Ivory + Jonathan: {Engaged} in {Virginia}

Eleven years ago, this very stylish couple met in a high school Math class. That day, they came away with more than just a Math lesson; they left as new additions to each other's lives and have had their love multiplied from a simple high school romance to a walk towards an eternal journey of commitment. Their beautiful downtown Richmond engagement session was beautifully photographed by Kimie James of IYQ Photography.

Bride: Ivory Brown
Groom: Jonathan Wright
Occupations: Bride - Nurse; Groom - Banker
Date of E-Session: 07.29.2012
Location: Downtown Richmond, VA

The Meeting  ..... "We met in high school eleven years ago. We were in Math class together: our teacher was sitting us in alphabetical order, but somehow, I ended up beside him even though his last name started with a "W" and mine started with a "B". I liked him and knew immediately that he was going to be my man. We've been together ever since."

How He Proposed ..... "His proposal was very special! It was in our home. He cooked breakfast (something he never does - Lol), and created a perfect mood with rose petals, bath water, and candles - the whole nine yards! After asking me some questions, he got down on one knee and said, "Ivory Brown, will you marry me?" I jumped up into his arms saying, "Yes! Yes!" It was so amazing I'm in tears just thinking about it."

Theme ..... "We love the downtown scene, and I love fashion. We incorporated all that into one, plus it helped that our photographer is amazing."

{You Make Loving You So Easy}

He loves ..... "He loves my lovingness."
She loves ..... "I love his intelligence."


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  1. @munaluchiBride

    Loving her style! Visit the blog to read Ivory and Jonathan’s love story. https://t.co/mvqqSYo2 http://t.co/c8W9BNqQ

  2. @TimDuncanEvents

    What a chic engagement shoot! Love it! http://t.co/BnfokZ5d http://t.co/tOic6MnT

  3. KAREN

    This was an awesome idea. As a fashion professor, it rocked for me!!!


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