A Nature Inspired Nigerian E-Session in Westfield, New Jersey

Amid the loud music and hordes of people, John spotted Elizabeth at the Nigerian Day parade six years ago and she enchanted him with her smile. She admits that she wasn't prepared when he came up and introduced himself, but his good looks and charming attitude one her over. In the eight years that have passed their relationship has flourished into something wonderful. John planned a grandiose proposal with the help of Emma, Elizabeth's friend, while keeping her totally in the dark. Under the guise of a relaxing dinner to take he mind off of school he coaxed her into coming out for a romantic evening. When she got there, she became confused as to why so many of her friends seemed to be there as well, as she turned around to question John, he was already down on his knees. Although in shock she managed to scream her answer...YES!







How They Met

While attending the Nigerian parade in NYC 2006 with his boys, John noticed a beautiful Nigerian Young woman. With more than 3,000 people in the crowd, Elizabeth stood out to him, “her smile and her beauty captivated me." He made his way to Elizabeth and introduced himself. She was definitely taken off guard however, she was intrigued by Johns charm. “I remember a fine tall handsome guy coming up to me, he literally had me at Hello,” and the rest was history!

The Proposal

Since Elizabeth was so focused on her studies in becoming a Nurse Practitioner, John thought this would be the perfect timing to take Elizabeth out for a “relaxing dinner for just the two of them," (so she thought). Elizabeth didn't suspect anything. John just told her , “get dress and wear something nice." As Elizabeth needed the break and some time with her beau, she did just that. She enjoyed getting dolled up so she took full advantage of this moment. In the meantime, Emma, the planner, arranged everything and all their friends and family waited in excitement for the couple to arrive. Upon arrival, Elizabeth still had no idea what was going on. “I just thought we were going to a nice restaurant for dinner”. Once the couple arrived to the restaurant, the hostess escorted them to the private balcony area where there guests were waiting for them. The first person that Elizabeth saw was her friend Emma. She was in shock that they were in the same place at the same time. Still not realizing what was going on, Elizabeth noticed some more of her friends. Utterly confused she turned back to John to find him on his knees with the ring in hand. John popped the question! Still in shock and shaking Elizabeth screamed YES! All of the friends and family were cheering and the celebration officially started! They incorporated their Nigerian culture into their fun outdoor engagement session, their photographer Karin Morin, captured the couples playful nature.


The Engagement Session

Being that Elizabeth and John have fun and free personalities, an outdoors scenery was ideal. Kristin Morin, the photographer found the perfect park in Westfield, NJ; the fresh air, natural lighting, and the beauty of natures best creations painted the perfect background for the shoot. The theme was to show their relationship, natural, full of love, and fun!

Looking Forward to the Wedding

We are looking forward to seeing all the pieces of the planning put together to create our special day and spending the rest of our lives together.


Photography-Kristin Morin
Wedding Planner-Emma Pierre-Louis
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