Happy Inauguration, President Obama & A Celebration of the Obamas’ Kind of Love

If you're like most people in America (and probably a slew of people across the globe), you were tuned into the festivities of the Presidential Inauguration literally all day - I know I was! It was uplifting, extremely exciting, and quite inspiring. It was the perfect full circle ceremony, as it fell on a historical Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What warmed my heart the most throughout the inauguration festivities, though, was seeing President and First Lady Obama together. Not only do we constantly get to see two people who clearly love each other in a very active sense (and not just in the fanciful "we have chemistry" sense), but we see people who choose to put their relationship with each other and their family first. This is a couple who chooses to, despite it all, have dinner as a family everyday at 6.30 PM - regardless of the circumstance. Even when the President was criticized for being somewhat antisocial because he didn't attend more political events, he stuck to his family ideals: insisting that time with his family comes first. Talk about priorities!

As we watched the First Couple hold hands, kiss tenderly while their daughter, Sasha, took photos, and stand side-by-side over and over again, we salute our President, First Lady, and First Daughters. Furthermore, we pay tribute to their glowing example of love, and only hope that the next 4 years bring us more inspiring examples of their love.

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    Congratulations to president Obama and his beautiful wife Michelle.


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