Erin + Julius: {Engaged}

Erin Akuamoah and Julius Marshall are the cutest couple with a stunning engagement session photographed by international award winning photographer Liana Lehman of Liana Photography. The bride-to-be, Erin, did an outstanding job on her makeup...She's the owner of Face First Artistry, where she strives to accentuate natural beauty and one-of-a-kind features on her clients.  Check out the images from their e-session.  They're such a happy couple!

The First Encounter...

The couple met while out watching a football game with friends.  "I was laughing at a joke a friend told me and just happened to look over at him...he smiled and oddly, I smiled back (which I never do), and he came over and we chit chatted for a while. We went out to dinner a few days later and the rest is history!!" -Erin

The Proposal....

Erin describes the proposal, "I had no idea what Julius had planned when we met up after work on December 9, 2010. It was like any other Thursday, trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for dinner. Julius suggested Cheesecake Factory, and I of course said No. Sidebar....Give me the benefit of the doubt...I had no idea what he had planned and I was not in the mood for Cheesecake Factory...Ok moving on... Julius obviously knowing me very well, had plan A, B, C, D, E, F, G...Ok seriously, he knew that he needed some backup plans when trying to surprise me. So we opted for a different restaurant, came back home and he slid the ring in my makeup bag (smart guy!) While attempting to apply my makeup, I saw the velvet box and pulled it out thinking to myself, "hmmm, what is this?" Opened the box and to my surprise, the RING!!! Bling Bling Baby!! Julius came around the corner, got on one knee and popped the question. Of course you know what I said!!!"

According to Erin, the biggest challenge in her wedding planning process thus far has been time management.  "It just seems to never be enough time in the day to complete all the tasks that are set before me.  I get stressed just thinking about it!"

On the wedding theme...

The theme is vintage modern.  Erin, being an event planner, loves everything about old glam, but still wants to infuse some classic updated wedding ideas.  The location of the engagement session was also in a vintage antique shop which ties in well with the wedding theme.

How did you go about picking your photographer?

"I knew that I wanted my pictures to me memorble, yet artsy, and modern and still classic at the same time. I was referred to Liana from a friend of a friend and loved her overall vision and creativity."-Erin

What do you look forward to most on your wedding day?- "Getting together with all of our family and friends to share in the moment as we start our lives together. Knowing the support is genuine means a whole lot." -Erin

Love birds...

Tell us one thing you love about your fiance... "I love the fact that he is so goal oriented and supportive. He also makes me laugh and I know without a doubt he has my back!"

Tell us one thing he loves about you... "He has told me on multiple occasions that he loves how smart I am, how much I make him laugh and that we push each other to strive to be the best." -Erin

Congrats to the lovely couple! We wish you a glamorous and successful wedding and look forward to seeing the images.  Make sure to visit their supertalented photographer's website for more stunning images.

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