Anniversary Session by DFinney Photography and Design: Jasmine and Adrian

Many couples commemorate their engagement with a engagement photo shoot, but why not celebrate your anniversary by getting glam for the camera? This is just what newlyweds Jasmine and Adrian Contee of Washington, DC  did to celebrate their 1 year anniversary.  We love their use of bright colors and and city scenery in their edgy and fun anniversary session all captured by DFinney Photography and Design.

How they Met

From Jasmine:
"Adrian and I met through a mutual friend and there were instant fireworks; we were inseparable! During our courtship I had to leave for Africa for 3 months... Though it was hard being apart it showed us how much being together meant. I came home after my tour and the rest is history! We chose to keep our ceremony simple with just the two of us at the courthouse at the time and we'd plan to have a bigger ceremony later on. All that mattered to us is that we were together and that it was "right". The first year brought a few challenges but nothing that would make us believe our decision wasn't the best choice! We're just getting started, but we're looking forward to making many more memories on our journey through the life we chose to share with one another!"


Photography: DFinney Photography & Design

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