Save the Date Harlem Game Night Wedding Video: Pamela + Rael

Pamela Phayme, a wordsmith and Rael Jones, a thespian are the ultimate artist couple in Harlem, NY. The two met on a crowded train heading to work and have since saved the date for a beautiful fall wedding on October 10, 2015 as they prepare to begin the journey of creating the greatest works of art in their lives.

Pamela + Rael Save the Date "Game Night" in Harlem from Mae B. Films on Vimeo.
Videographer, Nikki Miller of Mae B. Films says of the adorable, whimsical couple, “They are the sweetest combination of fun, quirky, romance. They wanted to create a "Save the Date" video that really represented them and their personalities. When we met up for our brainstorming session they had come with some really awesome ideas. One idea that they loved was to have their session at "Grand Central Station" because trains have played a big part in their love story. I wanted them to dig a little deeper and not only do something totally new but that really represented the beautiful energy I see between them.

I always want my client's personality to come through in their video, rather than simply playing it safe. After really prying, I learned that they love hosting game nights with all of their friends. The minute they started telling me about game night, they lit up!!! I knew that the "Game Night" theme was the Save the Date video for Pam + Rael!”

What an inventive and extremely personable idea! You can't help but smile after viewing this save the date video as it's easily one of the most fun save the date videos out there!

Congratulations, Pamela and Rael on your engagement and many blessings on your big day! 


Videographer: Mae B. Films


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  1. Beverly C. Sherrod

    This was lovely , excited for you guys. Blessings

  2. Ketia "Taz" Davis

    I love this idea, you 2 are hilariously adorable!! all the best!!

  3. Jimmie

    That was creative and dope. Congrats bro and sis

  4. Shaina

    I love this idea. Congrats to you both.

  5. Terri

    All I can say is “Game Over” What a creative way “To Save The Date”
    Congratulations lovely couple.


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