ETSY ADDICTION – The Minimalist Holiday Celebration

This week's ETSY board was inspired by the holiday. I wanted to stay away from all the “cliché” elements that represent the holiday season and create something that was just simply stunning, yet inspired by the season.  Here are some amazing items I curated from

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Remember, you don't have to break the bank to have a FABULOUS wedding. Enjoy!!  View my previous ETSY-boards here.

  Always Inspired, xoxo
Eronmwon [e-ro-wahn]


 Photo Credits:  1. Wedding dress by Pinterest  2. Snowflake favor gift box by naturefavors 3. Emerald cut engagement ring by Pinterest 4. Bulb bouquet by The House That Lars Built 5. Cake by Pinterest  6. Wedding Drink Stirrers by SomethingwithLove  7. Wedding Invitations by BeaconLane 8. Holiday Fabric Rag Wreath by BeccasCraftyCorner



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