Sentimental Outdoor Engagement Session in Meridian Hill Park: Danielle + Adam

If you believe in speaking things into existence, this story is for you. It was Easter Sunday in 2013 when Danielle was talking to her friend about finding love. 'I recall saying to her, "I think my next boyfriend will be future husband. And I have a feeling I already know him. We may have never dated, or he may just be an acquaintance, but I'm sure our paths have already crossed,'" she said.

She'd known Adam for nearly 2 years before he asked her to dinner. The two had always seemed to bump into one another at events, with Adam consistently asking her why she was still single. But he never asked her out. A while later when they bumped into each other at a spring happy hour in D.C. Adam finally asked Danielle for her number. "Shortly after that, I departed for a trip to South Africa and Adam emailed me every day or so to check on me until I returned home," she shares. Once she returned they went on a few dates and got to know each other even more.

One day Adam offered to help her assemble the bed in her new condo. As he was trying to calculate its weight and stability, Adam accidentally broke the bedpost. "As angry as I was at this man, I could only smile and laugh at his apologies and explanations and can honestly say that could've been the end of our story, but it was only the beginning," Danielle shares.

Take a look at their outdoor engagement session in Meridian Hill Park.

Bride-to-be: Danielle Moore
Groom-to-be: Adam Mahone
Wedding date: 06/04/2016
Wedding location: College Park, MD

Tell us all about the proposal!
With my mother's help, Danielle was occupied with planning my birthday party, so I was able to complete the video and plan my surprise proposal without her being suspicious.

The proposal video took a lot more effort, research, and assistance than I expected. Everyone knows how technologically illiterate I can be. But luckily with a little misdirection and a lot of friend support… the iMovie, audio track, and A/V system at Sobe performed exceptionally.

On May 15, 2015, I received the most special gift a man could ever receive that night. A woman who respects, loves, and understands me. This woman is honored to spend the rest of her life with me and I couldn’t have asked for a better present on my 35th birthday.

What was the concept behind your engagement session?
Adam and I did not have a theme for our shoot, but we wanted a location that was serene, somewhat rustic, and was outdoors. Natarsha met us at Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC on a sunny October day.

Leading up to the shoot, we shared pins on Pinterest with Natarsha that emulated the look and feel that we wanted-one formal look and one casual look. I also wanted to include antiquated props that helped convey Adam's and my connection and more importantly, I wanted to include our 3 dogs. They play such a significant role in our lives and our pictures would not be complete if they weren't included. They were not the best models, but they tried their best.

We had a great time that day, and it was so much fun. Natarsha did a great job pulling us out of our comfort zones and conveying our love for one another.

What did you do on your first date?
I have to chuckle at this one because Adam's and my idea of our first date are very different. Adam says that our first date was at Gordon Beirch in Baltimore, MD. We met up for happy hour and it turned into an evening filled with great conversation and dinner.

Because I thought that we were just meeting up as friends, I dont consider that evening a date. I would say that our first date was on a Tuesday night in May at the Cheesecake Factory and Maryland Live Casino. Normally I would want my first date to be more upscale and sophisticated, but this night, I preferred something that was low-key, unplanned, and something out of the ordinary. We lived about an hour away from one another so we planned to meet at Maryland Live which was equidistant from our homes. We chatted over dinner and then proceeded to walk over to the casino floor. I had never played roulette before so Adam promised to teach me. He was great, and although we didn't walk away winners, we had a great time.

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple?
As a couple, we love to travel. We try to travel outside of the country to experience new adventures and endeavors at least twice per year. Adam even took me to Italy to celebrate my 30th birthday. Adam is not going to openly admit this, but we love to watch reality tv shows like Love and Hip Hop, Newlywed First Year, Flip or Flop, and Pitbulls and Parolees.

How has wedding planning been so far?
Wedding planning has been a lot of fun so far. I never knew that so much was involved in planning a wedding but I'm having a blast learning along the way. I completely understand how a couple could choose the convenience of having a destination wedding, but I wouldn't trade a traditional wedding ceremony and reception experience for the world.

Tell us what you're looking forward to most on your wedding day.
I'm looking forward to lots of things on our wedding day. Our First Look and Adam's expression as I walk down the aisle are probably the most exciting moments for me. However, I'm also looking forward to our close family and friends being present and celebrating Adam's and my union.

Photography - Natarsha Wright Photography
Wedding planner - Jamesa Adams of Jayne Heir Weddings

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