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VW351233 CAT CMYK VW 14F

White by Vera Wang Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

Full of stylish, sophisticated and affordable gowns for brides and bridesmaids, the WHITE by Vera Wang collection continues to be one of the most popular bridal collections offered exclusively at David’s Bridal.  Wang’s new Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is now available in stores, and we are excited to bring you a look at the eight new gorgeous bridal gowns priced between $728-$1,898!  In addition, we are sharing several new bridal accessories from the WHITE collection that are sure to add a touch of glamour to your bridal look. Let us know which one these  gowns is your favorite and make sure to visit our bridal fashion page for more inspiration.

VW351126_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F 2 VW351216_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F 2 VW351219_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F 2 VW351221_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F VW351231_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F 2 VW351231_ChampOyst_VW_Web_14F VW351233_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F VW351234_CAT_VW_14F VW351236_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F VW351237_CAT_CMYK_VW_14F VW370143_CHARCOAL_SHA95301 VW370143_IVORY_SHA95292 VW371455_EBONY_SHA95294 VW371471_SILVER_SHA94754v2 VW371471_SILVER_SHA94854 VW371476_BLUSH_SHA94678 VW371477_BLUSH_SHA94681 VW371477_IVORY_SHA94682 VW371480_IVORY_SHA94810 VW371482_SILVER_SHA94684 VW371484_BLACK_SHA94714 VW371485_BLACK_SHA94712