Real {Florida} Wedding: ReNelle + Trevor

When Trevor met ReNelle, she was the girl next door - literally. When he approached her to properly introduce himself after some time, he found out that she really was the girl next door: she was charming, beautiful, kind and very easy to talk to. Who could pass up on that? Now, ReNelle and Trevor are in love and married. They will never have to live next door to each other again - now they'll live with each other always and be in each other's hearts. Their beautiful wedding day was photographed by Andi Diamond Photography.

Bride:  ReNelle Whyte
Groom: Trevor Gunn
Wedding Date: 05.11.2012
Location: Tampa, Florida

Meeting the "Girl Next Door" ... "For months before we met, I was literally “The Girl Next Door”. We both were attending the University of South Florida and we were student apartment neighbors. One afternoon in the spring of 2008, I was leaving my apartment when I was stopped by Trevor on the way out. He wanted to introduce himself and also find out my name because he was tired of referring to me as the “Trini girl”. We then parted ways. After our initial encounter, we realized that we had the same social network due to our involvement with Greek life. We would see each other at numerous events on and off-campus.  Eventually, Trevor asked to take me to dinner: our first date. My initial intention was to develop only a friendship. However, after several dates and get-togethers throughout the rest of the spring semester and the beginning of the summer, our friendship grew into relationship. We spent hot days and sleepless nights laughing, chatting and crying with each other. We quickly realized that we had a lot to learn from each other and could spend the rest of our lives together. We fell hopelessly in love with each other and the rest was history." 

How He Proposed ... "After a long day at work, Trevor invited me over to his apartment to hang out. To my surprise, his door was unlocked. As I entered the apartment, the room was devoid of light but the luminescent glow of a few candles filled the room. I was a bit confused at first especially because he was nowhere in sight. As I walked into his room, petals were littered on the ground from the bedroom door to a hot drawn bubble bath but my eyes were fixated on the charming young man sitting amidst a picnic-style dinner. I exploded into laughter out of nervousness and he began laughing too. I questioned him about the occasion and he responded that he wanted to do something special for me. I accepted the response and sat with him to have dinner. After an hour of good food and laughter, he turned around and reached for a jewelry box and asked “Will you be my wife?” I smiled from ear to ear and said “Most definitely”. 


Cultural Wedding Elements ... "I was born and raised on the southern island of the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago. Trevor was born and raised in a small, southern town of Quincy, Florida. We decided to incorporate both cultures by using the African-American tradition of “Jumping the Broom”, while both holding the Trinidad & Tobago national flag. This was to symbolize sweeping away the old and welcoming new beginnings, as well as jumping into a new culture that we both would learn to embrace. Both musical styles from each of our cultures were integrated at the reception, from old and new school R&B to soca and dance hall."

Unforgettable Wedding Memories ... "In a night filled with unforgettable moments, our most memorable experience started on the dance floor. All 105 of our guests, as well as the service team, joined together to form a conga line and danced around the room to the popular Trinidadian song “Soca Train”. It was such a wonderful sight to witness both families and friends participate in the island culture."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He loves that I am driven and determined to be successful."
She loves ..... "I really love the way he makes me laugh. His quirkiness can light up any dull moment."


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Photographer:  Andi Diamond Photography
Floral Designer:  Flowers Blossom
Reception Venue:  TPepin's Hospitality Centre
Cinema and Video:  Stat Media
Photo Booth Equipment:  Snapshoot Photobooth
Hair: Pauline Prendergast at Nirfa’s Hair Salon, New Tampa
Makeup: Nicole Morin at the M.A.C. store
Stationery: Magnet Street
Event Planner & Event Designer: The Bride and her aunt, Dianne Serraneau
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