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  • Anita and Marcus

    When people ask how we met and I always respond with “We met at work and had been friends for years before deciding to date”. But there is actually a back story to our meeting that always makes Marcus look at me and shake his head and it’s all because he is just soooooo coooool. I had actually saw Marcus before we were formally introduced and I have to admit that I did not like the looks of him. Wait, let me explain.

    Shortly after I began working at Nortel (PEC) I had placed a large order for supplies. I was standing on the loading dock awaiting the delivery and I see a grayish silver sedan cruising toward the area I was standing in and circling the parking lot as if the driver was looking a special parking space. Now when I say cruising I mean the driver was slow riding at 10 mph, or so. Strike one! This caught my eye because the car windows were tinted grey to match the car. Strike two! As I looked closer at the driver side window I noticed it was rolled down halfway and the driver was leaned back with one hand on his chin and the other on grasping the top of the steering wheel. Now this account will be argued over and over but it was what I saw and it was also “Strike Three”. After the car was parked I saw the driver emerge as a fairly tall man wearing a black leather jacket. I looked around the parking lot for the delivery truck, that was now 30 minutes late and this tall man walked into my line of vision. Notice I said walk but what he really did was stroll ever so cooly across the parking lot. Strike Four! The first thought that came to my mind was “Stay away from that guy because he is just way to cool for himself”. The funny thing is that later in life when were introduced, I didn’t realize that he was the same guy I swore off in the parking lot until years later. This is why my mom always told me that one should never judge. However, Marcus is still to cool for school and it’s one of the many things I love about him :).

  • Cherry Wilson

    True love even at 50 plus
    Mike and i met 3 years ago , instant love sparked , its like we were meant to be , even if we both are 50 . This past Christmas while opening up presents , which was just incrediable , since i didnt ever get anything for Christmas but from my daughter . anyway Christmas was just breathtaking to me . here i was an old gal inlove with the most wonderful man ever , and he is spoiling like a rotten child , eventually i excused myself coz the tears needed to be dried with the feelings i felt . Eventually i came back into the living room and there on the couch sat a small box with a big huge red bow. immediately my hands were shaking so much i struggled to open the gift that wasnt there before i had excused myself from the room . Mike sweetyly grabbed the box out of my hand as he said ( here honey let me help you ) He opens the box and there sat an beautiful engagement ring , we had talked about getting married a few times but just didnt think too much about it . As he kneels infront of me he said honey you are what ive wanted all these years . Then ( Will you Marry me and make me the happiest man in the world) ? Ofcourse tears began to drop , as i shook with delight , heres the man i love so much just asking me to be his wife . Through the mixture of tears and giggles i couldnt even speak , all i could do is nod my head , what a overwhelming moment .I dont think i will ever forget the moment Mike asked me to be his wife . Even if we are in our 50′s true love still does exist

  • fajne arty

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