Houston, TX Wedding With Tiffany Blue Details by Still Life Media – LaTravia + Kerron

We go through wedding images all day long here...and there are times we go through a wedding submission and feel like we were right there at the wedding with the couple. LaTravia and Kerron's Houston, TX wedding was one of those.  There was so much emotion...joy, laughter and passion all tied together in a perfect little bow.  As you read their love story and view the images, we're sure you'll feel the same way we did.  Thanks to Jay of Still Life Media for sending these images over. And a special thanks to LaTravia and Kerron for sharing their love story with us.

The dress:

I tried on a number of dresses - from Alfred Angelo to small boutiques in the Virginia area but when I tried on this particular dress at David’s Bridal, I knew it was the one because I didn’t want to take it off. Every time I went to try on dresses, I would send pictures to my mom to see what she thought and of all the dresses, this was the one that fit me, my frame, and my personality. :) - LaTravia

How he proposed...

The morning of April 1, 2011 seemed like an ordinary morning ... it was time to get dressed for work and get day started. However, it wasn't going so great for LaTravia. After a bit of morning confusion and proceeding to finish applying my make-up, into the bathroom walks Kerron. He wrapped his arms and front of me and there was a box with a bow in hand... "Open it," he said. Of course, with the box appearing to hold a ring, I was excited! After opening it, there were a beautiful set of pearl earrings.

While driving to work, we decided to make the evening our date night for the month. We decided to go to the National Harbor in Oxen Hill, MD and have dinner at McCormick and Schmicks. Over dinner, we talked and laughed about how far our relationship had come and where we saw ourselves years down the line. All this time, I had no idea what I was being setup for... I'd ordered my favorite dessert, Strawberry Cheesecake; and took a trip to the ladies room. (This is when Kerron and the waiter had a brief conversation...) Upon returning to our table, I expected to have my dessert but it still had not arrived... the longer it took the waiter, the more I wanted to get up to get it myself. Soon enough, the waiter appeared with a napkin on one side of my plate, placing the cheesecake in front of me, turning the plate, removing the napkin - and there was my 'engagement ring!!'
Kerron got up from his seat, came to my side grabbing my right hand (I didn't get up immediately because I wanted him to grab my left hand, LOL) got down on one knee and asked the question that girls dream to hear, "Will you marry me?" The restaurant applauded, the manager brought over champagne, and of course, I said, "Yes!" - LaTravia

Special moments...

Because we wanted to take our formal pictures before the actual ceremony, the wedding planner set up the room where everything was being held and we were able to see one another before the “I do’s.” This was such a special moment because at this time is when all of the planning, headaches and stress was worth it. Seeing the smile on each others face, the commitment in our eyes was truly priceless. Still Live Media Photography and Rusty Bryce videography captured this priceless moment for us without feeling as if they were even in the room!


Photography: Still Life Media
Wedding dress: Oleg Cassini from Davids Bridal
Bridesmaids: Alfred Angelo
Shoes: DSW
Groom: Vera Wang Black
Venue: The Heights Villa, Houston, TX

More images below.

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