Real {Connecticut} Wedding: Jasmin + Steven

Jasmin never thought that the RA (Resident Assistant) she met while also working as an RA at Western Connecticut State University would end up being her life partner.  You see, Jasmin was a very private kind of girl...certainly not one interested in dating someone on the same campus and definitely not a fellow RA.  But during a random conversation, she learned that she and Steven shared similar majors, goals and plans for the future...and that was the beginning.

Jasmin recalls so vividly when Steven proposed, "Steven joined me on a business trip to Chicago, IL. I have been there several times for work and mentioned all of the great things I saw and wished he were there to share the moments with me. One in particular, was watching the sunset atop the John Hancock Center, The Signature Room at the 95th. During our visit, Steven asked me to take him to the restaurant I raved so much about for the last two years. Although I didn’t think we would be seated since no reservation was made, to my astonishment we were able to grab a window seat in the lounge to enjoy the stunning Chicago skyline. It was later that I discovered Steven had the entire night planned. From cocktails in the lounge to a beautiful dinner with another seat reserved at the window for the two of us to watch the sunset. There were times during dinner I suspected the big question was going to be popped but it wasn’t. Needless to say, the surprise [an engagement ring] came in a glass of Champagne when I least expected it. It was perfect and well, we all know I said YES!"

The lovebirds were married in Hamden, CT on August 13, 2011.  We're sharing images of their sweet wedding photographed by Greg Lewis Photography.  Enjoy!

Bride: Jasmin Miller
Groom:  Steven Luciano
Wedding date:  August 13, 2011
Photographer:  Greg Lewis Photography

Jasmin was such a stunning bride!

From the bride...

"Some girls fantasize about their fairytale wedding and have it all planned by the time they meet their Prince Charming. This was farthest from the truth for me. The challenges we faced as a couple were originally due to us not having a vision or theme for the wedding. However everything seemed to pull together quite nicely once we started to focus on ourselves. We consider ourselves to be very easy going people so we decided to keep things very simple but elegant and wanted everyone to feel the connection and love between us. Prior to commencement of the ceremony, pictures from our engagement session in New York City were shown to our guests while they enjoyed listening to instrumentals of our favorite love songs. We also included pictures of us on each table name at the reception. To add more personalization to our day, we worked with a vendor to create a logo. The concept of our logo was built from Steven and I choosing something personal that we thought would be attributed to us individually and as a couple symbolizing our union. He chose an “L” for his last name and I chose the Jasmine flower. Our vendor quickly returned a logo that was eventually incorporated throughout wedding process and ultimately became our theme. During the reception we also included an Ice Martini bar with our custom logo to serve our Signature “favorite” drinks."

The Perfect Moment...

"The most memorable part of the wedding was during the ceremony when the church doors opened and we saw each other. [I] was overfilled with emotions and had butterflies as if it were the first time they met. Steven stated he felt a tidal wave of emotions as he watched [me] come down the aisle. The two agreed it was an indescribable feeling of love, joy, and excitement.’s amazing when you marry your best friend and soul mate."


He loves...Steven says he was captivated by Jasmin from the beginning. Her stunning beauty lured him in but it was her intellect and compassion for others that captured his heart. Steven loves that Jasmin is his greatest supporter, balances him, and is very encouraging. He  adores her and she makes him want to be a better person.

She loves...Steven is one of the most loving and patient people I know. I love that he is smart, determined, supportive, and treats me like a queen. He has all of the qualities one would look for in a recipe to creating the perfect man ;-)

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Thanks Jasmine and Steven for sharing your special day with our readers. And thanks to the awesome husband + wife duo that makes up Greg Lewis Photography.


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    Fine bouquet, HML.

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    Very beautiful. I love the pictures out on the farm! Love the colors. Very beautiful couple:)


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