VIDEO: A Luxurious Ghanaian Wedding in Toronto, Canada

Today we are featuring a wedding video that is full of fabulous inspiration. Dara and Paul Donkor were married in grand style last year in Toronto, Canada. Their nuptials displayed their love for their family and culture, and their impeccable sense of style as both Dara and Paul changed three times! The couple wore traditional wedding attire during their ceremony. Dara was stunning in an ivory Vera Wang ball gown and Paul was dapper in a grey and white tuxedo. Later the couple changed into red attire, with Dara wearing a red ballgown and Paul sporting a black satin tuxedo jacket and red pants. The couple then changed one last time and partied the night away in traditional Ghanaian attire. Guests were amazed by their reception decor, which included purple up lighting, silver table linens, a five tier wedding cake, and aerial dancers suspended from the ceiling.

Here is what WOB Films had to say about the Donkor's nuptials, "After the wedding I created the highlight wedding film recapping the wonderful occasion. We called it the 'Fantabrutal Wedding of the Year' as that's what the guest musician at the reception dubbed the couples wedding. 'Fantabrutal' is a hybrid word popular in Ghana, it could mean fantastic or all variations of awesomeness!" WOB Films's video beautifully highlights special moments of the Donkor's planning their wedding, interspersed with anecdotes from their family and friends describing Dara and Paul's personalities and why they are perfect for each other. We wish the Donkor's all the best.

  • Groom: Paul Donkor
  • Bride: Dara Donkor
  • Wedding Date: 08/02/2013
  • Wedding Location: Toronto, Canada
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Videography: WOB Films

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