ETSY ADDICTION – New Years Eve Party!

This week's ETSY Obsession is all about New Year's Eve celebrations. Whether you are attending a party or hosting one, here are some cool inspirations to make your party a hit.

Remember, you don't have to break the bank to have a FABULOUS Event. Enjoy!!

I welcome your comments, and encourage you to share your findings with me.

Always Inspired, xoxo
Eronmwon [e-ro-wahn]

Photo Credits:  1. Cupcake Topper by PaperScissorscake  2. Purse by HopscotchCouture  3. Headband by ThePrancingFox  4. Dress by Christian Siriano  5. Flower by Esther2u2  6.Game set by Lauraslastditch  7. Drink Topper by KiwiTinicreation  8. Floral arrangement by Miller+Miller Photography

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