Real {Texas} Wedding: Halisi + Dennis

Halisi and Dennis have amazing friends. Their friends are so great that they introduced Halisi and Dennis at a professional mixer they co-hosted. The newly introduced individuals would soon begin to walk side-by-side, step-by-step. Today, that casual introduction has given way to a love that is anything but: Halisi and Dennis are married!! :) Their Texas wedding was photographed by Izehi Agboaye of Izehi Photography.

Bride: Halisi Johnson
Groom: Dennis Cail III
Occupations: Bride -  Information Technology Program Director; Groom - IT Consultant
Wedding Date: 04.28.2012
Location: Ceremony - Texas Discovery Gardens; Reception - Hall of State, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

How He Proposed ..... "He flew us to Santa Barbara, booked the most beautiful resort, Bacara, and got down on one knee at the top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the back of the resort property."

The Details ..... "We had a wonderful wedding experience. Thanks to Ebony Peoples of Ebony Peoples Events, our month-of planner, we were able to pull together each and every detail so the wedding day was a dream come true! She helped me bring together my overall design plan and communicate it to all our vendors. This helped ensure the vision/theme of "elegant romance" was captured to perfection."

Incorporating Culture ..... "We are African American, so I made a beautiful "jumping broom" for the Jumping the Broom ceremony. Jumping the Broom is derived from Africa and dates back to the 1600's; it was created by our ancestors during slavery in the American South. Because they could not legally marry, they created their own tradition to honor their unions by "Jumping the Broom." The ceremony of broom jumping has both symbolic and spiritual importance in the African American culture. It is a ceremony in which the bride and groom signify their entrance into a new life together, and their creation of a new family by symbolically "sweeping away" their former single lives or the past to enter into a new adventure as husband & wife.

~The Brush of the broom represents Family~

~The Handle represents the Almighty~

~The Ribbon represents The Tie that binds the couple together~"

The Most Unforgettable Moment ..... "I would say the most memorable part of the wedding day was when we spoke our vows to one another. It was the pinnacle moment for me in regards to what it means to be married and officially joining our families together. I really looked forward to that moment and felt so special hearing my husband's commitment to me and our lives together.

Dennis feels that the most memorable moment for him was when he first saw me coming down the aisle. He said I'd never been more beautiful and it literally took his breath away."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He loves my dedication to him and our relationship. Loyalty is really important to him, and he can feel comfortable in knowing I am and will always be a truly committed partner in life."

She loves ..... "I love that he is so thoughtful and considers me in everything. It's just a blessing to have such a considerate and loving man that is genuinely concerned about my happiness and well being."


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