Rustic Outdoor Wedding in California: Erika + Trayvon

It wasn't exactly love at first sight for Erika and Trayvon. "My friend Sarah was having a movie night but I don't remember us watching any movies lol. We all talked, laughed, listened to music and at about midnight in walks Trayvon. He was loud, extra hype, and determined to make his presence known. My initial thought was 'who is this dude and why is he SO loud?'" Erika shares. But Trayvon's obnoxious first impression didn't stop the pair from developing a friendship that would lead them to the altar.

A trip to Vegas with some mutual friends brought them back together, in which Erika really got to know her future husband. "The entire way to Vegas we talked, got to know each other and he literally told me his whole life! From his childhood, to family, past relationships, mistakes he's made. He was really open. I just knew we'd be great friends," Erika says. They developed a friendship rooted in faith, a root that would continue to grow and remain strong for years.

Both Erika and Trayvon credit God for bringing them together. Individually grounded in their love for God, they relied on their faith to guide them to a love like no other.

Nicole Lennox captured the images for this beautiful rustic outdoor wedding. 

Bride: Erika Hill
Groom: Trayvon Hill
Wedding Location: Central Christian Church - Glendale, CA

Quick Facts
Wedding Flowers - Baby's breath with accents of lavender and ivory roses.
Favorite item(s) on the wedding menu - Zucchini salad wraps and turkey burger sliders
First dance song - Like a Star by Corinne Bailey Rae

How would you describe your wedding dress style? And what was your favorite accessory?
I was a low maintenance bride. I wanted to be sexy but I also wanted my gown to be a reflection of my personality. It was a simple, all white mermaid style, fitted gown. Very Jessica Rabbit but no elaborate beading, lace or sequins. My favorite wedding accessory would have to be my ring! Aside from my husband getting what I had envisioned, I think what it symbolized as well as the engraving on the inside would make the engagement ring my favorite accessory.

What is your best memory from your wedding day?
My best memory would be the father daughter dance. My Dad and I did a choreographed dance. It started off with a slow Adele song (I could tell people were confused because it didn't fit our personalities at all) then about a minute in the DJ did a little scratching and we broke into full on choreography. I incorporated some of my Dad's favorite songs in addition to some more recent songs that remind me of him. We danced to New Edition's "If It Isn't Love", Tupac "California Love", Outkast "So Fresh, So Clean and The Rejectz "Cat Daddy". We had a blast and our family and friends loved it!

Was culture incorporated in your wedding?
Yes. Both my husband and I are believers (in Jesus Christ) and strive to live a lifestyle pleasing to him so that was definitely woven into our big day from our written vows to us taking communion together. We also bonded over music before and during dating so that was huge for us. I think our overall goal wasn't necessarily to make people feel like they were in church but for them to see how amazing God's love is, what covenant looks like and to have FUN! Like...sweat your hair out fun! And we did that.

What advice would you give our brides-to-be?
The best advice I would give engaged couples is "Do not let the wedding day consume your relationship!!" Haha. Enjoy each other and keeping learning new things together during your engagement. Although your wedding day marks one of life's biggest transitions, the marriage is what's important. My (now) hubby and I made it a point to take breaks from wedding planning and were very intentional about having conversation that had nothing to do with the wedding, no matter how hard it was at times.

Congratulations to Erika and Trayvon on their wedding! We absolutely loved the photos and their faithful love story.

Photography - Nicole Lennox Creative
Music Ent/MC - DJ Malski
Hair - Ashley Riley
Bridal Makeup - Rhea Williams
Bridesmaids Makeup - Georgette Holmes
Bridal Gown - Chante Lynette Custom Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses - Henkaa
Cake - Torrance Bakery

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