Fusion Eritrean Wedding in Minneapolis with Peacock Theme by Lace Hanky Photography: Feven + Petros

Planning is a fusion wedding is no easy task.  Feven and Petros wanted to blend their Eritrean traditions with their American traditions for their wedding, so they decided to have a two day fusion extravaganza including a lovely peacock-themed American wedding on Day 1 and an elegantly colorful Eritrean traditional wedding on Day 2.  Their gorgeous wedding was photographed by Lace Hanky Photography and you can also find more coverage by our friends over at BellaNaija Weddings.

Bride: Feven Kiflai - Cardiac RN
Groom: Petros Gebreab - Polytrauma RN
Wedding date: July 28, 2012
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Day 2


How They Met & The Proposal

From her... We both knew of each other as we grew up as kids but eventually grew apart.  After many years went by, we reunited at a conference at Petros' University and the rest was history.

From him... I always knew Feven was the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with long before i dated her. When the time came around for me to pop the question, I decided to take her to the first place she took me overlooking the Mississippi River where we watched sunsets together. Little did I know that the area was flooded. So I decided to go with my plan B: our most visited spot where we used to go to escape both our families and sit by the river. To my surprise that spot was flooded over as well. By this time Feven was probably wondering what I was doing and probably confused and worried by my frantic demeanor. I eventually realized I probably shouldn't propose by any body of water due to the high probability of it being flooded. So I took her into the heart of downtown St. Paul, to a spot I normally would wait for her to get off work so we could enjoy the little time we had before heading back home before the parents would suspect anything. That is the spot where it all began and where our relationship took flight. I nervously got down on one knee and before I could even ask the question, Feven screamed out "yes."

Wedding Details

Both of our families were extremely helpful in the planning process...at times a bit too helpful. We went with a peacock theme for Day 1 and had a traditional Eritrean wedding for Day 2. The biggest challenge we faced during wedding preparations was to gain our parents consent for a "fusion wedding," blending Eritrean traditions with our American traditions.

You Make Loving You So Easy

From him... Her kind and humble spirit, how she puts up with my craziness, her confidence, her smile, and her laughter.

From her... His love for God and his family. I love the way he cam make me feel like the only girl in the room. All this on top of his good looks...he's a keeper!


Getting Ready: Embassy Suites
Ceremony: Emmanuel Mennonite Church
Reception: Dancer's Studio
Decor: Family
Bride's Dress: Bridal Wear by Vera Wang
Limousine: Gold1Limo
Florist: Flowers on the Park
Photography: Lace Hanky Photography
DJ: Trinno Muzik
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    Oh, my! Love, love all this beauty!

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    Happy Wedding! Ruhus Gama yigberelkum!

  3. Mary

    This colorful wedding is absolutely beautiful. Question for the bride, who did your hair?

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    Love love love my eritrean people and i love ur wedding shikorinatat. …….


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