Real {Alabama} Wedding + Video: Amy + John

It's not often that you get wedding submissions where the images are totally in black and white, yet, today's wedding courtesy of Andrew Clifton Photography is full of energy, community, and love.  The adorable couple, Amy and John, unofficially met in 2002 while interviewing for a scholarship to University of Alabama.  She noticed him, he didn't notice her....until a year later while working on an end of the year project for that same scholarship program.  It's like the saying goes...what's meant to be will be...

Meet the couple:
Bride: Amy Stevenson
Groom: John Thrash
Occupations:  Amy's a chemist, John's a pianist
Wedding Date: 9/4/2010
Location: Huntsville AL - Big Spring Park 

Amy reminisces on the proposal..."Well there was actually 2 proposals. The first one was suppose to take place at one of the inaugural balls we had planned to attend for president Obama. We arrived at the ball only to find out it was cancelled. Later on I learned that John had planned to propose to me there.  On Valentine’s Eve of 2009 we were at a small scale Brian McKnight concert in Birmingham, AL. John had went to the concession to get food. He brought it back, we ate. Then he proposed to me. He had me read the card I watched him fill out on the way to the concert. The last line of the card said to look at him because he had something to say. He got down on one knee and proposed! People around us cheered."

Amy's wedding was all centered around feathers.  Feathers for the bouquet, feather centerpieces,  and a feather bolero over her wedding dress. Very unique.  "We had planned to get married in Sept 2009 (6 months after the proposal). Everything was frustrating especially the budget. There were things we wanted to have including our photographer Andrew Clifton, but there wasn’t enough time to save and pay for everything. One night in June, while at a Bible study the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “There’s more God wants to do for you.” It was clear to me that we should delay the wedding because God wanted to give us more resources. That night I called my mom and John and they agreed that we should wait. All the stress of planning immediately left. To save for the wedding I got a roommate. For the decor, I knew I wanted feathers because everyone has flowers at their wedding and I wanted to be different, plus flowers are expensive. So we had our “feather girls” drop white feathers while walking down the isle. This was fitting because we got married in a park that has ducks. We used ostrich plumes (pink and brown) in our centerpieces for the reception. At the reception I wore a small pink feather caper over my wedding dress. The “feather girls” wore feather headbands. I don’t think we had a theme but our colors were chocolate and pink. Some challenges for us were that we were married over a beautiful koi pond and stream. We stood on a small bridge and said our vows. When it was time to exchange rings the ring bearer or wedding planner (standing next to the ring bearer) somehow dropped John’s ring into the pond! All I heard was “tink, tink, plunk!” Needless to say I didn’t get to put the ring on his finger during the ceremony. Once the ceremony ended the minister stripped down, dove into the stream and found the ring at the bottom. I then put the ring on his finger the way I should have during the ceremony."


Tell us one thing you love most about him:  "He is patient with me"
Tell us one thing he loves most about you: "My lips"


We wish Amy and John the very best in marriage.  Thanks to Andrew Clifton for these charming and classy images.  Make sure to visit his site for more.

Dress- Aidan Mattox
Venue - (Wedding) Big Spring Park East/ (Reception) - EarlyWorks Museum Huntsville, AL
Favors - personalized Jones Soda, fans from Trading Oriental
Registries - Macy's, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond
Makeup - MAC
Hairstyle - twist out
Band - Coolbones Jazz Band of New Orleans
Decorator - Southern Elegance (Selma, AL)
Caterer - Rhoda P's Catering (Florence, AL)

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Enjoy this video trailer of their wedding. You'll feel like you were there...

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  1. Latrecia

    I am from the same hometown (Selma) as John. These pictures and video are remarkable and truly beautiful. The photos and video reflect an effortless love and genuine connection between the two. Amy was a beautiful bride. These two seem to complement each other so well. God bless.

  2. Chioma Obii-Obioha (@ChiomaOnyewuchi)

    RT @munaluchiBride: Black and white photos never looked so sweet…Real {Alabama} Wedding + Video: Amy + John via @munaluchibride

  3. StephScott MUA (@StephScottMUA)

    RT @munaluchiBride: Black and white photos never looked so sweet…Real {Alabama} Wedding + Video: Amy + John via @munaluchibride

  4. p

    this ministered to me, thanks for sharing.

  5. J

    I’m getting married in Huntsville, too — what a timely and gorgeous feature! Is there any way you could give the bride my contact information? I was so eager to read her vendor list but didn’t see one at the bottom of the post. Thanks so much — and congratulations!!

    • munaluchi

      Hi J. We’ve updated the post with vendors. Thanks!

  6. Koils By Nature (@KoilsByNature)

    Real {Alabama} Wedding + Video: Amy + John via @munaluchibride #naturalhair #teamnatural


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