A Sophisticated Whimsy Bridal Shower in Brooklyn, New York

Candice Cook's bridal party was scattered all around the country, but they pulled together to plan an amazing bridal shower for her in Brooklyn, NY. The trendy French restaurant Bacchus, served as the venue for this "Sophisticated Whimsy" shower that had a sea foam and pastel pink color scheme. Guests sipped on champagne, bellinis, and mimosas, while they ate smoked salmon and goat cheese crepes and munched on fun cupcakes topped with faux diamond rings. Candice loves competition so her bridesmaids came up with exciting nostalgic games, including a crossword puzzle where the questions were about Candice, and a word scramble.  At the end of the shower, guests received gift bags from Diptyque on Madison Avenue and lipsticks in various shades of pink from Maybelline Cosmetics. But the fun didn't end there. Candice's amazing bridal party also planned an "after shower" get together, so they could continue spending time talking and catching up while they dined on wine, pizza and salad!  Candice loved all of the amazing decor and details, but she mostly cherished the company of her friends. She reminiscences, "It was a fantastic day! We didn't open the gifts during the shower, but instead talked, laughed, caught up, and shared the fellowship and joy of friends being together, which gets more and more difficult to do as we all move and get distracted by all of the facets life has to offer.  It truly was special just being together." Amy Anaiz Photography captured all of the special moments.

Who helped plan your shower?

My shower was a loving tribute from my AMAZING matron of honor, Dr. Alia Sampson Brown, and my beyond rockstar bridal party.  I would be remiss if I did not say that the combined efforts of Alia, Kia, Bettina, Aisha, Cassandra, Candice, Andrea, Sarah, Jana, Rashida, Tara, Courtney, Simone, Meca, Fonda, Mia, Fatima, and Christy made this all come together.  They made certain every detail was covered and people still comment on the beauty and love of the shower today which says a lot about the impression the shower had on guests.  It was lovely. The bridesmaids planned the shower from seven different locations and then flew up from Atlanta, Michigan, D.C., Virginia, New Jersey, and Maryland to attend and execute.  It was quite a gesture of love and I still remain incredibly touched.

Where was your shower held?

My shower was held at the quaint, chic, and trendy french restaurant Bacchus in Brooklyn, New York.

What was the theme for your shower?

The theme for the shower was sophisticated whimsy.  The colors were sea foam and pastel pink which was perfect for the August 3rd date of the shower. Everything was light and airy from the hanging candles on the ceiling in clear crystal candle holders, to the white flowing draperies covering the veranda, all the way to the accents of pink and light shades of green in the menus, floral arrangements, and gifts for the guests.  The bridal shower gift bags were from Diptyque on Madison Avenue and even they had pink and green cover designs.  The guests also received lipsticks in various shades of pink from Maybelline Cosmetics.  Bettina also located an amazing florists who made the centerpieces.  Each table had a different centerpiece that was accented in shades of pink from fuchsia to pastel.  The flowers were lovely and did not wilt in the hot sun which was amazing!

 Please share your tasty menu.

The food at the shower was delicious and left nothing to be desired.  The bridesmaids arranged for a choice of champagne, bellinis, mimosas, or a combination of the three throughout the brunch.  The first course was an option of endive salad with pear, Roquefort cheese and walnuts or seasonal greens with strawberries, avocado, cucumber, feta, walnuts, and french honey dressing.  The second course was designed by Kia and was a choice of smoked salmon and goat cheese crepes with greens; spinach and tomato omelette served with home fries; french toast with fruit salad;  steak frites with a delicious sauce; a vegetable  quiche; or an amazing looking grilled chicken breast.  Dessert consisted of cupcakes from Sprinkles bakery with diamond rings on the icing.  My amazing bridal party also made arrangements so that even after the "official" shower we could spend time talking and catching up at an "after shower" and there, they followed up on the delicious cuisine from the day with wine, pizza (you name it--they had it), salad, and amazing girl talk! It was a fantastic day!

 Did you all play any fun games?  

Although some people are not a fan, I am competitive and love a good bridal shower game. This shower played right into that desire. We played two different games headed up by Andrea.  The first was a crossword puzzle where the questions were about me.  My friends apparently know me well because some of the questions proved difficult for even me to answer.  It was great to see how much my friends truly do listen! The second was a word scramble.  It too, proved challenging, but fun.  The hostesses of the shower were very consistent with the color scheme and even the games were all created to match the shower color palette of pastels, pinks, and sea foam.  I loved the fact that even the games were so pretty they were frameable.  Even better, the prizes were awesome and served as a great incentive for people to play the games to win!

What was the most memorable moment of your shower?  

The entire shower was incredibly special.  There were so many special touches (from framed collages of my fiance and I that were made) to the abundance of activity within the actual shower!  My matron of honor hosted and she had a horrible sinus infection, but you never would have known!  When I walked in, I was greeted with my amazing girlfriends who had flown in or driven from far across town and they were all smiles!  The environment was 100% full of love, support, and joy.  We didn't open the gifts during the shower, but instead talked, laughed, caught up, and shared the fellowship and joy of friends being together which gets more and more difficult to do as we all move and get distracted by all of the facets life has to offer.  It truly was special just being together.  I have to say that one stand-out moment was when we were leaving the shower.  Bacchus was an amazing host location and the guests all congratulated me and my friends as we were leaving.  My friends and I ended up standing outside talking for a period when a tiny little girl and her incredibly chic french mother walk over to us.  The mother said, "May she say hello to you?  She thinks you are a princess."  It was so adorable, genuine, flattering, and sweet.  I stooped down to say hello and she smiled and then scooted back off with her mother.  My friends and I continued talking and laughing, and having fun waiting for a cab.  Before we had "too" much fun, my friend Phylicia said, "you all don't 'do too much'; the little girl could be watching."  We all turned around slowly and sure enough, there she was peering through the glass on the inside of Bacchus watching us--the princesses--in action.  It was so sweet and a good reminder that we are influencing even when we don't realize someone is looking.  We are a princess to someone. On my bridal shower day I was a princess to that little girl, and isn't that how a bride wants to be remembered as she plans for her day?  It was very sweet.



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