography: Carol + Mfoniso

Classy, elegant, and filled with love, Carol and Mfoniso definitely shine in this lovely modern engagement photo shoot. Carol and Mfoniso met in Nigeria at her brother's wedding. They kept in touch as friends for two years until Mfoniso asked the big question during a romantic dinner. Their beautiful engagement session was photographed by Still Life Media Photography.

Bride: Carol Uko
Groom: Mfoniso Etudor

How They Met & The Proposal

In 2010 I had the opportunity to go to Nigeria for my brother's wedding and upon arriving I had to meet up with him to deliver a package that was sent from his sister for him. So after we met he asked me to join him and his twin brother for lunch and after that we just stayed in touch on the phone and then in 2011 he told me that I was his wife.

So a few weeks leading up to the proposal, Mfoniso asked me if I have ever had French food before, so i told him no. To my astonishment, he asked if there were any French restaurants in Dallas, so i told him to look up some and if he found one, then i would go with him. A few days later, he told me he found one he likes and that we are going there on a date. I was so excited and started counting down the days. So on March 25, 2012, after church, i rested then got dressed and headed to the restaurant for dinner. on the way to the restaurant, he started telling me how blessed he was to have me in his life. I was blushing!! When we got there, the restaurant was nice, great ambience and music. So we sat down, and ordered our meal. After the meal i decided to order one of my favorite desserts "creme brulee" then went to the ladie's room. Upon my return, we started talking, then the waiter brought my dessert and right at that same moment, Mfoniso asked me "where is the restroom?" behind me i replied. He got up and i picked up my spoon about to take a spoonful of my dessert, right then i looked up and saw him on one knee beside me. He pulled out the ring and said to me "Ufanima" (which means my friend and love) will you marry me? And i was in shock and nodded my head then later managed to mutter the word YESSS!!!


Photography: Still Life Media Photography
  1. Bridgette

    Gorgeous photos!

  2. Jessica Chinelo Ezeanya

    I am super excited to be working with Carol+Mfoniso! They are a super awesome couple and and truly blessed! May God bless everything they do!

    ~The Events by Nelo Team

  3. Andrea

    Beautiful couple and pics…

  4. Eminence

    Outstanding work of God. Beautiful as always. A true blessing coming from above.
    May God keep shining His face upon you and may He open up the flood gates of heaven in both your lives.

  5. Becky M

    Beautiful , lovely couple. Stay blessed

  6. sakenim echikwa

    Love love the picture what a beautiful couple.. Am so happy and proud of both of you.. Love u..

  7. Unyime Ibiok

    Beautiful pics!!! Lovely couple. Your smiles shows how good God has been…. Looking forward to the wedding. LOVE you guys!!

  8. Idy Anetekhai

    Love is truly in the air. The pictures are gorgeous and breath taking. Wishing you both a happy married life. And those smiles, priceless and to die for.

  9. Esther Thomas

    SIIIIIISSSSSS And Bro!!! U dey fine pass dis my dolla!!! God’s work is amazing!!! Love the both of you guys!!!

  10. Mfon Etukudo

    Lovely couple. Exquisite pictures.

  11. Tonya

    I apologize in advance for the following slang, however, Carol your hair is the TRUTH; you have inspired me to go natural.


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