Orange and Pink Modern Wedding In Tennessee by Creation Studios

For Charity, planning a wedding in Memphis while residing in Knoxville seemed like a daunting task.  But thanks to her awesome planner, Andria of Andria Lewis Events, she was able to bring her vision of "Classy Vegas" to life.   We love the bright and fuchsia balanced perfectly with gray.  And the images are stunning thanks to Creation Studios.  Enjoy their love story then check out more images in the gallery here.


Bride:  Charity Miles Williams
Groom:  Alonzo D. Williams
Wedding Date: May 4, 2012
Occupations: Bride-Attorney/Groom-Verizon Wireless Sales Manager
Location: Historical District Downtown Memphis, TN
Photographer: Creation Studios 

The first encounter...

We both attended Cordova High School together in Cordova, TN. We ran track with the varsity track team, but never paid much attention to each other. After only one year at Cordova, I graduated and went away to college at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN while Alonzo remained to complete his senior year. After graduation, Alonzo headed to University of Tennessee-Knoxville to run track. During this time, we never communicated. It was not until my first year as a law student at University of Tennessee College of Law that we would cross each other's path. Much to our surprise, we became the best of friends. Four years later, with countless hours of talking, laughing, fighting, and love, we have what appears to be the perfect foundation for what will now be the rest of our lives.

How he proposed...

May 31, 2011, I woke up thinking it was just another Tuesday. We had Alonzo's niece and nephew in town so I got them ready for summer camp and then headed off to work. Alonzo took them to camp and I started my work day. I usually have court on Tuesday mornings but this morning I only had to run to court to pick up a signed order. I returned to the office and was told by several colleagues that Alonzo had come into the office. We typically have planned lunch dates and this was not one of the dates. My first thought was something had happened to our niece and nephew. A nervous wreck, I got to my desk and start calling Alonzo and he did not answer his phone. To my surprise, in walks Alonzo with a suit on (looking mighty nice I must add) and flowers in hand. I still had no clue on what was happening. He goes into his suit-coat pocket and pulls out a ring box and asks me to be his wife. The tears started to pour and of course, I said YES!!! Needless t o say, I took the rest of the day off.

From the bride...The planning process was stress-free and AMAZING thanks to our wedding planner, Andria Lewis. We thought we would encounter challenges because Alonzo and I were planning a wedding to be held in Memphis, TN while residing in Knoxville, TN. Thanks to Andria the expected challenges never arose. I always knew I wanted a gorgeous and fabulous wedding but really had no vision as to what my dream wedding would look like. Alonzo did not care about the wedding décor so long as I was happy. We discussed our likes and dislikes and Andria took our personalities and planned the wedding of our dreams. Andria coordinated all of our vendor meetings and contract negotiations and was the mastermind behind our wedding design. Our theme for the wedding was "Classy Vegas."

The fondest memory...The most memorable part of the wedding day was the exchanging of our vows and being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo D. Williams, followed by our AMAZING reception/party :) Our reception definitely illustrated our personalities. At our reception, we had the signature songs for each of our alma maters played, which was a great way to bring out our love of tradition, friends, and family. Everyone was able to join in singing the songs and had a blast! We ended the night with a trolley ride to Beale Street for a night of dancing with our friends. Overall, it was a perfect day!!!!!


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He loves..."He loves my honesty and transparency. Regardless of any situation, he knows that I will always be “Charity.” He also loves my radiant smile and “corny” sense of humor. "

She loves..."I love Alonzo’s dedication and commitment to family. It is a true blessing to have a husband who understands the importance of honesty, integrity, and humor for building the foundation for our family. I also love Alonzo’s spontaneity…there is a never a dull moment in the Williams’ household. We have tons of fun together and I love the way he makes me laugh."

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