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Happy Monday! Or should we say TGIM (Thank God It's Monday).  We've got another sweet TGIM giveaway for you today courtesy of KUA (Keeping Us Authentic).  They just released their latest collection , Volta, - a line of genuine leather handbags that are chic and sophisticated with just a hint of African fabric to add flair.  Here's what Ruby Buah, creator of KUA handbags had to say about the new line...

[pullquote3 quotes="true" align="center" variation="teal"]The Volta girls always exude raw excitement and leave a flurry of mesmerized suitors in their wake. They are a blend of modernity and history; undeniably sophisticated and at the same time remain anchored to tradition in genuine leather trimmed with pure native print.[/pullquote3]

Check out the new Volta Collection ad campaign...

Photography: Chris Jones
Makeup: Rosa Keo
Model: Radeyah Sos

This Volta Collection comes in 4 exciting colors: Harmattan (beige), Shea Butter (yellow), Palm Nut (red) and Coal (black) and retails for $250.  For a limited time (until Oct. 20), they will be sold with Free shipping within the US at a discounted rate of $150.  So here are the rules to enter:

  • Simply tell us in the comments which bag you like the most and why.
  • Be sure to "Like" KUA's facebook Fanpage
  • That's it!

We will randomly select a winner this Friday.  Winner will be notified via email and must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be selected.  Best of luck!


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Thanks to everyone who participated. We will be announcing a winner on Tuesday, October 18th. Stay tuned!

  1. CWHITE1202

    im really liking the Palm Nut..its vibrant classy and chic.. Plus i have the perfect pair of shoes to wear with the bag!!!!! PLEASE LET ME WIN ;-)

  2. Cyking03

    I like the palm nut KUA Volta
    Bag because its red color pops like the best red lipstick! Its
    beautiful just as the rest of the Volta collection.

  3. Sarina Oware

    I love the Shea Butter handbag! I like the bold color and it would be great to have that pop of color as we enter the fall and winter seasons.

  4. Maselli79

    I like the Palm Nut bag  because its vibrant and fresh. It will add a pop of color to any outfit !

  5. Pino

    Hmmmm the harmattan is breathtaking. My man is coming to town in few weeks and I can’t wait to rock in my perfect shoe, dress and accessories along with this harmattan bag. Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  6. Hajiya

    Palm nut pleaaaase!!!! pick me. pick me. pick me please!!!!

  7. agnes adu

    ooooooh!! definatley the shea butter! ” Nku To” never looked so good! I will rock this bag like nobody’s business! ;-)

  8. Ashley Thrasher

    The palm nut is so beautifull! I love the contrast of the red and the clasp!

  9. janaye moore

    Although the other colors are really vibrant and fun ; there is undeniable sophistication about a well designed, classic, black handbag…..coal for me please:)

  10. Treara

    The shea butter because its vibrant and different but still a classic and classy bag I would rock this and feel cool confident and vibrant and this color would make me smile

  11. BJB82

    I would have to say, this is one hard decision; all four are a must to make it through this fall and winter but I love “Coal”.  The “Coal” is just a timeless piece that will always be useful for me!!!!!! 

  12. Serwaasek

    The harmattan because it’ has a cool but confident look

  13. Pritibrowneyz

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the “shea butter”. This is a classic bag with the flare in vibrancy of the African print colors. This bag allows you to do so much with mixing colors and patterns.

  14. Maame Wireku-Afari

    love the shea butter. it is different and love the accent fabric. Do not own a bag this color so please pick me so I can show it all to my clients…..please!!!

  15. Brandy Breaux

    The Palm Nut of course; it’s a must have.  Ladies let’s be bold and use these colors to get the attention we love so much.

  16. Sharms

    I love how all the bags have a little snippet of African fabric, but I like the Harmattan bag the best.  I like the idea of being “anchored to tradition” as I usually try to wear African fabrics everyday (even if it’s just a small pair of studs). The Harmattan bag would make my work commute through central London on public transport more colourful, especially during the dreary winter months to come.
    Accessories like these make an outfit, and a quality, genuine leather bag like the Kua Harmattan will help ‘make’ my outfits for a long time to come. So please let me have this show-stopper and I will wear it with pride!

  17. AkuatheGreat

    SHEa butter is dynamic, optimistic and yet feminine. She does not adhere to seasonal rules because she is timeless–a woman for all occasions. She’s as down-to-earth as she is chic, and she goes boldly where others have feared to tread. She is purpose-driven, but her ambition never gets in the way of her love for people and their love for her. Everyone wants SHEa butter. SHEa butter is smooth. SHEa butter is original. SHEa butter keeps us all authentic. That’s why she’s my favorite!

  18. Bincy101

    I love the Palm nut because it a bold color. It will bring any outfit out. I should win this because I consider myself as a fashionista and I can model this bag all day long. People always ask me when I get my bags and clothes from. I am also on a budget so it will be awesome if I win. God bless.

  19. poetic522

    I love the shea butter color because I love bright colors and i love to mix and match bright bags with my day off clothes being that i am in a chef uniform 5days out of the week when I am off i love to feel bright and bold so my handbags usuall set my whole outfitn

  20. Palmnutluva

    Roses are red, palm nut is too, hook this sister up, and make her dreams come true. :-)

  21. MaameEss

    Harmattan and I on the banks of the Volta, 
    Kua purse donning its leather, me in my halter,
    In staying pretty and sophisticated, we will never falter…
    The love I have for my Harmattan Kua purse, none can ever alter!  


    • just being honest

      hehe, i entered the comp too, but i think you should win for this post! I chose harmattan too, it is delicious!

  22. Purpleroyale_*8*8

    It’s cruel and unusual punishment to make us choose which bag is preferable over the other, but in the essence of time and space, I would have to venture out of my comfort zone ( knowing that it will be worthwhile to do so) and choose Shea Butter. This beautiful bag do not conform to the mundane. They speak for themselves, and you couldn’t have chosen a better name. African Shea butter is known for richness, much like this bag. It’s like a ray of sun shine really!!!!!

  23. Abena Frema

    The harmattan Rocks!!!!!.  its cool, breathtaking and a must-have.  Besides, having real good shoes to match, sure to be a show-stopper at any event……Simply Beautiful!!!!!  I LOVE THE COLOUR….

  24. Malekanewsome

    Palm Nut has my name on it!!  For one, I like the way “Palm Nut” rolls of my tongue….African inspired name goes along with the African colors and print….eye catching and attention seeking handbag, sure to get folks to stop and ask me where did I get it—-I will happily say “KUA”…pick me pick me!!!!!

  25. Jehane

    I love all of them but my favorite one would be the Coal bag…I can match that bag with any attire and look fabulous…

  26. moiry

    Harmattan – simple, elegant, classy

  27. Abena Gyekye

    I LOVE the Palm Nut. Red is my favorite color. Maybe it has something to do with my secret Ewe roots…who knows? Slap on on red lip stick and you can rock that bag with ANYTHING your heart desires!

  28. EGAUL

    Love the Harmattan.  Simple, with a perfect flare of color.  

  29. hkoms

    Volta girls day bi – Palm Nut bi sweet and sexy like cheese!  

  30. Priscellelease

     I really like the harmattan because it goes with just about anything from jeans to dresses! All the colors are lovely but Im just in love with that color. I also love the photo shoot, great theme and beautiful model!

  31. Zipster23

    My favorite is the Shea Butter! Such a fun color!

  32. Ms E Belle

    Oh, I love all but I have to go with palm nut? Why you ask. 2 Reasons: 1) I AM a Volta girl, literally! I’m from the Volta Region so I’d like to think that figuratively, as described by Kua, I am infact a volta girl. 2) They say red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. I’d like other women’s hearts to beat faster with jealousy when they see my lovely bag and run to the website to get their own. 3) They also say red is the color of love. I need men and women (I don’t discriminate :-)) to fall in love with the very sophisticated yet sexy splash of red to my outfit…This bag is BAAD!, Just a sexy confidence builder to even ugly ducklings like me :-) Simply put, I WANT ONE!

  33. Emma O

    I love the Palm But bag. It’s simply gorgeous. 

  34. Mrs. I Nwafor

    Hi, I really like the shea butter bag and really want to win this giveway. This bag is so so cute and if I have this bag I wouldn’t have to go into my sisters closet and steal her bags – just kidding.
    Pick me, Mrs.I Nwafor..

  35. Brandy

    I need the Shea butter in my life!!!! Why? Simply because the color is bold and alluring and most importantly….its a need.. not a want…so definitely my well being depends on it!!!!!

  36. Watupe

    Stop traffic!!! The Palm Nut is definitely first on my list and the world will stop, activists will demonstrate, governments may react, fashionistas will run wild and naked on the streets if I do NOT get that bag!!!  The Palm Nut is the epitome of savvyness.  It screams, ‘look at me…am confident, but not arrogantly so, i just love colour.”  But the Palm Nut is also elegant enough for me to walk with into a board meeting, and chic enough for me to carry to my next India.Arie concert.  Gotta have it.  And oh, for goodness sake-let’s do good and let all women have it!

  37. Jolie_pieds

    OMG! The coal is fire! I love it! A black purse to start of the fall would be great and definitely needed! Thanks! Good luck to everyone!

  38. Zinnie

    OMG! Love the Harmattan! The fabric pops more in the Harmattan design and I love that! All are beautifully designed! KUA all the way! ~Zinnie

  39. Futuremrsbenjamin

    Coal is lovely. The Black bag with the gold tone will go with anything

  40. Events by Doyin

    I love the coal.  Black goes with everything and can be carried in all seasons.

  41. Jazzimom5

    I have always been a fan of vibrant color. Now that we are coming into Fall, I feel like the Palm Nut sets the standard for the color of the season. It commands a double take when matched to the right ensemble.   Every girl should have one in every color. However, every woman needs the Palm Nut to show her radiant and daring side!! Good luck to all entrants!

  42. Jolie_pieds

    OMG! The coal is fire! I love it! A black purse to start of the fall would be great and definitely needed! Thanks! Good luck to everyone! #jolie_pieds

  43. JenGiGi

    I love that Palm Nut, tres chic!!!!

  44. Kpruitt608

    The Harmattan bag is simply gorgeous! The stitching is super nice and the inside lining was beautifully thought out!! The inside of a bag is just as important as the outside and I love your attention to details!!

  45. Zelda

    Palm Nut, definitely is my favorite.  I love the vibrancy of the rich red tone.  

  46. Anonymous

    I like the Shea because it’s classy yet fun! Love the look.

  47. Anonymous

    I “Like” Kua on facebook. (Farmgirl)

    Pick me! Pick me!


    I love the Shea Butter becuase yellow is such a vibrant color, and the african fabric gives it that little “POW” that it needs.  Yellow is a classy color that can be worn from season to season, wither to brighten up a dull winter day or be bright enough for summer. The bags are gorgoeus, honestly, I love them all, I wish I could have them all, but.,…. :(  Well done KUA

  49. Anonymous

    I love the Shea Butter bag because the combination of the color and the African fabric just pop! It’s eye catching and I think I can make this bag work year round. Also, I travel light so this would go great with my weekend bag that has a just a strip of bright colors. I need this bag in my life!! :-)



  51. Jentmitchell1

    Even though I LOVE them all, I would choose the Palm Nut because I love a pop of color when I get dressed. And red makes me feel sexy!

  52. Ronni78

    I like the yellow because it is HOTT. It is just the right hue to add some spice to your fall wardrobe.

  53. Mi1destiny (Destiny)

    I love the coal kua because its natural, seamless and has the ability to enhance any outfit at any time if the day. Fkexible and multitasking just like me a single mom. And just like with makeup you want it to enhance your look and not overpower it and this is the perfect bag for the job!

  54. Denwatson

    I like the Coal.  It is beautiful for work or play and is the right color for any occasion.  Its a timeless piece.  I love all of the other colors as well.

  55. Arambo02

    I think all are beautifully made, however the “coal” represents me and my look. Classic, elegant, and ready for all occasion or style. Love it!

  56. Anonymous

    I’m loving the Shea Butter. I love brightness of the bag, and it’s totally something that would grab attention.

    “Like” KUA’s facebook Fanpage (charity s)

    ccboobooy at gmail dot com


  57. The Glam_r_us1

    It has to be the Coal….Beautiful,Elegant,Timeless,Sexy…ME!!!!

  58. Jackie H.

    The Coal is my favorite because black goes with everything and the bag shape is especially accentuated in the color.

  59. Amanda F

    I would love the Shea Butter.  It stands out wonderfully.  It’s such a bright and fun color.  It would make any day happier

  60. Priscilla G.

    I would love the black. It will go with most things I have as I proudly display this beautiful bag on my arms on campus. Just gorgeous!

  61. Qt223

    I love the shea butter because of its bold vibrant color. It sure matches my personality and i am getting me one :)

  62. Scilla32

    I want the coal bag. All of them are beautiful, but I can wear the coal with mostly everything and look stylish doing it….

  63. Mangopinacolada

    Omg! I absolutely LOVE the Palm & Cola colors. This bag is so chic.
    I hope I win but good luck to you all!

  64. Amanda Phillips

    I am in love with the yellow one.. It is so bright and vibrant. Living in South Florida, it will fit right in with my purse collection and outfits… :)

  65. Embrya

    I love the Shea Butter! Yellow is my new go-to color!

  66. ashleyist

    The palm nut bag is a classically sexy number that delivers a hint of naughty in the reptilian lock strap. It recalls the divinity of Eartha Kitt.

  67. Laiza Elizabeth Kalu

    Ohh wow! The sheabutter bag is definitely my best. It color stands out uniquely. It will definitely add glamour to an outfit. Hmm, i see myself carrying this bag and its mine.

  68. Simzaj

    I love them all, but Palm Nut is the bag for me! The vibrant bold fiery hue is a do at anytime: morning, noon, or nighttime; winter, spring or fall! Matches my personality too, ’cause i’m HOT!

  69. Wilmara

    I’m loving the Coal bag.  I have a red bag that I adore already and this would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe!  Skinny 7 jeans, belted sweater and ballet flats and my Kua bag.  What more could a girl want!

  70. Trenee

    Im loving the palm nut handbag. I think it would bring out the diva in me, I’m more of a plain Jane who is ready to come out her shell

  71. Wellheeledsociety

    The Shea Butter is my absolute fav!  I’m partial to anything that resembles rays of sunshine ~~”

  72. Ooluwaseun

    Love the Harmattan, it can be dress up or down and also the color can match any out fit.Formal,casual etc.The concept of the bag is very visual from the chains on the hand to the side pockets.Love it

  73. Anna Desalu

    Love the Coal bag. Perfect for fall/winter and its a classic black bag with a funky twist. Versitle but fly.

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