With Mouth.com, Gift Giving is a Breeze

Happy Wedding Wednesday and man how this year is going by so fast! We're super excited to kick this month off with a mouth-full of treats courtesy of Mouth.com.  Here's the backstory...


We received a box-full of goodies from Mouth.com - a foodie lover's dream.  Mouth.com is an online destination where you can discover the most delicious and unique food products.  The goal is for you to discover new indie food and tasty gift options, while providing a platform for indie food makers to expand their businesses and reach a worldwide audience.  Quite brilliant.

The website offers a wide assortment of indie foods including chocolates, savory spreads, coffee, snacks, wine and so much more. In addition, they offer box subscriptions, corporate gifts and have packages specifically for your wedding guests.  At Mouth, food takes center stage and gifting is a breeze.  So what better way to say thank you to your wedding guests and especially your parents?

So back to the package we received…

We were lucky enough to get the I Lurve You  package.  The first thing that stood out was the thoughtful packaging including the signature Mouth.com cotton tote.  Included in the package were the most delicious treats including raspberry marshmallows, peanut cocoa butter - which is something like Nutella, but better in our opinion and so much more.  It doesn't really get much better than this!


And the I Lurve You package is just one idea, there are many options on the Mouth.com website that can be perfect for your parents.  Like the Just Add Cheese taster for the cheese lovers, or the Top Shelf Spirits taster to help your parents wind down after all the wedding mayhem, or the Coffee Every Month for the coffee Connoisseur.  No matter what their taste is, there's something on M0uth.com we are certain they will love. Go see for yourself!



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