Real {Virginia} Wedding with Ivory,Gold and Blush Color Scheme: Joanna + Jared

When Jared Green saw Joanna Hassell standing close by, he felt an instant pull - an instant connection to her. He went up to her, introduced himself, and here they are today. By here, I mean that Jared and Joanna are forever connected to each other in the amazing journey of marriage. Their gorgeous wedding was photographed by PW Photography.

Bride: Joanna Green
Groom: Jared Green
Date: 07.14.2012
Location: The Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, Virginia

How He Proposed ..... "Jared and I met at the University of Virginia. We had mutual friends and, one day, he saw me and walked up to me; the rest is history! He proposed to me on Valentine's Day. We met in Richmond and went out to dinner. As soon as he got to dinner, he gave me a HUGE bag of candy. He made me open it right then and there so I wouldn't expect anything else. When it was time for dessert, he ran back to the kitchen and had the chef write, "Will you marry me?" in chocolate around a piece of cake. (I really thought he was going to the bathroom, as he had told me). The waiter brought the cake out and I did not even notice what it said because we ordered our meal off a fixed Valentine's Day menu, so I figured they wrote something cute like "I love you" on all the dessert plates. After staring at the plate for a minute, I realized what it said and froze! Then, I said, "Yes, of course!"

Wedding Details ..... "Planning the wedding was pretty hard because we changed our date so many times. We wanted to get married over the summer, but didn't think that we had enough time to plan because I was still in school. We sat down and finally made a decision to have a summer wedding; so, the planning started the day after. I was in the process of graduating college so I really couldn't plan until after I graduated in May. That left 2 months to pull every single thing together! I had an amazing planner who was on top of every single detail. I can't even imagine what the planning process would have been like if I didn't have Elizabeth (my planner from The Cordial Cricket). 

My theme was just to have a classy, elegant, traditional dream wedding.  My dream location was the Jefferson Hotel; so, I made sure I picked out things that would complement the ballroom. I chose the color gold, because it worked very well with my reception space. I also chose ivory because my dress was ivory and it matches perfectly with gold. Lastly, I chose blush because, though my favorite color is pink, I didn't want a shade that was bright and overpowering. 

I really wanted my guests to be blown away when they entered the church and the reception. So, I chose a mixture of large and small centerpieces on the reception tables with small votive candles on each table. I really believed that event lighting was a great way to add "pop" to the reception room. Adding lighting added drama to the room. We started with a soft amber pink during dinner and changed to darker colors after dinner but made sure we had pin lighting on the flowers so they wouldn't change with the lights."

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{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "I love her beautiful smile and the way she laughs when we are spending time together, she allows me to be myself and we have so much fun. I love how caring she is. She seems like the only person in the world that is completely devoted to my well being."

She loves ..... "What I love most about him is his personality. His personality is so big! I admire than he can bring out the best in anyone. His personality is loving, caring, and there is just never a dull moment with him. Our life is truly an adventure!"

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