Wedding Planner Getting Married – Bridesmaid Proposal

In my previous blog post,  I provided tips on finding the perfect venue for your big day, but what’s a wedding without your best girlfriends by your side? And your man  of course :)

(Photo Credit - Alicea Caldas Photography)

A simple phone call, text or email alone just will not do when it comes to asking your girls to be part of the biggest day of your life. And after finding out all of the effort my fiancé Michael put into my dream proposal,  I knew that I wanted to “pop the question” to my girls in a very thoughtful way. Being part of a bridal party is an honor, but it’s also a huge commitment of time, energy and finances. Show them your appreciation in advance and tell them “I can’t say ‘I do’ without you” with these “Victorious Tips” for a proposal they truly deserve:

Get Crafty

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go. (Photo courtesy of

I’m always eager to take on a DIY wedding-related project…especially if it involves glitter! I think I was just born to be creative which has served me well in my chosen career path as a wedding planner and designer  -- my grandmother was a painter and my mom has a penchant for drawing portraits so they both nurtured my artistic abilities early on. I just couldn’t resist including something in my bridesmaid proposal that was made with love by my own two hands. So I headed over to Michael’s Arts and Craft Store for a jar of Modge Podge, some paint brushes and extra fine gold glitter and got to work on some sparkly bottles of wine. Your girls will truly appreciate the time you took out of your busy schedule to create something beautiful just for them and it will mean more than anything you can buy in a store.

And if you aren’t artistically inclined, check out Creative Creations NYC for all your glitter-fied needs. It’s the thought that counts!

Engage the Senses

Chocolates are a girl’s best friend. (Photo courtesy of

In addition to a little bubbly, I wanted my girls to feel a bit pampered with gifts they could both taste and smell. I opted for yummy scented candles and some Godiva chocolates because honestly who doesn’t love chocolate?! Incorporating some of the five senses into your bridesmaid proposal is a sure fire way to make this a lasting memory.

You can create a “mixtape” playlist with some songs you all enjoyed growing up or you can literally “put a ring on it” with an actual ring pop  to bring back some 80s nostalgia.

Be Sentimental

Pick out a beautiful keepsake box to hold all of your sentimental items. (Photo Credit – Michael Williams and Diana Hilaire)

I felt like I struck gold when I found these mini suitcases and I knew they would serve as the perfect keepsake box to fill with all of the goodies for my soon-to-be bridesmaids. I even attached a blinged-out initial keychain to the handle of each to personalize it and my girls loved it before they even opened it!

From a heartfelt handwritten card to a framed photo of the two of you, gifting a sentimental trinket or two will be something your bridesmaids will always treasure.

Even Michael got in on the action with these suit-themed groomsmen cards  paired with a cigar and Mamajuana liquor from the Dominican Republic as a tribute to his heritage.

The groomsmen deserve some appreciation, too! (Photo Credit – Michael Williams)