Sunday Confessional: Losing Weight for the Wedding

You know when you find your boo and you start dating, you go out all the time.  Next thing you know, the love pounds start packing on.  When you finally get that ring, everyone wants to know: What type of dress are you going to wear?  So you go wedding dress shopping, and you are horrified that none of the sample dresses fit. Why? Well sample sizes are usually around a size 8. On top of that, many wedding dresses run small, so that size 8 may really be a size 6 in street size.

Finding the right dress for me was particularly hard.  I had packed on some pounds while dating my fiancé, and my dress size fluctuated between a 12 and a 14.  (In bridal that is a size 16). Plus I am busty, so fitting my DD cups into a sample size wasn’t happening.  I wanted a mermaid style dress.  However, I was continually disappointed when I went to stores and the dress wouldn't fit over my hips. To my horror I even ripped a dress trying it on. I had to hold many of the dresses in front of me, and try to visualize how they would look if they fit, or I had to pay extra for the salon to ship in a larger sample from another bridal store.

I knew I could be depressed about it, or I could change my eating habits and hit the gym. I decided to make a change, not so I could fit into a sample size. I like my curves, and I definitely do not want to lose my butt. : )  However, I decided to do it so I could be my best self at my wedding.  Now, I try to go to the gym three to four times a week; I've cut out soda and replaced it with fresh squeezed juice and water; I limit my junk food intake to once every two weeks; I eat smaller portions of healthy food, five times a day to keep my metabolism going.  As a result my mind, body and soul feel a lot better and fitting into my wedding dress is an extra bonus.

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, and YOU determine what that looks like. If you are comfortable with your weight…great!  However, I know many women, including myself, who want to firm and tone for their big day. Here are a couple of tips to help you look fab in your dress:

1)      Before you go wedding dress shopping, make sure that the bridal salons carry dresses in your size. That way you can get an idea of what styles look best on you, even if they do not have your dream dress.  Make sure you pick a style that complements your body.  Sometimes the style of the dress can make you look bigger than you are. And curvy ladies, do not be afraid of the mermaid dress; that dress was made for curves : )

2)      Join a gym and get an accountability partner.  If you are reluctant to go to the gym, an accountability buddy will help you get that extra motivation and keep you on track.  If you cannot afford a trainer or you do not have any friends who want to work out with you, work out with your fiancé. Working out with your partner can be great bonding time, and will ensure that the both of your look great for your big day.

3)      If you don’t like treadmills and weight machines, do physical activities that are not boring. For example, why not take salsa classes with your fiancé.  Belly dancing and pole dancing classes are also popular, fun ways to get in shape.  In addition, you can always do free exercises such as walking around the park, playing tennis and doing calf lifts and lunges on your stairs.

4)      Start a healthy diet and stick to it.  A healthy diet is not just about losing weight, it is about making smart food choices and treating your body well. You want to have a long relationship with your partner and you don’t want food related health issues to shorten that time.  Get with your doctor and set health goals for yourself!

5)      Do not crash diet. Start to exercise and eat healthier at least 8 to 6 months before your wedding, so you can lose gradually lose weight and be at your ideal size before your final dress fitting.

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